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Germ Protection Basket


This Basket contains

Flukey Malt 200gms

Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation: This malt contains Giloy ghan kwath, Tulsi, Bharangi, Guggul, Mulethi.

-Herbal remedy for cold and flu relief

-Boosts the supply of infection-fighting white blood cells

-Works as an immune booster

Flukey Malt is an ancient traditional ayurvedic remedy for fever & flu, it also works as a wonderful immunity booster.

Lozenge Malt 200gms

Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation : This malt contains Tulsi , Vasa, Mulethi, Pushkarmool and Tribhuvan kritri ras.

-Useful in a chronic cough, cold, sinusitis, asthma

-Useful in allergic bronchitis, upper and lower respiratory diseases, whooping cough and allergic rhinitis

-Tulsi leaves to fight off a cough cold and fever.

-Vasaka is a remedial herb for all respiratory problems.

-Pushkarmool is used in a cough and chest pain.

Multipurpose medicine used in several diseases & strengthen the immune system.

Amrutam Herbal Sanitizer 100ml

Fights germs with the power of Aloe Vera & Lemon.

Keeps your hands safe and clean, on the go. Neem & Aloe Vera have antibacterial and antiviral properties which will help you keep viruses and bacteria away.

Aloe Vera also acts as a great moisturiser, to hydrate your skin.

Amrutam Herbal Sanitizer is a lightweight recipe, absorbs quickly and
with the beautiful fragrance of Ayurvedic ingredients like cardamom and cloves.

It works as a natural antimicrobial agent, helps rejuvenate energy, nourish and purify the skin.

Amrutam Herbal Handwash 100ml

Amrutam Herbal Handwash softens and gently cleanses hands with a blend of
authentic ayurvedic ingredients. Helps in keeping your hands clean & germ-free,
ingredients like Aloe Vera helps in hydrating & nourishing the skin.

The rich fragrance makes the handwashing experience a delight to your senses.

Mint also has a rejuvenating impact on the skin and helps nourish it.

Tulsi, also known as the elixir of life, is another key ingredient of Amrutam Herbal
Handwash – it’s antibacterial properties helps you fight germs actively and help in
keeping your hands – clean, healthy & beautiful.

Amrutam Dhoop Cones

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How to Use:

Lozenge & Flukey Malt

One-two tablespoons to be taken with milk or water, twice a day.

For special results, one-two spoons with 100-200 ml warm water.

Or as directed by the physician.

Not for Diabetic patients.

Amrutam Herbal Sanitizer & Hand Wash

Only for external usage.
Store in a cool and dry place.




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Flukey Malt 200gms

Mahasudarshan Ghansatva 100 Mg, Swarn Makshik
Bhasm 40mg, Sudh Sfatika 25 Mg, Giloy Ghan Kwath 500
Mg, Tulsi 500 Mg, Mulethi 30 Mg, Bharangi 200 Mg,
Sanjivani Bati 50 Mg, Laxmi Vilas Ras 50 Mg, Tankan
Bhasm 25 Mg, Guggule 50 Mg, Swans Kuthar Ras 50 Mg,
Chosath Prahari Pippali 25 Mg, Abhrak Bhasm 25 Mg,
Amala Murabba 2000 Mg, Harad 1000 Mg, Gulkand 800
Mg, Badam Migi 50 Mg, Kesar 1 Mg, Karan Phool 50 Mg,
Tej Patra 50 Mg, Trikatu 150 Mg, Jai Phal 50mg, Godandi
Bhasm 10 Mg, Sugar Q.S.

Lozenge Malt 200gms

Tulsi 50 Mg, Vasa 250 Mg, Mulethi 250 Mg, Kantkari 250 Mg,
Vanafsa 100 Mg, Sunthi 100 Mg, Kakadasingi 100 Mg, Pippali 50
Mg, Haridra 20 Mg, Anar 100 Mg, Hansraj 50 Mg, Kalimirch 50 Mg,
Somlata 20 Mg, Pushkarmool 50 Mg, Lavang 5 Mg, Khairsar 50
Mg, Pudina Satva 5 Mg, Munakka 100 Mg, Jaiphal 5 Mg, Saidha
Lavan 2 Mg, Tribhuvan Kitri Ras 10 Mg, Sitopaladi Churna 1 Mg,
Abhrak Bhasm 50 Mg, Saunf 25 Mg, Amla Murbba 2 Gm, Sev
Murabba 2 Gm, Chavanprash 1 Gm, Nagkeshar 40 Mg, Tankan
Bhasm 10 Mg, Baheda 500 Mg, Sugar Q.S.

Amrutam Herbal Sanitizer

Key Ingredients (Each 10ml contains)

Neem Tulsi Ark, Long Ark, Elaichi Ark, Sudarshan Ark, Neembu Ras, Aloe Vera,
Rose Water, Ethanol

Amrutam Herbal Hand Wash

Neem (Azadirachta indica), Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), Pudina (Mentha piperata),
Aloe vera (Aloe vera), Coconut water (Cocos Nucifera), Purified water surfactant base

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