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Zeo Malt- Key Remedy for Chronic Stomach Problems


Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation: This malt contains Triphla, Ajwain, Marich and Sounth

-Neutralizes acidity, increases the pH level of the stomach

-Reduces the secretion of acid

-Promotes mucosal healing, prevent and treats constipation

-Enhances digestion activities.

-Useful in hyperacidity, heart-burn, indigestion, flatulence,

-Useful in dyspepsia (indigestion), reflex oesophagities and acid peptic disorder

Zeo malt is an ancient traditional ayurvedic solution for all your stomach related issues.

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How to use: 

One-two tablespoons to be taken with milk or water, twice a day. For special results, one-two spoons with 100-200 ml warm water.

Not for Diabetic patients.

Or as directed by the physician.

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200gms, 400gms, 3 Months Pack- 6 Jars 400gms


Is this a malt solid or in liquid form?

Amrutam Malts are in semi-solid form. After years of research and thoroughly reading the age-old texts, we have found that during earlier days, juices of various herbal plants were processed in an intensive scientific manner, with proper regulations of quantities of ingredients and the temperature at which it is heated. This process results into what is called काढ़ा in a regular Indian household, known as Malt or decoction in modern language.
Malt is usually black in color, concentrated potion resulting from heating or boiling a lot of herbs and spices as a part of medicinal preparation. Malts are considered to be the most authentic Indian recipes for effective healing, which eradicate the roots of the illness. In fact, preparation of plant-based remedies at the household level is often seen as a self-help measure.

Are malts effective?

This is a very common question, we all think before buying a herbal medicine while we don’t think same way while buying an allopathic medicine.

Yes, our malts work effectively. All our customers have seen positive results from using our malts in the last couple of years.

For best results, you should at least complete a course of three months to see the positive effects of Amrutam malts.

How should I take Amrutam Malt?

Take two spoons everyday along with warm milk.

How long does it take for Amrutam Malts to work?

There is no fixed timeline for the malt, it varies from individual to individual.

We recommend a regular course of Amrutam malts for three months to see best results.

Are there any side effects of Amrutam Malts?

There are no side effects of Amrutam malts as these are ayurvedic herbal recipes made with ingredients from nature and love.

Who can use Amrutam Malts?

Individuals from all age-groups can use Amrutam Malts, as it is ayurvedic and herbal recipe (medicine) for all body types.
Note: Not for Diabetic patients.

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4 reviews for Zeo Malt- Key Remedy for Chronic Stomach Problems

  1. Ankush

    So good

  2. Vikas mishra (verified owner)

    मैंने अपनी माँ के लिए ये प्रोडेक्ट लिया….. पहले ही दिन से आराम मिलना शुरू हो गया।।।।।बहुत ही बढ़िया महसूस कर रहीं हैं।।।।।।।पूरे 3 महीने का पैक लिए है है।।।।।।।।।अभी एक ही जार आया है।।।।।।।पुर 3 महीने बाद फिर से रिव्यु करूँगा।।।।।।।।excellent ayurvedic recepie……. Amazing……Product…..Wow…….

  3. Deepak

    Highly effective ayurvedic product. Thanks. I am continuously taking this product since last one month. No side effects

  4. Narendra

    5star s out of 5
    Relief in one dose
    Must buy it’s really works
    Thank you

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Each 10g contains:

Harad (1g), Amala (1g), Gulkand (1.2g), Pittapada (0.1g), Yashti madhu (0.1g), Draksha (0.1g), Patol patra (0.1g), Punernava (0.1g), Amaltas (0.1g), Triphla (0.3g), Saunf (0.05g), Jeera (0.1g), Dhania (0.05g), Sounth (0.2g), Marich (0.2g), Ajwain (0.2g), Pudina (0.5g), Pippali (0.5g), Hing (0.02g), Savarjika kshar (0.02g), Gulm Kuthar Ras (20mg), Swarn Parpati (500mcg), Mandoor Bhasm (50mg), Swarn Bhupati Ras (5 mg), Moti Bhasm ( 1 mg),  Shankh bhasm (0.05g), Sita Q.S.

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A We recommend that you use one malt at a time for best results.
  2. A Yes, Zeo Malt can be consumed by children. Give one teaspoon, twice a day.
  3. A Two spoons in the morning, empty stomach with warm milk/water and two spoons in the evening, half an hour before dinner with warm milk/water.