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Ayushkey Kwath – Immunity Booster


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Ayushkey Kwath is an Ayurvedic formulation recommended by AYUSH.  It is a herbal formulation curated especially to help people of all ages boost their immunity. 

Ayushkey Kwath is a combination of four Indian spices commonly used in our kitchen – Tulsi, Dalchini, Sunthi and Krishna Marich.

Ayushkey Kwath is a highly recommended Ayurvedic remedy to boost your immunity against COVID-19.


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How to Use:

Take a clay pot or a steel utensil, soak 1 tsp + 10 Munakkas [dry grapes/raisins] in 200 ml warm water and then boil it for 15-30 minutes and filter/strain the decoction/kadha.

1. For immunity: add decoction/kadha in plain water, mix jaggery, rock salt
and take it empty stomach in the morning and/or pre-meal at night.

2. To reduce excess fat, add honey, lemon juice in the Ayushkey decoction.

3. When you are tired or stressed – drink like green tea – take decoction/kadha
with a few drops of lemon/mint.

4. For better digestion – use it like garam masala while cooking, add 1-2 Tbsp
decoction/kadha in lentils, vegetables and cook it well.

5. To balance doshas in your body – Add two spoons of decoction/kadha in the
roti dough.

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Dalchini 4 Gm Digestive Enzyme enhancer , Kalimirch 5 Gm Vitamin
C, Flavonoids, Sounth 5 Gm Antiallergent, Pipal 5 Gm
Antiashtamatic, Trikut 9 Gm AntiSynus, Giloy 8 Gm, Anti-toxin, Anti
allergic, Tulsi 5 Gm Antiviral, Amla 5 Gm, Digestive enzyme
promoter, Expectorant, Haldi Khadi 1 Gm Lipoprotein, Anti
inflammatory, Mulethi 10 Gm Expectorant, Astringent, Ashwagandha 5
Gm Remove thoracic pain, Harad 5 Gm Remove tracheal
infection/swelling , Punernava 4 Gm Blood formation Stimulator,
Kaligoli Dardarikarke 1 Gm , Baheda 5 gm Antimicrobial, Anardana 2
Gm Haemoglobin Producer, Gulabfool 2 Gm Flavanoids, Clourants,
anti-through infection, Ajawayan1⁄2 Gm Anti-Escherichia Coli,
Salmonella, Chaturjat 2 Gm Anorexia, Renal disorder, Antipyretic

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