Rediscovering Ayurveda x Dr Aishwarya Ghotane

In this week’s article of our Rediscovering Ayurveda series, we interviewed Dr Aishwarya Ghotane.

Meet Dr Aishwarya Ghotane

Hailing from a family of doctors and healers, Dr Aishwarya is someone for whom curiosity is the fuel that keeps her going. She is also the founder of Twakk Ayurvedaa, an Ayurveda-based Instagram account where she debunks myths and shares invaluable tips on leading an Ayurvedic life. Dr Aishwarya is also an Ayurvedic Expert at Amrutam.Global – a platform for holistic living.

Interestingly, Dr Aishwarya’s impression of what constituted Ayurveda was largely distinct to its true essence. “I was quite sure I wanted to become a doctor but back then, I believed Ayurveda as something that was only limited to fancy Ayurvedic Spa Centres,” she recalls.

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In keeping with this piquing interest of hers, she even visited a college to enquire about Ayurvedic studies. One of the faculty asked young Aishwarya, that what was it that fascinated her so much about this field and why she wanted to pursue it. In all her naivety, Aishwarya excitedly quipped how she dreamed of having her own Ayurvedic Spa Centre and that was the primary motivation behind pursuing Ayurvedic studies. The teacher, quite naturally, could not stop laughing at her innocence and then gently moved on to explain what was meant by Ayurveda and everything the science entailed.

“After the incident, I did a bit of a research and learned that Ayurveda was, in fact, the most ancient Indian holistic-living science. The fact that it is still standing strong made me really curious to delve deeper into it. Coming from a family of doctors, watching them serve their patients and keep them as their top priority, I was deeply inspired to take up this science.”

For Dr Aishwarya, what came as a revelation was learning about the value and importance of “Mental Peace”. She goes on, “Ayurveda teaches us to be satisfied and content in a world where everyone is striving for something more.”

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Debunking myths

Given the depths of this ancient science, Dr Aishwarya derived immense motivation to share and spread awareness about Ayurveda when she came across people spreading fads and myths. Little did she know that it would inspire her to start her own account “Twakk Ayurvedaa”, the response for which was incredibly overwhelming. “During the lockdown, people were sharing and forwarding all sorts of information that claimed to be “Ayurvedic” when in reality it was just wrong. This was when I decided to start my own account and share clear tips and authentic information.”

You can follow Dr Aishwarya’s Twakk Ayurvedaa here.

For one to lead an Ayurvedic life, they must follow a basic Dinacharya which involves rising in the Brahmamuhurta and following the morning rituals. Dr Aishwarya starts her day with sets of Suryanamaskar or morning walks, followed by going to the hospital for OPD, engaging in research, visiting the clinic and returning home. Currently, she is involved in working on the formulation of oil in the treatment of Indralupta (Alopecia Areata).

Favourite habits and healthy tips

We asked Dr Aishwarya Ghotane to share her three favourite healthy habits taken from the philosophy of Ayurveda and she shares:

  1. Drinking haldi doodh/turmeric latte – If I was given one drink to have for the rest of my life, this would be it. It rewards us amazing, glowing skin and also boosts our immunity.
  2. Jivha Nirlekhana (tongue scraping) – Ama i.e. unprocessed toxins are removed from the tongue through scraping. This helps keep the Agni (digestive fire) strong.
  3. Nasya (nasal cleansing) – I do Anu Tail Nasya which strengthens the sense organs, hair and is also an excellent Ayurvedic anti-aging remedy!

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Dr Aishwarya also follows the Trayoupstambha – the three pillars of life that include:

  • Ahara (food)
  • Nidra (sleep)
  • Brahmacharya (celibacy)

She strongly believes that keeping these three in balance is the ultimate key to a better life.

Dr Aishwarya’s message

Talking about the influences she had on her life, Dr Aishwarya tells us that her grandmother, who is in her 80s and yet so strong, always leaves her in awe! She credits this strength and longevity to her Ayurvedic Dinacharya which also includes physical movements or exercises. “Yoga is the sister science of Ayurveda. While Ayurveda gives us a way of a healthy life, Yoga allows us to experience mental peace through breathing techniques and asanas.”

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Her message to the readers is short, sweet and simple:

“Whatever lifestyle habit you follow, it could be the tiniest and simplest one – practice it regularly. Incorporate it in your daily routine and don’t just do it once in a blue moon. Also, keep absolute trust while following these rituals as faith can do wonders. This will yield amazing results for you.”

From Amrutam’s list of holistic products, Dr Aishwarya Ghotane would love to try Kumkumadi Oil as it is well-known for its elixir-like qualities for skin. She has also been using Amrutam’s Skinkey Malt and her experience with it has been simply amazing.

We are beyond grateful to have Dr Aishwarya Ghotane as part of our #AmrutamFamily!

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