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Amrutam Personal Care Travel Pack

MRP  630 (Inclusive of all taxes)

This Personal Care Travel Pack contains Kuntal Care Hair Spa (30ML), Ashtagandh Body Lotion (30ML) and Amrutam Face Clean Up (30 ML)

Kuntal Care Hair Spa

With its strength-building properties, Kuntal Care Do-It-Yourself Spa hair mask nourishes and strengthens hair from the roots. Its 100% Ayurvedic formula prevents dandruff and hair loss.

Ashtagandh Body Lotion

Ashtagandh Body Lotion by Amrutam is formulated with Ashtagandh, Kesar, Chandan, and Honey. It’s the best Ayurvedic body lotion in India to heal and protect your skin from skin ailments like inflammation and acne.

Amrutam Face Clean Up

Amrutam Face Clean Up is a herbal skin treatment that ensures thorough cleansing of the skin. It hydrates and nourishes the skin to maintain its youthful radiance.

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How To Use

Kuntal Care Hair Spa

  • Take a generous amount of the Kuntal Care Do-It-Yourself Hair Spa onto your hands or in a bowl.
  • Massage the product onto dry hair for a couple of minutes before allowing it to dry completely.
  • Rinse thoroughly or until the water runs clear.

Ashtagandh Body Lotion

  • Massage a small dollop of Amrutam’s Ashtagandh Body Lotion on your body soon after a shower and just before you sleep. 
  • Rub lightly until gently absorbed.

Amrutam Face Clean Up

  • Massage a small dollop of Amrutam Face Clean Up in circular motions onto your face.
  • Let it sit for 20 minutes.
  • Wash it off with warm water and pat dry.
  • For best results, follow this up with Amrutam’s Ashtagandh Body Lotion.
  • Repeat this process 2-3 times a week.


Kuntal Care Hair Spa

  • Kuntal Care Do-It-Yourself Hair Spa is 100% natural, easy to utilize, and improves your hair’s health over time.
  • Bhringraj stimulates blood circulation near the scalp and strengthens the roots in addition to treating scalp infections, dry scalp, dandruff, and premature greying. 
  • The antibacterial and antifungal properties of Triphala protect the scalp, reduce dandruff, repair damaged hair, reverse frizzy hair, and moisturize hair roots. 
  • In addition to moisturizing and restoring hair, Balchhad makes it lustrous, thick, and long.
  • Eucalyptus oil is a Vata pacifier, soothing irritations, inflammations, and infections, and helping thick, lustrous hair to grow.

Ashtagandh Body Lotion

  • A 100% natural remedy for the body and mind, Amrutam’s Ashtagandh Body Lotion is made from herbal ingredients and a passed-down Ayurvedic formula. 
  • Ashtagandh relieves stress, stimulates blood circulation, and leaves the skin glowing.
  • With Chandan, you can slough off wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Furthermore, it brightens the skin and reduces tan.
  • In addition to boosting blood circulation, Kasar hydrates, nourishes, and maintains youthfulness in the skin.

Amrutam Face Clean Up

  • With Amrutam Face Clean Up, your skin is cleansed, healed, and restored for youthful, radiant skin after the first wash.
  • It provides antioxidants and Vitamin E from almonds to protect the skin from free radicals and keep it lustrous and glowing.
  • Aloe vera works to treat acne, moisturize the skin, and slow down signs of ageing.  
  • Khus Khus or poppy seeds moisturize the skin and treat conditions such as eczema and inflammation.
  • Chironji is rich in minerals and vitamins that help heal acne and maintain a healthy skin tone.
  • Saffron has a natural healing property for the skin. It removes acne, reduces dryness, and improves the texture of the skin.
  • Aloe Vera and zinc oxide are combined to make Yashad Bhasma. A lot of its properties help fade acne scars and treat acne.

15 reviews for Amrutam Personal Care Travel Pack

  1. Food Scoop


    Such a cute and handy travel packs. Lasts a long time even though its in small size.

  2. Tusharani Mukherjee


    I wash my face with the clean up and then apply the lotion on my face. And i am happy with this two products than elaborate skincare. And the hair spa is pure love.

  3. Ankita C


    Great for gifting and also carrying hassle free during travel.

