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Skinkey Malt | Herbal Jam for Skin Ailments

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Skinkey Malt acts as a blood purifier. Rakta dhatu (blood tissue), combines with Rasa dhatu (plasma) that nourishes the skin. Rakta dhatu becomes imbalanced due to various lifestyle issues such as sleeping, eating, etc.

This Ayurvedic recipe is designed to detoxify your channels and bring life to your skin.

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Rs. 1,399

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3 Months Pack- 6 Jars 400gms
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How to Use:

Two tablespoons to be taken directly, or with milk or water, twice/thrice a day on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before meals

Store in a cool and dry place

Doses 10-20 gms

Not for Diabetic patients.

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × 10 cm

400gms, 3 Months Pack- 6 Jars 400gms

1 review for Skinkey Malt | Herbal Jam for Skin Ailments

  1. avantika (verified owner)

    The taste is palate friendly and it is easily mixable in water. I usually take it as soon as of wake up and have found it effective. I am blessed with a clear skin but prone to allergies. This malt has come to my rescue.

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Each 10 gm contains

Neem 350 mg, Daruhaldi 100 mg, Manjistha 800 mg, Usira 500 mg, Bakuchi 200 mg, Anantmool 40 mg, Gandhak Rasayan 155 mg, Ras Manikya 85 mg, Karanj 300 mg, Rakta Chandan 100 mg, Chitrakmool 100 mg, Shuddh Hartaal 20 mg, Tamra Bhasma 40 mg, Rock salt 10 mg, Amla 1 gm, Karonda 2 gm, Bel 100 mg, Ghee Kuwar, Khadira 350 mg, Triphala Guggal 300 mg, Kanchanar Guggal 100 mg, Daakh 100 mg, Nagakeshar 20 mg, Pepper 50 mg, Nutmeg 10 mg, Sweet Neem 100 mg, Coriander ext 20 mg Amlatash 40 mg, Sanay 10 mg, Giloy ext 40mg, Chironji 200 mg, Plum 200 mg, Forest basil seed 100 mg, Saron 2 mg, Javitri 10 mg, Swarnamakshi Bhasma 100 mg, Madhuyashti 45 mg, Ila 2 mg, Ajwain 5 mg, Cinnamon 9 mg, Apamarg 45 mg, Vaibidang 45 mg, Kapoor 5 mg

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