Last Week at Amrutam

Here’s a glimpse of what happened at Amrutam last week!

What’s new at Amrutam

  • Amrutam Healthy Sale is back where you get up to 50% off on some AMAZING Amrutam recipes! Grab your chance to buy your favorite products NOW!
  • To encourage the feeling of community, we have a special project dedicated entirely to you – Amrutam Review Project! With every review you share on our e-store, you receive 100 wallet points in your Amrutam Wallet. Check it out now!
  • Our haircare products have always stood out and received immense love from you, and so finally, after a long wait, we have come close to making just the perfect hair conditioner for you! Stay tuned to know more <3
  • Have you ever wondered why our veins look blue when our blood is actually red in colour? Read more here on how the laws of physics shape the way we perceive colour!
  • We have been super lucky to receive so much love and support over the years, so we decided to do a quick recap and #throwback! Check out this quirky and fun video of these amazing people trying our products!

New products launched

  • Amrutam Dhoop Cones create the perfect atmosphere for you to relax with its soothing aroma. It is perfect use during meditation, yoga, reading, and relaxing time!

Creations under #AmrutamFamily project

  • Here’s a love review of a bunch of Amrutam products by @purely_org!
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#Repos @purely_org • • • • • • Bangalore, India Amrutam Face clean-up,Herbal Ubtan,Kuntal Hair Spa,Ashtagandh body lotion By @amrutamofficial I came across this brand through one of the Instagram ads and never did I think that the brand would become my absolute favourite. I had been continuously using their products since past 6 months and it had brought a major change on my sensitive skin. Big shoutout to @amrutamofficial for this.#amrutamreviewproject #ayurvedalife. To begin with,Amrutam is one of the pure and luxurious ayurvedic brand which has hand picked ayurvedic components. Their products are handcrafted with utmost care in terms of quality.With respect to their characteristics, 💛 QUANTITY – For the price paid,the bottle/ jar has ample amount of product which could last you for about more than 3 months. 💛 PRICE – Their products are a bit on the pricier side.Nevertheless, the quality is not compromised EVEN A BIT. So you can blindly purchase it without a second thought. On the brighter side,they do have product minis which is quite good for someone who is looking out to test out their samples and great combo options at a lesser price in their website.AND YES, combos are pocket friendly. 💛 CONSISTENCY – They are mostly gooey in terms of consistency just like any ayurvedic recepie and smells heavenly which can calm your senses. Another interesting factor which I noticed was the cooling sensation which comes with majority of their products. That gets an extra point especially during scorching summer season. Going for a quick review of their products. ♥️Face clean-up – This is one of their cult favourite product which many beauty bloggers raved about and the product, genuinely is worth the rave.#wortheverypenny .It has turned out to be my ultimate saviour during the harsh hormonal acne times. ♥️Herbal Ubtan – It helps in deep cleansing,toning and protects your skin from acne and freckles. Use it weekly once or twice along with some Rosewater and aloe gel mix and you can see the difference in just a couple of uses. ♥️Kuntal Care Hair spa – A very different product which I came across from the usual hair masks. It has a semi liquid consistency and keeps yo

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