  4. S

    these travel packs are such a blessing, allows for lovely chemical free holidays 🙂

  5. Anusha anu

    Amazing trio……
    Cleanup helps to clean pores and it makes skin soft
    If have dry skin then this ashwagandha is a boon
    This haur spa is amazing it changes the texture of your hair in first use only

  6. Chindu Mathew


    I was gifted this pack.
    Face clean up – Brillant product I was skeptical as my face is oily will it work. I liked the fact it gives immediate glow on face.

    Ashtagand body lotion- This lotion hydrates the skin but I didn’t like the strong sandal smell which was causing me migraine.

    Kuntal care spa _ loved the smell and the texture and the effect on my hair. I would definitely consider to repurchase this one bigger bottle.

  7. swarna (verified owner)

    I ordered the product for the first time as trial basis but now I am in luv wid dis products, this products has become a part of my daily routine regime…. If you love natural products for your skin then this will be your perfect choice..

  8. Reena Priyadarshini

    priyadarshinireena (verified owner)

    Brought this combo with a lot of doubts but must say I have totally fallen in love with the products especially the hair spa.. Totally gonna order big sizes of all them n also gonna try all the other products..

  9. tanyabhadani49 (verified owner)

    I have been using Amrutam face clean up, body lotion and hair spa and I absolutely love all three. The face clean up is my favourite, it deeply cleanses the face, makes me feel fresh and gives a natural glow that lasts for days. Body lotion smells amazing and skin feels super soft.I keep the Hair spa overnight and it does wonders post wash. Its a perfect kit packed with richness of ayurveda that does wonders!

  10. thefoodiedevi

    thefoodiedevi (verified owner)

    It’s definitely a great travel pack combo but I have even gifted this mini set to a lot of my friends, as all of these three products are superb, especially the hair spa and face clean up. The fragrance of the lotion is heavenly! It’s budget friendly and all my friends loved the products.

  11. deepika Bhasker

    I hac been folly the brand from the beginning and being a mother doesn’t mean you need to stop pampering yourself. The aroma of Triphla and eucalyptus oil blends well and works wonders thru mind, skin and hair. This pack is perfect size and easy to travel away..

  12. saumya22naswa

    All best products in mini size, great for traveling!!

  13. Pooja singh (verified owner)

    Received these travel pack recently and the DIY face clean up and body lotion are wonderful!!!

  14. pooja26singh93 (verified owner)

    Waiting to put my hands on these lovelies. I have used all of them except for DIY face clean up. Can’t wait to stuff them up in my backpack for next trip❤

  15. Team Amrutam


    Just love these cute lil bottles, best things to carry while travelling.
    Its so nice to have the hair spa in a travel pack. My daughter especially loves the smell of Asthagandh lotion.

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Kuntal Care Hair Spa

Each 5 ml Contains

Bhangraj 500 mg, Amla 100 mg, Neel 100 mg, Brahmi 50 mg, Gudahal 50 mg, Balchhad 50 mg, Mehandi 50 mg, Nagar motha 50 mg, Nimbu chhilka 10 mg, Seeta fal 10 mg, Long oil 0.1 ml, Olive oil 0.1 ml, Eucalyptus oil 0.1 ml, Ghrit kumara and Excipient Q.S.

Asthagandh Body Lotion

(Each contains)
Chandan (Santalu Album), Aloe Vera (Aloe Indica), Turmeric (Curcuma Longa), Rakta Chandan (Pterocarpus Santalinus), Khus Khus (Chrysopogon Zizanioides), Chironji (Buchanania Lanzan), Kesar (Saffron Crocus), Honey

Amrutam DIY Face Clean Up

Badam [Prunus amygdalus – Fruit] 2 gm, Ghrit Kumari [Aloebarbadensis – leaf] 1 gm,Khus khus [Cannabis Indica -Fruit] 1 gm, Chironji [Buchanania Lanzan – Fruit] 1 gm, Kesar [Crocus sativus – style & stigma] 500mg, Yashad Bhasam[Ayurvedic classical medicine -A.F.I.] 5 gm, Haldi Powder [Curcuma long – Root] 1 gm,Chandan Powder [Santalum album – Stem] 1 gm, Natural Preservative 300mg, Water Base Q.S, Fragrance Q.S



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