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Amrutam Hair Care Travel Pack


Amrutam’s Hair Care Travel Pack includes all your favorite Amrutam Recipes in  travel sized packs. Now wherever you go, you can #TravelwithAmrutam. 

This travel pack includes

Bhringraj Hair Therapy

Quantity: 30ml

Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation : This Bhringraj contains Triphla, Bhringraj, Reetha and Shikkakai

Bhringaraj Hair Therapy is a two-in-one Ayurvedic Shampoo & Conditioner, very helpful in fighting dandruff, hair loss and premature greying.

The blend of herbs used in Bhringraj Hair Therapy such as Reetha, Vibhitaki along with Bhringraj will make you fall in love with your hair just after one wash.

Kuntal Care Hair Spa with HEMP

Quantity: 30ml

Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation: This Spa contains Hemp, Brahmi, Shankhpushi, Balchhad

This new special edition of Kuntal Care Hair Spa has Hemp in it. Hemp helps in maintaining sleep cycle, Balchhad is helpful in stress, Shankhpushi is used for making your mind calm.

Hemp adds natural shine to your hair, helps in hair strengthening, preventing dandruff, dryness and itchiness.

Hemp also helps in improving blood circulation to scalp.

Kuntal Care Hair Oil

Quantity: 30ml

Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation: This oil contains Neem, Kapoor kachri,Gudahal and Balchhad

-Revitalizes your scalp and helps in strengthening of hair roots.

-Useful in stopping hair loss

-Helps hair re-growth and keeps your hair healthy and black


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How to use:

Bhringraj Hair Therapy

Make your scalp and hair wet. Apply a little amount with your palm, followed by a gentle massage with your
fingers. Keep the foam for 5-7 minutes. Then wash with water. Best when used after Kuntal Care Hair Spa with HEMP.

Kuntal Care Hair Spa with HEMP
Take it in your hands or a bowl and massage into dry hair for one to two minutes. Leave it until your hair dries up.  Rinse well till water runs clear.

Kuntal Care Hair Oil

With gentle hands, massage the oil into hair and on the scalp as well. Leave the oil at least for thirty minutes, you can leave it overnight if desired.


Additional information

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Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 cm

1 review for Amrutam Hair Care Travel Pack

  1. The Hungry (verified owner)

    This was my first order from Amrutam and these small beauties restored my faith in the efficacy of chemical free toxin free natural products. The spa is heavenly, the shampoo suits my oily scalp dry ends and the hair oil is like my hair food. Less oil more nourishment. I have all the full sizes and they are part of my staple. So much so that I have ordered the full size Kuntal spa for my dad to experience.

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Bhringraj Hair Therapy

Each 10 ml Contains

Bhringraj 2 gm, Reetha 50 mg, Shikakaai 200 mg, Vibhitaki 200mg, Triphala 300 mg, Jasvandpushp 200 mg, Jatamansi 50 mg, Brahmi 100 mg, Coconut water 10ml, Shankhpushpi 100 mg, Arjun 100 mg, Turai beej 50 mg, Aloe vera 50 mg, Mehendi 200 mg, Kushaa 50 mg, Lemon Peel 40 mg

Kuntal Care Hair Spa with HEMP

Each 10ml contains

Hemp Oil 1.1 ml, Bhringraj 500 mg, Amla 100 mg, Vibhitki 500 mg, Neel 100 mg, Brahmi 100 mg, Jawakusum 100 mg, Balchhad 100 mg, Nagar motha 100 mg, Shankhpushpi 20 mg, Seeta fal beej 100 mg, Long oil 0.1 ml, Jaitun oil 0.2 ml, Nilgiri oil 0.5 ml, Tulsi 10 mg, Methi 5 mg, Neem 5 mg, Doorba 10 mg, Kapoor kachhari 10 mg and Excipient Q.S.

Kuntal Care Hair Oil

Each 10 ml. contains

Neem 100 mg, Kapoor kachhari 100 mg, Triphla 15 mg, Long 5 mg, Olive oil 5 mg, Ghrit kumari 10 mg, Coconut 5 mg, Eucalyptus oil 5 mg, Gudahal 5 mg, Borage 0.5 ml, Baheda 5 mg, Balchhad 5 mg, Mehandi 5 mg, Seeta fal 5 mg, Bhringraj 5 mg, Shikakai 50 mg, Exceipient Q.S


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