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“We may have stumbled upon Amrutam via an IG ad, but the Ayurvedic lifestyle and wellness platform quickly became a verified winner for us. The holistic brand offers skin, hair and inner therapy solutions, all infused with natural ingredients and each tackling a specific problem. It’s equally beneficial if you’re looking for wholesome goodness. While there is no dearth of chemical-free, healing products out there, we can safely say that this one truly works and won’t need you to break the bank.”

Hair Magazine

“Looking for a medicinal recipe which prevents baldness and hair loss? We suggest Amrutam’s onion oil. The natural sulfur present in onion helps in breakage, split ends and thinning of hair. And the herbs prevent oxidation disinfect the scalp and also maintain the hair’s pH balance.”

High On Persona

“Cold and breezy weather also means a plethora of skin concerns and a deluge of brands claiming to offer solutions. How about picking one product that is not only natural and safe but also resolves a multitude of skin concerns. Amrutam Kumkumadi Oil (Tailam) with therapeutic properties might be the perfect answer to your skin woes. It’s a special blend of more than 25 rich herbal ingredients including Kesar (Saffron) and Rakta Chandan (Red Sandalwood).”


“Amrutam is an Ayurvedic lifestyle brand and wellness community that believes and endorses the idea of ‘health is beauty’. They aim to build a global community that follows a lifestyle defined by Ayurvedic principles by offering recipes and resources derived from Sanskrit texts and knowledge in Vedas to suit our modern needs. All products are 100% Ayurvedic, cruelty-free, and use no child labour. The basket contains Kuntal Care Hair Spa, Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo, Kuntal Care Malt and Kuntal Care Hair Oil.

Ritz Magazine

“Here’s why you should opt for Amrutam’s Kumkumadi Oil:

Provides soft and glowing skin: The key ingredient in Amrutam Kumkumadi Oil (Tailam), Kesar, is popularly known to give out a golden glow to your skin if applied regularly. The application of this oil on your face, in circular motions, can increase blood circulation and result in improving the radiance of the skin. Brightens dull skin: Since 5000 years, Kumkumadi Oil is being used to treat dull and damaged skin. Both the main ingredients of Kumkumadi Oil, Kesar and Chandan, are well known for their function to rejuvenate dull skin.”


“Even though this is a travel kit, it’s okay to gift them this and remind them that they can’t and won’t be traveling anywhere for the next few months. The travel kit contains a body wash, hair therapy and hair spa, which I think are super cool and much-needed products one can use.”

Global Spa

“Amrutam caters a range of Ayurvedic Jams under the term Malts! The Amrutam malt-making process is as complex as it is time-taking. However, it is quite worth it as the end products are filled with the goodness of nature and has powerful healing properties. From malts that help in maintaining your oral health (Dentkey Malt) to general Malts that help in maintaining your overall health (Amrutam Gold Malt), we have them all. The Kuntal Care Malt and the Brainkey Gold Malt are two of our most successful Malts. The Kuntal Care Malt is your complete hair care package. It enhances follicle growth, prevents hair loss and nourishes the scalp.”

All About Eve

“Amrutam is an Ayurvedic lifestyle brand and wellness community. From personal care to healthcare, they offer you some of the best ingredients in their products. They believe in the idea of ‘Health is Beauty’ and offer products to suit modern needs. With a great variety of herbal products, they have a solution for all your health and skin issues.”


“A variety of Natural Oils, most notably Saffron and Coconut Oil have been used all over the world to obtain smooth and hydrated skin within minutes. Using these is as simple as warming some oil and applying it in a circular motion onto your face. Let the oil rest for about a minute before wiping it away and voila, you should already see a visible softness and glow.”


“A reasonably-priced daily-use Ayurvedic shampoo, this (Kuntal Care Herbal Hair) combines safe chemicals with ancient Ayurvedic ingredients to give you the best of both worlds. From bhringraj and onion, to curry leaves, and from Aloe Vera juice, to rosemary, it contains a gamut of hair and scalp-strengthening ingredients. So, if you want hair to grow long and strong, or wish to combat hair fall, this is a decent shampoo to try”


“It’s the newest homegrown ayurvedic brand on our radar, and a product that’s tried, tested and standout is their Kumkumadi Oil. This special blend features 25 herbal ingredients (everything from kesar to red sandalwood) works exceptionally well to hydrate, soften and brighten skin, while also fighting acne, sun damage and signs of ageing. Gently pat on 3-4 drops of it as the last step in your skincare routine and massage it in with a gua sha stone for maximum benefits.”

Wedding Vows

“Mother’s Day is just a breath away, so you better start thinking about the perfect gift for your beloved Mom. Whether your Mom needs new gadgets to make her kitchen more efficient or if she simply needs an upgrade to her beauty regime, if you want her to flaunt that chic handpiece or just pamper her we have several ideas to make her life easier and bring a happy cheer to her face. Amrutam’s Ayurvedic Self Love Gift Box contains Ayurvedic recipes for your skin and hair care, made with a blend of more than a hundred herbs. Each of them carefully chosen for your health and beauty.”

