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Ashtagandh Body Lotion- Ayurvedic Lotion Inspired by Rudrabhishekam & Temple Secrets

MRP  599 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Amrutam’s Ashtagandh Body Lotion extracts the best from the 8 ingredients of Ashtagandh, Kesar, Chandan, and Honey. It is India’s best Ayurvedic body Lotion to heal and protect your skin. This Ayurvedic lotion acts as a natural skin-whitener, anti-ageing agent, and helps get rid of sun tan. It’s the best herbal lotion to lighten, hydrate and soften your skin, leaving it with a fresh, dewy glow.

(50 customer reviews)
100 ml
MRP  599 (Inclusive of all taxes)

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200 ml
MRP  999 (Inclusive of all taxes)

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5 Bottle of 200 Ml each | 3 Month Pack
MRP  4,246 (Inclusive of all taxes)

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5 Bottles of 200ml | 3 Months Pack
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How To Use

  • Pour a few drops of this Ayurvedic body lotion on your palms.
  • Massage a small dollop of Amrutam’s Ashtagandh Body Lotion on your body soon after a shower and just before you sleep. 


  • Amrutam’s Ashtagandh Body Lotion is a 100% herbal treatment for both the body and mind. 
  • Ashtagandh helps relieve stress, encourages blood circulation, and provides the skin with a radiant glow.
  • Chandan reduces signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. It also brightens the skin and reduces the tan.
  • Kesar boosts blood circulation, hydrates, nourishes, and maintains the youthfulness of the skin.

Additional information

Weight 0.229 g
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 10 cm

100 ml, 200 ml, 5 Bottle of 200 Ml each | 3 Month Pack

50 reviews for Ashtagandh Body Lotion- Ayurvedic Lotion Inspired by Rudrabhishekam & Temple Secrets

  1. Rakshika Aphale

    Rakshika Aphale (verified owner)

    One of the very first recipes I bought from Amrutam that I continue to use even today. Been more than 2 years I haven’t used any other cream or lotion on my face. The aroma is ENCHANTING. I love it. It is non-oily, moisturizing and leaves my skin super soft and glowing. Recommended 10/10!

  2. Greeshma Mohan

    Greeshma Mohan (verified owner)

    It suits my skin, and loved it, at first I felt the smell is a bit intense, I got used to it after a week.

  3. Food Scoop


    Great for skin as well as body. Mousturises thoroughly and makes skin really soft

  4. Darshan Bhatt

    Anant Bhatt (verified owner)

    Awesome product with heavenly long lasting smell. It makes the skin soft and glowing. Thank you Amrutam.

  5. Tusharani Mukherjee


    Can be used for both skin and face. Specially during these winter times, makes for a great moisturizer.

  6. Rajni Singh


    Mind blowing fragrance. loving it. got a small bottle as a free gift. will definitely buy in future when it finished.

  7. Ankita C


    Two in one product. Good for facial as well as body application. This is what i apply post face wash and it’s a great product.

  8. Ankita C


    Smells so good. Nourishes the skin and makes it glowy. Helps with my dry, flaky skin.

  9. Sanika Rohanekar

    mail4sanika (verified owner)

    Good body lotion. A bit expensive, but I love that it has all natural ingredients. The scent can be take some getting used to for some, but I liked it. Not very oily or sticky. Smooth texture.


    rajashree.saha (verified owner)

    I loved Ashtagandh Body lotion’s texture, perfect for my skin; and the best part is its smell, very good and stays for a long time. Just apply it immediately after bath and its all done. Above all it didn’t break me out.

  11. Bandana

    It is an effective product.

  12. Chindu Mathew


    The product is good. It absorbs wellnto skin. But I felt the fragrance is a bit too much. Most of the time it activates my migraine. Because of it I’m slightly disappointed with this product. Will not consider repurchasing.

  13. Anusha anu


    Smells heavenly and has long lasting effect

    It is a boon for dry skin people

  14. Rajashree Saha (verified owner)

    It is perfect for winters; good moisturisation and nice fragrance. I am using it regularly and little goes a long way, even on body. a little massage on skin and it gets absorbed completely and the best part is that there is no sticky feeling afterwards.

