Bhringraj Hair Therapy- 2 in 1 Conditioner and Shampoo — Bhringraj Hair Therapy- 2 in 1 Conditioner and Shampoo Kuntal Care Hair Spa + Face Clean Up | Hair & Skin Care Combo Kuntal Care Hair Spa + Face Clean Up | Hair & Skin Care Combo —

Amrutam Self-Love Gift Box

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Regular self-care is important for your well being and the Amrutam Self Love Gift Box is here to see that your skin and hair is being taken care of. Our gift box includes Ayurvedic recipes that are created with a combination of over a hundred herbs. Each of them has been carefully selected for you.

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The Amrutam Self Love Gift Box includes the following items:

Kuntal Care Do-It-Yourself Spa (200ml)

Amrutam’s Kuntal Care Do-It-Yourself Hair Spa is meticulously crafted from 100% organic ingredients such as Eucalyptus oil, Triphala, Balchhad, and Bhringraj. This helps to rejuvenate and strengthen hair from the roots, as well as prevent hair loss. It is one of India’s best ayurvedic hair spas, containing substances that promote ideal hair health. With its warming liveliness, Eucalyptus oil soothes the Vata, and it is also renowned for its antibacterial and analgesic qualities, which are used to alleviate pain.

Bhringraj Hair Therapy- Conditioner and Shampoo in One (200ml)

Amrutam’s Bhringraj Hair Therapy- 2 in 1 Conditioner and Shampoo contains natural and organic components such as Bhringraj, Triphala, Reetha, and Shikakai. They are known to heal damaged hair and decrease dandruff, dry scalp, hair loss, and premature greying. It treats and prevents dandruff, hair loss, dry scalp, and premature greying of the hair. Bhringraj increases blood circulation, nourishes hair follicles, and aids in the prevention of baldness, making it India’s best herbal shampoo for long and thick hair.

Body Lotion Vanyamrutam (200ml

This organic body lotion was inspired by the beautiful wildflowers seen on long woodland excursions. It consists of ingredients like Lotus, Chironji, and Devdaru. This ayurvedic skin brightening lotion acts as an excellent moisturiser, evening skin tone and suppleness, erasing fine lines, and eliminating brown spots and wrinkles. It can also be beneficial in reducing pigmentation, deep pores, control oil and reduce stretch marks. 

Amrutam’s Face Clean Up (30ml)

Amrutam Face Clean Up thoroughly cleanses the pores and eliminates excess oil and dirt from the skin. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help prevent acne and remove dark spots, while Kesar and Chandan give your skin a natural shine. This organic skin smoothing solution incorporates Ayurvedic secrets for soft and clean skin.

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7 reviews for Amrutam Self-Love Gift Box

  1. Tusharani Mukherjee


    Great self pampering combo. Surely adding this in my bridal trousseau

  2. Ankita C


    The perfect kit for self pampering and for gifting

  3. Ankita C


    Makes for a good gifting option. Gives you good hair, good and healthy glowing skin .

  4. S

    every product in this box is better than the last, and makes for an amazing gift

  5. Manvit Kohli

    Bestumbest gifting option. I gift it to myself ❤️

  6. Namrata Patel

    I have fallen in love with lil box of self love. Absolutely love the fragrance and the products ! The Kuntal hair spa and the amrutam face clean up are my holy grail. The DIY face pack allows me to indulge in some quality de stressing siesta after am back from work and the ever growing air pollution outdoors. So glad to have stumbled across this brand. It is perfect in all senses.

  7. Jayashree Chauhan

    The gift box is beautifully designed and the products are amazing. I can feel the difference in my hair and skin after its first use itself. Face cleanser is too good and my skin feels rejuvenated. Best remedy for damage due to chemical treatments and pollution. Refreshing aroma and I simply love the products. Thank you Amrutam.

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Kuntal Care Hair Spa:

Each 5 ml Contains

Bhangraj 500 mg, Amla 100 mg, Neel 100 mg, Brahmi 50 mg, Gudahal 50 mg, Balchhad 50 mg, Mehandi 50 mg, Nagar motha 50 mg, Nimbu chhilka 10 mg, Seeta fal 10 mg, Long oil 0.1 ml, Olive oil 0.1 ml, Eucalyptus oil 0.1 ml, Ghrit kumara and Excipient Q.S.

Bhringraj Hair Therapy: 

Each 10 ml Contains

Bhringraj 2 gm, Reetha 50 mg, Shikakaai 200 mg, Vibhitaki 200mg, Triphala 300 mg, Jasvandpushp 200 mg, Jatamansi 50 mg, Brahmi 100 mg, Coconut water 10ml, Shankhpushpi 100 mg, Arjun 100 mg, Turai beej 50 mg, Aloe vera 50 mg, Mehendi 200 mg, Kushaa 50 mg, Lemon Peel 40 mg

Vanyamrutam Body Lotion:

Each 10ml contains

Karanj 10 mg, Patang 40 mg, Raktchandan 40 mg, Malayagiri Chandan 10 mg, Manjistha 20 mg, Vatajata 10 mg, Lotus 5 mg, Kalimirch 1 mg, Katha 5 mg, Nariyal Jal 0.2 ml, Chirchira 5 mg, Neebu Chilka 5 mg, Anar Chilka 18 mg, Multani Mitti 2 mg, Kusha 3 mg, Lemongrass 2 mg, Kachanar Patra 2 mg, Badam 500 mg, Chironji 100 mg, Kumkumadi tel 0.1 ml, Aloe Vera Gel 500mg, Natural Flower Ark 1 ml, Samudra Fan 1mg, Devdaru 40mg, Moringa 8 mg, Amrutadhara 0.01ml, Kapoor 100 mg

Amrutam Face Clean Up: 

Badam [Prunus amygdalus – Fruit] 2 gm, Ghrit Kumari [Aloebarbadensis – leaf] 1 gm,Khus khus [Cannabis Indica -Fruit] 1 gm, Chironji [Buchanania Lanzan – Fruit] 1 gm, Kesar [Crocus sativus – style & stigma] 500mg, Yashad Bhasam[Ayurvedic classical medicine -A.F.I.] 5 gm, Haldi Powder [Curcuma long – Root] 1 gm,Chandan Powder [Santalum album – Stem] 1 gm, Natural Preservative 300mg, Water Base Q.S, Fragrance Q.S

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