Our Story

Amrutam was founded in 2007 by efforts of  Chandrakanta and Ashok Gupta. Amrutam as a company because the Gupta family wanted to share their 30 years of learning and research.

Mr. Ashok traveled for many years, met saints and sages in various farms and forest across the world and learned about different plants and herbs and how they are so useful in our daily life. He read ancient texts and age-old Ayurveda books to back his practical learning with theoretical
His daughter Stuti with the help of her elder brother, Agnim rebranded Amrutam and introduced a range of products last year online. From 500 licensed products of Amrutam,they selected
about 15 Malts. Later, she introduced a range of personal care products. Kuntal Care Hair Spa was originally made because of Stuti, as she was facing severe hair fall. For 3 years, it wasn’t even a launched product but more like a home remedy.

Yash a dear friend of Stuti, believed in what she had started-and he started working on important elements of e-commerce aspect(he is the backbone)and that’s how all the things have been falling in line so far for Amrutam.
All the love showered upon us has kept us motivated to do better.

Amrutam strongly advocates the concept of
where being healthy is being beautiful.

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