Quarantine with Amrutam | 21 Days | Win exciting prizes

Looking at the wonderful response we received for our initiative Quarantine with Amrutam on 22nd February, our team has thought of fun program to keep you all positively engaged.

Do you know?

A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously.
Generally, it takes 21 days to break a habit or to form a new habit.

And since we have 21 days now, we can use them to learn and understand our emotions and our feelings better, which can lead to a better understanding of our inner selves.

Amrutam, in collaboration with Reshma Jose have worked on designing a 21-day Art based programme for emotional well-being, which you can follow and participate in, from your home.

We will be sharing one task each day, which will be shared on our Instagram stories, details about the tasks will be shared soon.

These tasks, revolve around cognitive thinking strategies for equipping oneself to manage their emotions and feelings, by integrating them into art based activities.

Here is you task for day 1:

Write a note to yourself that you can only read after 21 days of Quarantine.

Share a picture of yourself while you are writing the note, tag us (@amrutamofficial) on IG and also tag three friends to do the same.

Are you excited about your task for day 1? Tell us in the comments below.


Date: 26th March 2020


For encouragement, we will be rewarding 3 people every week, with surprise goodies.

– for your consistency in daily tasks (you are eligible if you participate every day)

– based on your weekly reflections on your experience with the tasks throughout the week (we will be sharing a template for you to fill it and share)

– if your account is private, you can DM us the screenshot 🙏


DO NOT WORRY in case you missed out on previous tasks, you can still join in for the remaining ones.

Even the rewards will be on a weekly basis!

Takeaways from this 21 Day Program

Understand yourself better

Reflect on your thoughts and feelings

Find a cathartic release through medium of art

Task for Day 2:

Take Photographs of things you find beautiful at your home.

This task is for you to encourage yourself to find beauty & positivity.

Share one photograph of something that you find beautiful at your home, tell us what you like about it.

Also, tag us along with your 3 friends to do the same.



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