5 Simple Amrutam Hacks to Organize Yourself

As a spool of thread which we need to be untangled to have our kite soaring through the high skies, our mind also needs untangling, organization and simplification. In the rush of our motor-driven vehicles and lives, it is indeed difficult to keep a track of our goals, ideas and thoughts and most importantly the purpose.

Here are 5 simple ways to keep for you to keep yourself organized:


It is no hidden secret that, once you write it down- you tend to remember it better. There is a Chinese saying that claims that “once a goal is written, it is half done already!”

However, apart from remembering, writing also helps in keeping our thoughts organized and clear.

It will also help us to prioritize our work.

#2 Follow the Ayurveda Clock

According to Ayurveda, our day can be divided ideally into three different categories according to three different doshas- Kapha, Pitta, and Vatta.

Source: http://www.theyogaranger.com/blog/ayurveda-resources-books-apps-articles-websites-products

During Kapha time, we can perform any physical exercises or simply go for a walk; to counter the inherent heaviness of Kapha or perform the mundane tasks of the day- may be reading emails, making those clerical calls etc.

During Vatta time, we should engage ourselves in activities such as planning, organizing or activities which require higher order thing skills. It is an ideal time for creativity.

This time of the day, during the afternoon is also when you should have your heaviest meal- Lunch!

Pitta time is the ideal time to fall asleep and surrender to our bed and sleep. It is the time which our body can effectively utilize to cleanse ourselves of the daily toxins.

Ayurveda Clock essentially can help us synchronize our body with the rhythm of nature.

#3 Spend Five Minutes with yourself

Every day, once you wake up, give five minutes to yourself- observe your thoughts, emotions and breath- this practice will help us, even in our most difficult and chaotic days to be in touch with the centre of our reality.

Once we have, habituated ourselves with the 5 minute morning time, we should try and inculcate this habit before bedtime as well.

#4 Thankfulness List

A friend recently told me a very important thing about thankfulness.

Spend two minutes of your day, regularly- to think about things which you are thankful for and add them to your Thankfulness List.

#5 Your Environment will reflect you

Keep your environment- be it your office desk or your room, it is a reflection of your personal self- your thoughts, feelings and everything you do.

And there is an inter-dynamic at work between your environment and yourself, if we will give attention and care to things around us, they will reciprocate.


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