Nari Sondarya Oil- Enhances beauty and health of women — Nari Sondarya Oil- Enhances beauty and health of women Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo-Healthy, Natural & Dynamic Hair 200ML Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo-Healthy, Natural & Dynamic Hair 200ML —

Kuntal Care Hair Oil-For hair revitalizing and strengthening 200 ML


Quantity: 200ml
Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation: This oil contains Neem, Kapoor kachri,Gudahal and Balchhad

-Revitalizes your scalp and helps in strengthening of hair roots.

-Useful in stopping hair loss

-Helps hair re-growth and keeps your hair healthy and black

(29 customer reviews)
200 ml
5 Bottle of 200 Ml each | 3 Month Pack

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5 Bottles of 200ml | 3 Months Pack

How to use:

With gentle hands, massage the oil into hair and on the scalp as well. Leave the oil at least for thirty minutes, you leave it overnight if desire. To cleanse use Kuntal Care Herbal shampoo along with warm water.


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Weight 0.169 g
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 10 cm

200 ml, 5 Bottle of 200 Ml each | 3 Month Pack

29 reviews for Kuntal Care Hair Oil-For hair revitalizing and strengthening 200 ML

  1. sohini.samanta (verified owner)

    It’s a therapeutic remedy on its own. Smells so calming. Perfect for head massage. Very light weight, yet hydrating. Does what it promises. Thank you Amrutam for such a lovely product.

  2. Prachi Jeswani

    I ordered kuntal care oil, hair spa, shampoo and malt and following my hair care routine with these products very religiously and must say, all the products are very effective and I can feel the shine in my hair, the graying has reduced. It’s definitely a premium brand giving premium results! Kudos team amrutam!

  3. Sneha Anand (verified owner)

    Has been just a couple of days using this oil, doesn’t have much to with hair fall control yet but it definitely moisturizes your hair, leaving it shiny and smooth.

  4. