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Amrutam Herbal Ubtan, Face Wash & Ashatagandh Body Lotion Combo


This combo contains

Amrutam Herbal Ubtan

Quantity: 200gms

Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation: This Ubtan contains Haldi, Chandan, Manjistha and Khadir

-Vedic recipe for protection, feeding and beautification of the skin

-Ubtan fights skin infections and cleanses and tones the skin

-Improves complexion, works as an astringent, aids in exfoliation, reduces facial hair

-Protects from acne, freckles and makes the skin smooth

Amrutam Face Wash

Quantity: 100ml

Amrutam Face Wash helps in improving blood circulation and helps in cleansing of pores by removing dirt. Cinnamon prevents the acne-causing bacteria, heals the skin, helps to clear away scar marks and spots.

Haldi and Kesar provide glow and lustre to the skin.

Ancient Secrets for an #AmrutamFace

Ashtagandh Body Lotion

Quantity: 200ml

Ashtagandh, with eight ancient ingredients, has healing tendencies for both your body & mind. This vedic recipe is inspired by Rudrasabhishekam ritual.

Worship your sacred self with Chandan & Honey.

Chandan’s secret beauty & health properties have been known for centuries in our country. It acts as a natural skin whitener, anti-ageing agent and it also helps in getting rid of sun tan.

Kesar is an exotic beauty aid used by queens and princesses in ancient times. It has therapeutic properties and potassium content in it helps with cell formation and repair. It helps with blood circulation, and it’ll lighten, hydrate and soften the skin leaving your skin with a fresh glow.



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How to use:

Amrutam Herbal Ubtan

Mix some powder into hand

– with Rosewater or Aloe Vera for normal skin.

– with milk or cream for dry skin.

– with yogurt or lemon water for oily skin.

– Mix a teaspoon of fresh tomato juice for pigmentation.

to make a wet paste. Apply to moist skin. Lightly massage with circular motions and rinse clean to lift dead skin and release the oil, toxins, and environmental pollutants.

For regular usage.

Amrutam Face Wash

How to use:
Place Amrutam Face Wash in your hands.

Massage into skin in a circular motion with fingers to get all areas. Leave on for 1-2 minutes for deep pore cleansing. Wash with cold water and pat dry.

Enjoy soft, balanced skin!

For best results, use Kayakey Body Oil or Nari Sondarya Oil for women, after this.

USAGE: Twice a day, daily

Ashtagandh Body Lotion

For best results use on slightly damp skin just after bath or shower and before sleeping.
Take a few drops on your hand and rub gently till absorbed.

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    The best combo for that perfect healthy glowing skin.

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Amrutam Herbal Ubtan

Each 10 gm Contains

Neem 500 mg, Chickpea 500 mg, Khadir 500 mg, Pili sarson 500 mg, Manjishtha 500 mg, Nimbu 500 mg, Chironji 500 mg, Khus 500 mg, Haldi 250 mg, Chandan 150 mg, Kapoor 10 mg, Gulab jal 2 ml, Madhu 2 ml, Badam oil Q.S., Excipients Q.S.

Amrutam Face Wash

Kadi Patta 100 mg, Amrud Patra 100mg, Dalchini 0.05 mg, Neembu Chhilka 1 mg, Anaar Chhilka 5 mg, Badam 200 mg, Kumarya [Aloe barbadensis – leaf] 500 mg, Chironji [Buchanania Lanzan – Fruit] 500 mg, Kesar [Crocus sativus] 50 mg, Haldi
Powder [Curcuma long – Root] 1 gm, Chandan Powder [Santalum album – Stem] 1 gm

Ashtagandh Body Lotion

Chandan (Santalu Album), Aloe Vera (Aloe Indica), Turmeric (Curcuma Longa), Rakta Chandan (Pterocarpus Santalinus), Khus Khus (Chrysopogon Zizanioides), Chironji (Buchanania Lanzan), Kesar (Saffron Crocus), Honey

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