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Hair Loss & Thinning Combo

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Hair loss and thinning could occur due to numerous factors such as hormonal changes, environment, stress, etc. Many times, a single product alone cannot cure these problems. That is why we have curated the perfect solution, full of the best ayurvedic hair loss products to help you regain your thick and long hair. 

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This combo contains:

Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo (200ml)

Amrutam’s Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo contains Reetha, Shikakai, Amla, Bhring Raj, and Ghrit Kumari as constituents. It repairs and nourishes damaged hair, stimulates glossy growth, and reverses insufficient growth.

Kuntal Care Herbal Conditioner (200ml)

To nourish and encourage thick hair development, Amrutam’s Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo contains Reetha, Shikakai, Amla, Bhring Raj, and Ghrit Kumari, among other ingredients. These chemicals help to prevent dandruff, premature greying, fungal infections, and hair loss.

Kuntal Care Malt (200gms)

Kuntal Care Hair Mat is a 100% natural hair loss remedy. Bhringraj, Sariva, Jatamansi, Dhatri loh, and Chandi Bhasma are among the ingredients. These ingredients aid in the growth of smooth, silky, long, and thick hair.

Triphala Churna (150gms)

Triphala Churna is an ayurvedic medicine for indigestion that is a very efficient laxative and is extensively used in India for its colon cleansing and detoxification activity as suggested by Ayurveda. It also promotes general health by balancing digestive processes and cleansing the stomach.

How to Use

Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo (200ml)

  • Drench your hair and scalp before applying the Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo evenly.
  • Allow it to rest for 2-3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.
  • For best results, use after Kuntal Care Hair Spa

Kuntal Care Herbal Conditioner (200ml)

Kuntal Care Malt (200gms)

  • Take 1-2 tablespoons of Kuntal Hair Care Malt twice a day with 100-200ml of warm water or milk, or as directed by your doctor. 

*This product is not for those who have diabetes.

Triphala Churna (150gms)

  • 1 teaspoonful (1g to 3g) twice a day with milk or as directed by your doctor.


  • Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo (200ml)
  • The traditional Ayurvedic recipe used to produce Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo promotes thick hair development by preventing hair loss and nourishing hair follicles.
  • Amrutam’s Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo has elements that prevent premature greying, reverse baldness and dry scalp. 
  • Its antifungal and antiviral qualities protect the scalp from fungal infections and dandruff, making it one of India’s most effective natural anti-dandruff shampoos.

Kuntal Care Herbal Conditioner (200ml)

  • The Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo formula’s mix of ingredients promises stronger, longer, and frizz-free locks from the first wash.
  • Aloe Vera soothes and cures dry, itchy scalps, prevents dandruff, repairs sun damage, reduces hair fall, and promotes lustrous hair.
  • Coconut water naturally moisturises and strengthens hair, making it voluminous, smooth, and dandruff-free.
  • Brahmi is a powerful anxiety and stress reliever. It also calms the scalp, prevents split ends and scalp acne, and decreases hair loss and dandruff.
  • The flowers (Hibiscus and Marigold) decrease dandruff and hair strand breakage, strengthen the roots, combat fungal and bacterial infections, prevent split ends and premature greying, and make hair seem fuller and shinier.

Kuntal Care Malt (200gms)

  • In addition to maintaining ideal hair health, Amrutam’s Kuntal Care Hair Malt acts as a natural headache cure and blood purifier.
  • Sariva not only promotes healthy hair growth but also cleanses the blood and cures renal and skin issues.
  • Bhringraj is an organic hair growth malt that treats baldness, dandruff, scalp infections, dry scalp, premature greying, and hair loss.
  • The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of jatamansi aid in the healing of dry, brittle hair and damaged ends. It encourages the growth of thick, lustrous hair.
  • Dhatri loh is a good source of iron. It can treat anaemia, jaundice, eye problems, hyperacidity, premature greying, and hair loss.
  • The antianxiety and antidepressant effects of Chandi Bhasma decrease stress and improve blood circulation around the scalp. This reduces hair loss while simultaneously stimulating hair growth.

Triphala Churna (150gms)

  • Amrutam Triphala is used to improve digestion, as well as to prevent and cure constipation and inflammation.
  • It helps to boost metabolism, which is beneficial for losing excess fat.
  • High in antioxidants, it also fights free radicals and boosts Red Blood Cells, improving its capacity to fight viruses/infections.
  • It acts as a 100% natural blood purifier, which results in good skin.
  • In diabetes, Triphala inhibits digesting (glycolytic) enzymes while stimulating the pancreas, which generates insulin.
  • It balances the tri doshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

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  1. Ankita C


    Power packed kit for hairfall issues. Will correct the issues that is causing hairfall both internally and externally.

  2. Ankita C


    Controls hairfall

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Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo

Each 10 ml Contains

Reetha 300 mg, Shikakai 300 mg, Amla 100 mg, Bhringraj 150 mg, Nagar motha 200 mg, Gudahal pushp 100 mg, Balchhad 50 mg, Menhdi 100 mg, Sitaphal beej 50 mg, Ghrit kumari/Aloe Vera 200 mg, Long 10 mg, Lemon 10 mg, Dhatura 20 mg, Water Q.S., Base Q.S.

Kuntal Care Herbal Conditioner

Each 10ml contains

Bhringraj 300 mg, Reetha 200 Gm, Shikakai 200 mg, Bibhitaki 200 mg,
Triphala 300 mg, Hibiscus Flower 100 mg, Jatamansi 50 mg, Brahmi 100 mg,
Coconut Water 2 ml, Turai Beej 50 mg, Kalonji Beej 50 mg, Aloe Vera 200 mg, Mehendi 50 mg, Kusha 100 mg, Lemon Peel 80 mg, Neel Patti (Nilini) 200 mg,
Sugandhbala 100 mg, Dhaniya Ras 0.5 ml, Alsi 300 mg, Nagar Motha 100 mg,
Badam 10 Mg, Neem 20 Mg, Marigold 90 Mg, Rohish Ghas 50 Mg, Sugandhit Drav Q.S.

Textbook Name: Bhav Prakash Nighantu

Kuntal Care Malt

Key Ingredients (Each 10g contains)

Amla Murabba 4 gm, Harad Muraba 500 Mg, Gulkand 500 Mg, Bhringraj 500 Mg, Brahmi 250 Mg, Amrat Bel 250 Mg, Ashwagandha 100 Mg, Baheda 200 Mg, Mulethi 50 Mg, Badam Giri 50 Mg, Aloe Vera 50 Mg, Sariva 50 Mg, Kadira 50 Mg, Kusa 25 Mg, Jatamansi 25 Mg, Chiraunji 25 Mg, Ashtangavleh 1 gm, Drakshavleh 500 Mg, Smrati Sagar Ras 50 mg, Tarkeshwar Ras 50 Mg, Swarn Makshik Bhasm 50 Mg, Chandi Bhasm 2 Mg, Sugar Q.S.

Triphala Churna

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