Do not worry, it is just your body`s reflex action against the excess of mucus which might be stored in your body. Coughing itself is not a disease, it is our body` response to an infection or excess of phlegm.

Kapha, one of the three doshas in Ayurveda is associated with a cough.4 Amrutam Home Remedies to fight against cough

Here are 4 Amrutam Home Remedies to deal with Coughing

#1 Steam
This is a personally tested technique and it is so cost friendly that it requires nothing but just hot water.
You can use a bucket of hot water or take a steam shower, both work to break the phlegm.
While using a hot water bucket, firstly be careful and make sure to have a towel around your neck so that the steam does not flow away and you have a towel to clean your nose.Use Steam to break the Phelgm

#2 Avoid Milk
One very important prevention measure to avoid a cough is by avoiding dairy products.
Dairy products like milk and ice-cream should be avoided entirely to provide yourself relief from constant coughing. Avoid Dairy Products to fight against coughScientifically, there is no direct relationship between milk and coughing. However, milk or other dairy products lead to the thickness of phlegm which can cause irritation in the throat.

#3 The Black Pepper Magic
As much as Black Pepper is savoured in Indian delicacies, it has properties which can help you with a cough and congestion as well. Black Pepper if taken along with half a teaspoon of ghee after a meal, the heating quality of black pepper can help in clearing congestion.

#4 Garlic Tea

For a lot many of friends and family, the idea of Garlic with tea has been as surprising as having Fries with sugar. Well, it is actually quite common in Spain.
All you need is three cloves of garlic, a teaspoon of honey and half-a-teaspoon of lemon juice.
Boil garlic cloves along with water and once it is boiled, add a green-tea, honey, and lemon and say bye-bye to your cough.
Green Honey Lemon Tea is very relaxing in general as well.

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