Lifestyle Asia

“”Amrutam is a lifestyle Ayurvedic label that has been doing the rounds on the internet for their specialised formulas and new-age products. Their most popular product is the Face Clean-Up wash that is known to deep cleanse your pores and remove every ounce of dirt from your skin. Plus, in the age of masking, it can also help with acne, marks and dark spots. The ingredients like kesar and chandan do give your skin that coveted glow almost immediately.”

Indulge Magazine

“Concerned about the damage done to your hair and skin post your Holi revelry? If you’re nodding your head in agreement, fear not, throw caution to the air and play with colours uninhibitedly because we’ve curated a list of effective homegrown, clean and safe solutions to take care of your hair and skin woes!”

Tweak India

“Gift some herbal happiness with this set that calls itself the Self-Love Gift Box. The all-natural hamper includes a body lotion, hair spa that contains triphala, bhringraj and more, a shampoo-conditioner combo and a kesar-chandan face cleanser to wipe of all traces of lockdown stress.”

Man’s World India

“Amrutam’s Kumkumadi Oil is a beauty potion that will give you glowing, healthy and brighter looking skin. It can be used as a facial oil during your night time skincare routine.”

The Daily Guardian

“People are gradually realising the importance of maintaining good health, more so after the Covid-19 pandemic. They are turning to our ancient system of medicine and healing, Ayurveda. Health is beauty, if you’re healthy, you are beautiful. This is something the wellness brand Amrutam strongly believes in. Handpicked from various farms and forests, all their recipes have therapeutic properties. These recipes have been developed by modifying the ancient wisdom in Vedas and Ayurvedic principles to suit the needs of a modern lifestyle. They work on the root cause of the problem and try curing the lifelong impact of modern habits of uncertain eating time, untimely sleeping hours and excessive use of synthetics. It is 100% herbal and completely free from harsh chemicals and harmful colours. Their products range from personal care to health-care to gourmet and oils. Amrutam’s newly launched products are neem oil and onion oil.


“Amrutam manufactures and sells herbal and authentic Ayurvedic products, with utmost care for quality and love for nature. They are reviving ancient ayurvedic malts and traditional techniques for healing that’ll leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. The products are chemical-free and are loaded with the goodness of nature”

BW Disrupt

“All our ingredients are ethically sourced from as far as Karnataka in the down south and Gujarat in the west. Some of our recipes take months to prepare but we do not compromise on the quality at all. They may take time to actually show changes and progress but true growth cannot happen without giving it sufficient time. We have also been continuously improving our processes and have also created an internal Quality Analysis lab as a stepping stone to collate Ayurveda with Modern Science.”

The Times of India

“You don’t always need a moisturizing cream. Face oils used efficiently to leave you with soft and supple skin and a glow that you would want to wake up to every day. A traditional ayurvedic formulation, Kumkumadi Oil has been used for centuries to treat dull and damaged skin. Given its ayurvedic nature, this oil also helps reduce pigmentation and stretch marks that occur because of pregnancy. For young mothers who dabble with multiple responsibilities, this oil helps in relaxing the skin and keeps it hydrated, leaving behind a magical glow!”


“This brand doesn’t kid around ― their stuff is strong-smelling, potent and delivers glorious results. Founders Ashok and Chandrakanta Gupta’s formulations have dominated shelves in northern India’s Ayurvedic pharmacies for years. Amrutam’s products harness wisdom from the ancient classics. You can feel them working even as you apply.”

CN Traveler

“There are a plethora of palaces, castles, forts, history, legends and more in Madhya Pradesh. In Chanderi, our craftsmen weave magic from the threads in their looms and sell their exquisite creations for a fraction of the retail price. Sarees by Rama and Kothari are beautiful too. But we have cool new local brands too, like Amrutam skincare, and clothing by Chambal. Eat the best laddoos at Bhaduras and kachoris from AS Kachoriwala. The stunning Killa Kothi on the fort is a must-visit, situated on the Scindia estate, and run by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board.”


“Do you know that health and beauty are intrinsically linked? A healthy person always looks beautiful. In fact, the ideas of health and beauty have been constantly evolving with time. These days, people are striving to achieve a holistic and wholesome idea of beauty and health. And so, to understand how people are incorporating the two in their lives in a better way, Amrutam is organising a four-week long Creators’ Contest titled ‘Health is Beauty.’ Health is Beauty is both a challenge and a celebration for the creators. Through this contest, we are inviting thinkers and go-getters to showcase the most innovative and transformative ideas! The competition finds its premise on giving opportunities to young and budding artists.” 

Outlook Traveller

“Priced at Rs 965, the Amrutam Wellness Planner is an interpretation of the five elements of nature. Its cover embodies the same, and features a digitally-printed scene that encapsulates the unification of water, fire, space, earth, and wind against a matte lamination. Comprising three hundred pages rooted in 80-95 GSM, the journal houses twelve full-spread illustrations exclusive to each month, monthly dividers complemented by quotes in Sanskrit, a space for your reflections, a weekly-view, daily-log pages, sections designed for doodling/notes, and a bookmark ribbon. You can purchase it from Amrutam’s official website.”

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