  15. Joy D

    joy.das (verified owner)

    Amazing body lotion for winters! It’s extremely nourishing and smell heavenly!! Totally recommended

  16. GK

    Earlier I have bought small pack. It was too good. So bought bigger pack. But it didn’t suits my skin and pimples broke out. Will not buy again. And also don’t have that good smell.

  17. Akshaya Manoharan (verified owner)

    OMG! I’m in love!
    Needs some massaging to get it all In
    And that’s all! Legit butter skin!
    The fragrance needs a day or two to get used too and from then on , it’s addiction!
    So happy I got to try this❤️

  18. Ria-Philomena-Das (verified owner)

    Smells Heavenly…. Extremely Nourishing!!

  19. Muskan Jain

    Smooth Skin.
    Soft & Fresh Skin.
    Value for money.
    Fast Delivery by Amrutam.

  20. SHALU

    Another superb product by Amrutam. The goodness of Chandan in it, adds an advantage to it. And my God what a smell it has!! M really satisfied with it. It makes my skin so soft and gentle. Doesn’t at all feels that i have applied the lotion. It absorbs into the skin making it smoother. Highly recommended!!

  21. Nehal Johri

    I have extremely dry skin, and I keep experimenting with lots of moisturizers. This one is by far one of the best products I’ve used 🙂


    Recently ordered this product as I am huge fan of Amrutam and I get all my skin and hair care products from Amrutam. Loving it . The fragrance was so good . I really liked this lotion. Also these products are natural that is one of the main reasons I ordered from here . Try their this new lotion it makes your skin so soft . I am already loving it ❤️🌸

  23. sangeeta saxena

    One of the best moisturisers. Very long lasting, quickly absorbed, and feel cool when applied on the skin. Very good for winters.

  24. SHEELA

    Amrutam is an only my trusted brand who made all products from Natural Ingredients.
    And this Body Lotion also keep my that trust towards the brand.
    Extremely satisfied from the result and not at all greasy like other body lotions.
    Nice aroma and deeply hydrate body skin.

    100% satisfied and recommended for natural ingredient lovers and who care to keep their skin naturally young for a long time

  25. GUNJAN

    This lotion is very good for winters. Make my skin feels very light and fresh. I am an civil engineer and u travel a lot every day. I have a sensitive skin type and little dusky complexion. It suits my skin and repairs my skin too. I loved it.

  26. RAGINI

    I am using this product from last couple of years.. its good for those who are having dry skin texture and .. it makes ur skin hydrated instead of being chip chip and i got this product during the amrutam healthy sale so i just cracked the deal nut. 😉

  27. Deepika Grover

    For people with dry skin, this lotion is the best for use during winters (works well for summers also). Soothing fragrance, mild anti-dry, anti-oily coverage. The Ashtagandh Body Lotion is good for round the year use by changing the seasonal variants according to seasons, keeps skin healthy n young. Forget all brands and let Ashtagandh Body lotion do the magic.

  28. Khushi Johri

    I have dry skin that needs moisturizer at all seasons.
    Even in summer, the AC dehydrates the skin so much that my dry skin is getting scaly with dryness like in winter😳 I needed a very good moisturizer!

    I received this and i loved its fragrance. It’s mild and lovely.
    As for it’s moisturizing property,it’s working nicely on my dry skin. My skin feels and looks lot better now.

  29. Stuti Gupta

    Ishmail Gupta

    Nice aroma and deeply hydrate body skin. xx

  30. charu.deorani

    Perfect moisturizer for winters….

  31. rakainthola (verified owner)

    Ordered it specifically for my hands as I use nari Sondarya oil elsewhere and I love how amazing it smells! Absorbs into the skin with a little massage and stays till 2 handwashes. The texture is not greasy and smells divine.

