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Amrutam Ayurveda Lifestyle – Introductory Kit

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Are you planning on beginning your journey to a healthy and ayurvedic lifestyle? Then the Amrutam’s Ayurveda Box is just what you’re looking for. We have curated a beginner-friendly box just for you keeping in mind your present living preferences. This ayurvedic kit is a must-have with all the necessary products that make a wonderful present for yourself or a loved one. This box is meant to be suited for all Dosha and is cruelty-free. Incorporate Ayurveda into your lives now and buy the Amrutam Ayurveda Lifestyle- Introductory Kit now! 


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This kit consists of: 

1.Ayurveda Lifestyle – The Beginning Paperback Version

2.Amrutam Jute Bag

3.Amrutam Herbs Combo

This combo contains 100gms packs of:

Buddhi Key Herbs:

These herbs aid in mental relaxation, which enhances the functioning of the brain and related organs. They also calm the hair and skin and may be used topically over the forehead and under-eyes after being mixed with Multani Mitti. An easy approach to take it is to mix Buddhi herbs into a cup of hot water and drink it regularly. Along with this, regular exercise, yoga, meditation, and a generally healthy lifestyle are essential.

Detox Key Herbs:

Toxins, or “ama” in Sanskrit, clog numerous pathways in your body when they collect. Ama is to blame for a lack of immunity and disease. In Ayurveda, this process is called Mala Sanchaya, and it occurs when the Agni (Jatharagni) that leads to the transformation of food into energy is decreased owing to a high ama level. If this is disregarded for an extended length of time, it can lead to diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, tiredness, Asadhya roga, obesity, or loss of appetite. Keeping a weekly fast and drinking Detoxkey Herbs on an empty stomach will help you get rid of ama or vish (poison) accumulation.

Kapha Key Herbs:

Kapha is the result of the union of Earth and Water. Dominant individuals also are compassionate, strong-willed, and steady. An overabundance of Kapha can lead people to become sluggish and even stagnate. They lose drive, and their stability becomes a burden that weighs them down. Physical symptoms include nasal congestion, excessive mucous discharges, obesity, and so forth. Regular use of Kapha Herbs relieves pain, strengthens the immune system, decreases mucous issues, stabilises metabolism, and balances Kapha. 

Pitta Key Herbs:

Pitta is the result of a unique mix of two opposing elements, Water and Fire. Pitta is mostly moulded by the element of fire and individuals with a Pitta dominant constitution are hot-headed, changeable, and passionate. They like fire, are typically motivated and concentrated. However, excessive Pitta levels in the body lead them to “overheat,” resulting in irritation and rage. Inflammation of the skin, intestinal problems, rashes, and high fevers are some of the physical symptoms.

 Vata Key Herbs:

Vata is a synthesis of Wind and Space. People with a strong Vata constitution are creative and fast, qualities linked with the ever-flowing breezes. When Vata is out of balance, Vata dominating people get irritated and dissatisfied. The physical problems manifest as stomach issues, dry skin, dehydration, discomfort, and so on. Vata imbalances can be corrected by eating a regular, nutritious diet, eating Vata-correcting foods, indulging in physical exercises, and so on. Vata herbs that aid in cleaning Vayu-Vikaar and softening Naadis, resulting in the release of trapped air within your body.

You can also find your dosha by taking this quiz

4.Dentkey Manjan (20gms)

Akarkara, Akhrot, and Babool are the ingredients in this ayurvedic dental care pack. Dental health, or Data Swasthya in Ayurveda, is a component of the Shalakya Tantra, which describes how 65 different dental diseases can appear in seven anatomic locations. 8-lips, 9-palate, 15-alveolar border, 8-teeth, 5-tongue, 17-oropharynx, whereas 3 represents the generalised form. These natural dental care herbs included in Dentkey Manjan are, Khadira, Long, Samudra Fen, Phitkari, and Akarkara, are useful in the treatment of all of these oral diseases.

5.Bamboo Toothbrush

6.Bamboo Tongue Cleaner

7.Ayurvedic Poster

8.Gulkand- Ayurvedic Rose Petal Jam (100gms)

Gulkand is a potent antioxidant and a fantastic rejuvenator. Consuming 1–2 teaspoons of this herbal rose jam aids in the reduction of acidity and stomach heat. It also aids in the treatment of ulcers and the prevention of intestinal swelling. Further, it is known to treat oral ulcers and strengthen teeth and gums.

