Nagar Motha : The hair and skin expert

Ayurveda is what catches our attention when it comes to skin and hair care. Since we all know herbal is the best, here is the herb Nagar Motha (Cypriol) that finely treats your hair and nurtures them as well as replenishes your skin and adds gleam to it.

Scientific name: Cyperus Scariosus.

Commonly known as Nagar Motha, Cypriol, nutgrass.

Family: Cyperacea.

Sanskrit name: Musta.

Parts used: Roots.

Nagar Motha is a perennial herb with long leaves and an umbel arrangement of flowers. It is native to the state of Madhya Pradesh in India mostly distributed in the tropical and temperate regions.

Medicinal and Ayurvedic properties

Nagar Motha has anti-spasmodic and carminative properties. Along with that, it’s antioxidant property is well known.

Ras – Tikhta, katu, Kashaya.
Vipak – Katu.

It decreases Pittadosh and Kaphadosh but increases Vatadosh.

Nagar Motha tracks its use in many products like beauty products and hair products. Musta is mostly used as a hair cleansing agent. So this is a packed Ayurvedic gift for your skin and hair! Nagar Motha is included in the basic formulation of Kuntal Care Hair Spa & Oil Combo. The Kuntal Care Hair Spa and Oil Combo concentrates on strengthening your hair while overhauls the hair damage too. It makes your hair smooth and silky and makes you feel fresh.

In recent lifestyles, disturbed sleep schedules, spicy food, and health negligence increase Pittadosh often which leads to pimples and rough skin. Nagar Motha powder application helps reduce pimples. Consumption of its extracts also proves to be useful!


  • The Musta powder is mixed with Utna that is utilized in Abhyanga Snhaan.
  • Cypriol or Musta has a major purpose as a hair cleanser. It reinforces the growth of hair as well as nourishes the scalp. Kuntal Care Hair Oil-For hair revitalizing and strengthening | 30ml Travel Pack. You can avail of this in Kuntal care hair oil which provides your hair and scalp with the essential micronutrients and hence acts as a revitalizing agent. Along with this, Musta leaves a sweet aroma on hair with makes you feel fresh. Maintenance of scalp skin and hair is also an effect of Nagar Motha. 
  • Local application of the Nagar Motha powder acts on skin lesions.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and is useful for itching problems as it helps decrease them.
  • During the lactational period, the application of powder paste on the breast increases the quantity and quality of breast milk. Consumption of the extract of Cypriol also helps in increasing breast milk.
  • Consumption of nutgrass powder acts as a blood purifier. Also, all types of fevers including typhoid fever and post-partum fever can be cured with Nagar Motha powder.
  • As it decreases Kaphadosh, its consumption is useful in patients with asthma and Kapha related diseases.
  • Intake of nutgrass powder decreases thirst in patients with fever, diabetes, and diarrhea.
  • Another internal use(through GIT) is curing loss of appetite, indigestion, dysentery, and worm infestation.
  • Intake is also proven good for patients suffering from piles.
  • Combined consumption of powder of Nagar Motha with cow milk gives good results in treating epilepsy.
  • Intake is useful in curing secondary amenorrhea.
  • Extracts of Nagar Motha roots can cure Urinary tract infection and Urinary calculi.
  • Due to the Rakhtadoshahar and aromatic properties, it is used in all hair care and beauty products.


Powder: 1 to 3 grams, twice a day.
Extract: 40 to 80 ml, twice a day.

Market name

Mustakarishta, Mustadileha, Mustadi kvaath.

So now you know what amazing effects Nagar Motha has on your skin and hair and the various benefits. So go ahead and use Nagar Motha, because we all are aware of the importance of skin and hair care! Check at Amrutam Kuntal Care Do-it-yourself Hair Spa with HEMP | 30ml Travel Pack which contains Hemp oil along with the goodness of Kuntal Care Hair Spa ingredients. Kuntal Care products focus on adding beneficial and researched ingredients and hence point towards your hair health.

मुस्तं हिम कटु ग्राही तिक्तं दीपनपाचनम् |
कषायं कफपित्तास्रत्रुड्ज्वरारुचिजन्तुजित् ||

This verse describes the Ayurvedic properties of Musta. It's heem (cool), katu (sour) , tikhta (sour) and reduces dehydration. It helps in digestion and increasing appetite. It reduces Kaphadosh and Pittadosh due to its bitter property and it is a good medicine in all types of fever. 

For additional information and reference, you can use the books Dravyagun Vidnyan and Charak Sanhita.

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