  32. Rahul kandhol

    Rahul (verified owner)

    I have tried many lotion , top niche too , by far this is the best , true temple aroma , as I enjoy this a lot while praying or in meditation. Must , must buy

  33. Foram S

    I received this product today and after using it just once I am such a fan! The smell is heavenly, lasts for quite some time, and makes me feel like some queen from ancient times. I am a huge fan of Ayurvedic products and this lotion is just fantastic. I have dry skin so it’s quite hydrating, and gets absorbed quickly, doesn’t leave a greasy sheen on the skin. I cannot stop smelling my skin!

  34. Anupriya

    The lotion is good. However the fragrance is too strong for me.

  35. Swetha Mathi

    skinlanguage98 (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this for a long time. Done with couple of bottles. Leaves skin so soft and there’s a visible improvement in evening out my skin. Helped in improving my complexion. Overall satisfied with my purchase 🙂

  36. The Hungry

    I hate moisturisers and donot feel like applying them even during winters. I prefer body oils. But this one changed my views completely. This doesnot make your skin greasy even during a hot summer afternoon in a humid weather. You will be transported to a temple full of flowers and fresh chandan paste. Its so calming and soothing. I apply it every night and my husband loves it too. If you want to invest in a good moisturiser this is the one. I got a sample size from Amrutam and it is almost over. Will be ordering the full one soon.

  37. Aatiya Shaikh

    Smells good. Takes time to blend in quite thick. more suitable in winters. Good product

  38. Ankita Bist


    I got this as a free sample bt dint try for a long tym coz i dnt really lyk natural body lotions for der sticky feel n bad fragrances.. i happnd to use it ystrdy in lack of my other cream n wat a surprise.. it actly smells gd tho a lttl overpowerin in the beginning bt as it settles, oh my god! It smells so gd, tho very mild.. really lyk it.. jst gv it sum tym to settle in ur skin n u ll love it.. Amrutam is turning out to be a winner!

  39. Susmitha (verified owner)

    The lotion is the best one i have come actross till now it makes me feel so rejuvenated and the smell is so therapeutic and it just gives me a divine feeling. Waiting to try vanyamrutham lotion after i finish this. Thankyou amrutam❤️

  40. suchitha.v


    I tried the sample bottle i received. The body lotion is light weight and very suitable for summers too. This is a must buy for those looking out for a body lotion especially for those with dry and irritable. My skin looks healthy, soft, reduced irritation and smells heavenly.

  41. Sayali Patole


    Amazing lotion. Love the fragrance and consistency. And a few drops works wonders. Can be used on body and face both. Superb lotion 👌👌 👌

  42. Lavanya

    I am in love with the smell of chandan and holly aromatic mild fragrance that acts as aroma therapy …ordered samplers this time but will surely plan to get full size. Smells like you have entered the ancient holy temples for spiritual uplift. . Tried it on face after applying chandan and cheronji face pack. What a divine experience ❤️

  43. Anjana

    This body lotion can take out your entire stress away. Smells like heaven, very light and gets absorbed really quick. Highly recommend this!

  44. saumya22naswa (verified owner)

    Love the fragrance. Feels amazing on skin!

  45. Divya G

    guntuka.divya (verified owner)

    This lotion smells like temple! ♥
    Must buy! It leaves your skin super soft. I use it after applying face clean up. It lightens the dark spots eventually. Must try.

  46. Team Amrutam


    Fragrance of Asthagandha is heavenly!!I love everything about this lotion. Amazing product!

  47. Team Amrutam


    A very light day lotion with an amazing texture. love its consistency.

  48. Team Amrutam


    love the smell of kesar and chandan

  49. Team Amrutam


    It has given my skin an overall glow over time. This is the best body cream I have ever used! So happy to know that this body lotion is 100% natural. a must buy!

  50. Team Amrutam


    has made my skin so smooth. love the luxurious feel of this body lotion.

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Key Ingredients
(Each contains)
Chandan (Santalu Album), Aloe Vera (Aloe Indica), Turmeric (Curcuma Longa), Rakta Chandan (Pterocarpus Santalinus), Khus Khus (Chrysopogon Zizanioides), Chironji (Buchanania Lanzan), Kesar (Saffron Crocus), Honey

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