How to apply hair oil according to Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic ways of applying Hair Oil

Did you read our article about how to wash your hair? 

In this article, we will guide you through the process of applying hair oil and its ancient Ayurvedic benefits.

A simple task like applying hair oil can involve a lot of intricacies. According to Ayurvedic texts, applying oil to your scalp and hair helps in strengthening your hair and improving their quality.

In Sanskrit, the process of applying oil to one’s hair and scalp is known as Murdha Taila. Murdha Taila (applying oil to your hair) helps them grow thicker, shinier and softer. It also helps in stimulating the sense organs and reducing facial wrinkles.

To be able to reap the benefits of applying hair oil, it’s important to apply it in the proper Ayurvedic manner and at right time, as well.

The way you should be applying hair oil depends on the purpose you want to apply hair oil for:

#1 To Improve The Quality Of Hair

The quality our hair is said to be good when hair growth is improving, split ends are prevented, premature greyness is prevented and hair has become softer with a lustre.

Amrutam recommends you to apply oil gently to your hair and scalp before your sleep time and let the oil reach the roots overnight and you can wash your hair the next morning with Kuntal Care Hair Shampoo with lukewarm water. It is recommended that you apply Kuntal Care Hair Oil frequently. Although, you should not wash your hair more than two to three times a week. Especially if you have long hair length.

Applying hair oil after washing your hair is not advised to people, as the oil can attract dust to your hair because of high levels of pollution these days and the harsh rays of the sun.

If you have Pitta imbalance or if you suffer from frequent headaches or rashes on your scalp, you should avoid using heated oil for your scalp and hair.

#2 To Prevent Dandruff

Dandruff is a common and an annoying issue for a lot of us these days. Applying Kuntal Care Hair Spa and leaving it to dry, two to three times a week regularly, can help you get rid of dandruff.
You should apply Kuntal Care Hair Spa and rinse after 40-50 minutes. A few experts recommend it to be put at night left till you take a head bath. The herbs are preserved in the olive and almond oil base, and it is an Ayurvedic therapy to your hair in the modern age.

#3 To Relieve a Headache

Kuntal Care Hair Oil is also very effective to provide relief from headaches as it contains Jatamansi as one of its key ingredients.

Amrutam recommends you to apply Kuntal Care Hair Oil during the evening, after 6 PM.
According to Ayurveda, headaches are associated with data and during the evenings Vata dosha is dominating.

#4 For A Good Sleep

Along with a spoonful of Brainkey Gold Malt before sleeping, a gentle massage with Kuntal Care Hair Oil will help you improve your sleep.

About Kuntal Care Hair Oil

Kuntal Care Hair Oil is an ancient ayurvedic haircare recipe for hair revitalizing and hair strengthening.

The key ingredients of Kuntal Care Hair Oil are Neem, Kapoor kachri, Gudahal and Balchhad.

Kuntal Care Hair Oil is useful in:

  1. Revitalizing your scalp and strengthening of hair roots
  2. Preventing hair loss
  3. Hair re-growth
  4. Maintaining the health of your hair and keeping the black and beautiful

The ingredients used to make Kuntal Care Hair Oil are carefully chosen to provide you with an ancient Ayurvedic formula for your hair care.


Neem is considered an integral part of ayurvedic formulations and a lot of home remedies as well. It is also known as Indian lilac or Dogonyaro. Neem is known as Vepa in Telugu, Veppilai in Tamil, Aaru Veppila/Veppila in Malayalam, Bevu/Olle Bevu in Kannada, Nim in Hindi, Nim/Nimba Pata in Bengali, Limba in Gujarati, and Kadulimb in Marathi.
It is considered to be beneficial for overall health and especially for skin and hair.
In ancient Indian texts, neem is described as Sarva roga nivarini, which means “one that prevents all ailments”.
The anti-microbial and immunity boosting properties of Neem help in keeping your hair healthy.
Neem’s regenerative properties help in the growth of hair and also improves blood circulation in the scalp. It also is considered a beneficial for scalp health and prevents baldness.

Because of three wonderful properties of Neem: improving scalp health, boosting hair growth and preventing baldness; It is chosen as a key ingredient of Kuntal Care Hair Oil.

Kapoor Kacchari

Kapoor Kacchari comes from a ginger plant and its botanical name is Hedychium Spicatum. Kapoor Kacchari helps in stimulating blood flow to the scalp and prevents dandruff.
Kapoor Kacchari is also one of the key ingredients of Kuntal Care Hair Oil.


Gudahal is known as Hibiscus in English. Gudahal helps in hair growth, prevents premature greying of hair. Hibiscus is also beneficial in preventing hair fall and treatment of split ends. It also works as an anti-dandruff agent for your hair, provides lustre and strengthens your hair.

Gudahal is also one of the key ingredients of Kuntal Care Hair Oil- an ayurvedic oil for revitalizing and strengthening your hair.


Balchhad is also known as Bhuutjata, Tapasvani, Hasva, Nasva, Spikenard, Achte Narde, Balacharea, Balchir, Bhut-jatt, Bhytajata, Jatamsi, Nard, Nardin, Jatamansi, Bhuutjata and Tapasvani.
Balcchad helps in maintain healthy hair growth and is one of the key ingredients of Kuntal Care Hair Oil.

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