9.Kayakey Body Oil (100ml)

Amrutam’s Kayakey Body Oil contains Sesame, Olives, Jtamansi, Jaitun oil, and Almond oil to nourish and heal the skin via massage. Massages are an effective way to relax both the mind and the body. Amrutam’s 100% herbal body oil protects the skin from irritations and UV radiation. It also improves skin health, making it smooth and supple.

10.Madhu Panchamrut- Herbs Enriched Honey (50gms)

Amrutam Madhu Panchamrut is a Vedic recipe for a popular natural medicinal agent, combined with herbs, that has been used as a topical antibiotic for ages. Because of its medicinal qualities, it may also be used to treat sore throats, colds, skin, and hair, among other things.

4 reviews for Amrutam Ayurveda Lifestyle – Introductory Kit

  1. Ankita C


    Great kit for introducing your life to ayurvedic products .

  2. Ankita C


    Great to begin your journey with amrutam

  3. S

    I got this as a gift and it was a great combo. I love how amrutam empowers its customers with knowledge and transparency.

  4. Anusha anu

    Good option for beginers who want to try the products

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Buddhi Key Herbs

Buddhi Key Herbs contain

Brahmi, Jatamansi, Shankhpushpi, Ashwagandha, Shatavar, Madhu yashti, Bhringraj, Amalaki, Vachh, Sarpgandha, Kayphal, Khurasani Ajwain, Kamal gatta, Green Tea, Gulab, Kusha, Shuddh Shilajit, Badam

Detox Key Herbs

Detox Key Herbs contain

Pudhina, Dhaniya, Saunf, Harad, Jeera, Ajwain, Daruhaldi, Dalchhini, Elaichi, Laung, Kayphal, Nag kesar, S. Guggul, Indrajau, Methi dana, Lemongrass, Green Tea, Sukha Adrak, Alua, Mulethi, Triphala, Gulab, Trikatu, Macoy, Bakuchi, Sariva, Motha

Kapha Key Herbs

Kapha Key Herbs contain

Bibhitaki, Chitrak, Pushkarmool, Vanfasa, Haldi, Tulsi, Somlata, Trikatu, Dalchhini, Mulethi, Hansraj, Swahaga, Nausadar, Tejpatra, Adusa, Bharangi, Jayphal, Kakrashranghi, Amalbet, Shudhh Guggul, Balchhad, Sainda Namak

Pitta Key Herbs

Pitta Key Herbs contain

Brahmi, Bhringraj, Nag kesar, Punarnava, Amla, Jatamansi, Arjun, Neem, Sanay, Amaltas, Jeera, Ela, Moringa, Haritaki, Jamun Ghutli, Gulab, Rakt Chandan,
Ber, Kaalmegh, Marodphali, Anaardana and Kala namak

Vata Key Herbs

Vata Key Herbs contain

Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Raasna, Balapanchang, Nirgundi, Jayphal, Peepramool, Clove, Alsi, Dashmool Kwath, Sainda Namak, Indrayan, Sunthi, Sehjan, Bura, Methi, Harshringar, Errandmool, Shuddh Kuchla, Amla, Shuddh Guggul

Gulkand – Ayurvedic Rose Petals Jam (Each 10GMS)

Gulkand Rosa centifolia 8 gm, Gulab Phool Rosa centifolia 500 mg, Gulab Jal Rosa centifolia 1 ml, Praval Pishthi 40 mg, Sanay Ext Cassia angustifolia 5 mg, Amaltas Kadha Cassia fistula 2 mg, Arjun Terminalia arjuna 50 mg, Nagkeshar Mesua ferrea 5 mg, Dalchini Cinnamomum zeylanicum 5 mg, Chandi Bark 2 mg, Sita QS

Kayakey Body Oil- Ayurvedic blend for body massage

Each 10ml contains

Jaitun oil (1.25 ml), Badam tail (5 ml), Peet chandan (2 ml), Gula oil (0.25 ml), Khas (0.25 ml), Agar (0.25 ml), Tagar (0.25 ml), Jatamansi (0.25 ml),  Sugandhit drav q.s

Textbook Name: Bhav Prakash Nighantu

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