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Baby Care Massage Oil


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Babycare is an ancient secret for strengthening bones and muscles while hydrating the skin with herbal decoction oil.

It improves blood circulation and promotes physical and mental growth.

Ideal for 0-5 years old.

The Baby Care Massage Oil is a holistic formula with key ingredients like Jaitun, Chandabala Laxadi and Deodar.

Jaitun helps in improving skin health and works as a great moisturizer for a baby’s skin.

Chandanbala Laxadi Oil helps the baby relax and sleep well. Deodar protects the baby from cough and cold.

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100 ml

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5 Bottle of 100ml each | 3 Month Pack

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How to Use

Take Babycare massage oil in your hands or a bowl. Massage upwards on the baby’s face, arms, legs and back.

Gently rub it all through the body and let it stay. Use before and after bath. Only for external usage.

Store in a cool and dry place.

For best results, also give Childcare Malt regularly.

About Abhyanga & Babies

Post natural birth, it has been often observed that babies have an aggravated Vata Dosha.

According to Ayurveda, Abhyanga (oil massage) is considered best in controlling aggravated Vata dosha. Since ancient times, babies been given an oil bath and then covered well with warm clothing so that they feel well.

A balanced Vata Dosha ensures the proper growth and development of babies.

Benefits of Abhyanga with Baby Care Oil

Improves Neuromuscular wellness of the baby
Adds lustre to baby’s skin
Builds immunity of the baby
Improves natural sleep of the baby
Improves thermoregulation (temperature control)
Nourishes hair & scalp
Helps in proper weight gain
Aids in the overall development and growth of the baby


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100 ml, 5 Bottle of 100ml each | 3 Month Pack

1 review for Baby Care Massage Oil

  1. Ankita C


    A great and safe products for babies. Even for newborns.

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Olive oil 1 ml, Chandanbala Laxadi Oil 1 ml, Jatamansi 200 mg, Deodar 500 mg, Badam oil 1 ml, Erand tail 1 ml, Maha sugandhit tail 0.1 ml, Ratan jot 5 mg, Anantmool 500 mg, Gowkarn Pushp 100 mg, Triphala 100 mg, Kesar 0.01 mg, Semal Pushp 20 mg, Gulaab 20 mg, Dalchini 5 mg, Brahmi 100 mg, Raai 100 mg, Daru Haldi 10 mg, Bhojpatra 2 mg, Til Oil 1 ml.

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