Last Week at Amrutam

Here’s a glimpse of what happened at Amrutam last week!

What’s new at Amrutam

  • To encourage you to shower some love on yourself and indulge in self-love, we have a special coupon code SELFLOVE01 – get Ayurvedic Travel Essentials Luxury Box FREE on all orders above INR 10,000/-! Hurry!

  • Have you checked out our series on the Panch-Mahabhutas and the Human Body yet? In this series, we explore how we are not only connected to nature but rather – we are nature! Tap on to check it out.
  • We are so delighted to share with you that the 9th episode of Rediscovering Self with Amrutam is live now! It deals with a theme that we have all struggled with at some point in our lives – “I’m addicted to social media!” and features clinical psychologist Akashdeep Ghoshal. Go listen to it right away and let us know what you think!

Amrutam appreciations

  • We love sharing informative content with our community and we are so happy to share that this newsletter – yes, the one you are reading right now – got featured on Inc42. We are thankful for your love and support! 😊

A quote we like

  • “The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.”

Articles you might enjoy reading

  • Self-Love essentially means accepting ourselves in the most unconditional ways. It is acceptance of our indifferences, our flaws, our good qualities, and the characteristics that are unique to us as individuals. Self-Love is a concept that stands at the core in Ayurveda wherein the practice of Self-Love manifests into Self-Care, Self-Assessment, Self-Improvement, Self-Discipline, and Self-Awareness. While all of these things look and appear different for each individual given our distinct needs and qualities, Ayurveda prescribes actionable tools and mechanisms that allow us to connect our Jivaatman (little self) with our Paramaatman (true self). Keeping wholesomeness and longevity in the center, Ayurveda essentially paves the way to attain a balanced state of health, happiness, and contentment.

  • Although his childhood dream was to become a doctor, he made do with the lot that life threw him and pieced his fate together with his own hands. Mr Gupta fondly looked back upon a talk with his grandfather that in some ways shaped his life. His Baba, Vishwanath Ji, asked him what he would like to be once he grows up, to which Mr Gupta promptly replied, “Me Doctor banunga” (I want to be a doctor). His grandfather replied, “Tu Doctor to nhi banega, lekin tu Doctoro ko dawaiya btayega” (You will not end up a doctor, but you will provide them with medicines). This was the crux of his childhood, the earliest point in Mr Gupta’s life where he knew what he wanted to do. It was almost as if Vishwanath Ji had precognitive powers that allowed him to peek into the future and see what his grandson would grow up to do. 

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That’s all for this week at Amrutam. 🙂

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