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Flukey & Lozenge Malt Combo

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This combo contains Flukey Malt and Lozenge Malt. 

Amrutam’s Flukey Malt is rich in herbal ingredients such as Giloy Ghan Kwath, Tulsi, Bharangi, Guggul, Mulethi. As the best malt for viral infections by Amrutam, it boosts white blood cells to fight infections and thus, helps to improve the immune system. Amrutam’s Flukey Malt is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy that treats fever and flu.

Lozenge Malt is a herbal jam that contains Tulsi, Vasa, Mulethi, Pushkarmool and Tribhuvan Kritri Ras. The Ayurvedic Lozenge Malt by Amrutam cures chronic cough, cold, sinusitis and asthma. It is also useful in treating allergic bronchitis, upper and lower respiratory diseases, whooping cough and allergic rhinitis. Amrutam’s natural malt for health care is a multipurpose medicine used to strengthen the immune system.

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How To Use

Flukey Malt 

  • Mix one or two tablespoons of Ayurvedic Flukey Malt by Amrutam with milk or 100-200ml warm water and then consume twice a day.
  • Amrutam’s Flukey Malt is not advisable for diabetic patients.
  • Should be taken as directed by your physician.

Lozenge Malt

  • Mix one or two tablespoons of natural Lozenge Malt with milk or 100-200 ml warm water and then consume twice a day.
  • Amrutam’s Lozenge Malt is not advisable for diabetic patients.
  • Should be taken as directed by your physician.


Flukey Malt

  • Flukey Malt is one of the best herbal jams in India that  is beneficial in treating cold and flu.
  • This herbal immunity booster malt enhances the white blood cells and prepares the body to fight illnesses.
  • In this way, Ayurvedic Flukey Malt works in helping your body keep infections away and fight against diseases.

Lozenge Malt 

  • Tulsi is an excellent remedy for common cold, fever, sore throat and cough. It can cure malaria or dengue fever. Tulsi in herbal jam also helps in regulating uric acid levels in the body and thus, reduces the risk of kidney stones.
  • The Vasa plant is useful in the treatment of common cold, whooping cough, chronic bronchitis and asthma. It also helps in clearing the respiratory passage by loosening phlegm and removing excess mucus. 
  • Mulethi, also known as Liquorice, is used in curing jaundice. Mulethi sticks are an age-old remedy for sore throat. This ancient Ayurvedic ingredient can also help boost your immunity by producing white blood cells that fight diseases.
  • Inula Racemosa is the botanical name of Pushkarmool. According to Ayurveda, Pushkarmool works best to treat respiratory discomfort and supports healthy lungs. It helps to maintain cholesterol levels in your body and also improves blood circulation. Pushkarmool helps in pacifying the Vatta and Kapha dosha in your body. 
  • Tribhuvan Kritri Ras is beneficial in the treatment of fever, spleen and liver diseases. It also helps to improve digestion.

2 reviews for Flukey & Lozenge Malt Combo

  1. Ankita C


    Great for influenza and seasonal flus.

  2. Ankita C


    Cures flu and other flu like symptoms.

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Flukey Malt 200gms

Mahasudarshan Ghansatva 100 Mg, Swarn Makshik
Bhasm 40mg, Sudh Sfatika 25 Mg, Giloy Ghan Kwath 500
Mg, Tulsi 500 Mg, Mulethi 30 Mg, Bharangi 200 Mg,
Sanjivani Bati 50 Mg, Laxmi Vilas Ras 50 Mg, Tankan
Bhasm 25 Mg, Guggule 50 Mg, Swans Kuthar Ras 50 Mg,
Chosath Prahari Pippali 25 Mg, Abhrak Bhasm 25 Mg,
Amala Murabba 2000 Mg, Harad 1000 Mg, Gulkand 800
Mg, Badam Migi 50 Mg, Kesar 1 Mg, Karan Phool 50 Mg,
Tej Patra 50 Mg, Trikatu 150 Mg, Jai Phal 50mg, Godandi
Bhasm 10 Mg, Sugar Q.S.

Lozenge Malt 200gms

Tulsi 50 Mg, Vasa 250 Mg, Mulethi 250 Mg, Kantkari 250 Mg,
Vanafsa 100 Mg, Sunthi 100 Mg, Kakadasingi 100 Mg, Pippali 50
Mg, Haridra 20 Mg, Anar 100 Mg, Hansraj 50 Mg, Kalimirch 50 Mg,
Somlata 20 Mg, Pushkarmool 50 Mg, Lavang 5 Mg, Khairsar 50
Mg, Pudina Satva 5 Mg, Munakka 100 Mg, Jaiphal 5 Mg, Saidha
Lavan 2 Mg, Tribhuvan Kitri Ras 10 Mg, Sitopaladi Churna 1 Mg,
Abhrak Bhasm 50 Mg, Saunf 25 Mg, Amla Murbba 2 Gm, Sev
Murabba 2 Gm, Chavanprash 1 Gm, Nagkeshar 40 Mg, Tankan
Bhasm 10 Mg, Baheda 500 Mg, Sugar Q.S.

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