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Here’s a glimpse of what happened at Amrutam last week!

What’s new at Amrutam

  • Did you know that taking a teaspoon of honey with a piece of garlic once a day can immensely boost your immunity? Well, now you do! Head on to our story highlights Health Tips where you will find some amazing Ayurvedic tips to improve your health and boost your immunity!
  • April has been a tough month, especially with the rise in COVID cases. It is crucial that we take some time to pause and be with ourselves and look after our needs. Here’s a list of things that will help you practice Self-Care on tough days!

  • That said, we want to remind you that our mental health podcast titled Rediscovering Self with Amrutam is available on all platforms! To make it even more accessible, we have transcribed the first episode into an article that you can check out here.
  • Did you know that under #AmrutamReview project you get wallet points for sharing thoughtful reviews of Amrutam Recipes on the website? Go check it out now!

A quote we like

  • “Be the energy you want to attract.”

Product of the week

  • Who doesn’t love a nice kaccha aam? Also known as Kairi, Raw Mango has numerous benefits like retaining minerals, increasing resistance and enhancing appetite.
  • This #PittaSeason give yourself a delicious reason to look forward to your afternoons with Amrutam’s Ayurvedic Sharbat with extracts of Kaccha Aam!

Amrutam recognitions

  • We are so thrilled to share with you that we were recently recognized and appreciated by the indomitable sisters Geeta and Babita Phogat on their Instagram stories.
  • Always so grateful for the love that you shower upon us and all the wonderful people who recognize the efforts we put into bringing the best to the table for you!

Articles you might enjoy reading

  • कफविकार से होती हैं अनेक परेशानियां और ये 16 हेल्थ प्रॉब्लम जरूर जानिए
  • त्रिदोष के आधार पर ही शरीर की प्रकृति तय की जाती है। तीन दोषों में से एक भी दोष विषम होने पर शरीर में अनेक रोगों का खतरा मंडराने लगता है। बहुत कम लोगों को ज्ञात होगा की कफ सन्तुलित होने से शरीर स्वस्थ्य रहता है। इसलिए कफ सम यासन्तुलित करें, कफ को सुखानामिटाना नहीं है। इस ब्लॉग में अच्छे स्वास्थ्य हेतु सिद्धान्त-सूत्रों का विस्तार से विवरण दिया जा रहा है। देह में कफ के असंतुलन से होती हैं तमाम समस्याएं और परेशानियां।

  • The Ayurvedic View of Corona and its Vaccine
  • Within days of the Covid-19 pandemic declaration, people were already familiarizing themselves with the symptoms of the deadly bug. Of the various facts and snippets that we all learned during the time, an important point that stood out was the role our immunity had to play in all of this. Not only is the state of our immune system crucial in determining how much damage the coronavirus inflicts on an infected person, but it also dictates how healthy we stay throughout the course of our lives.

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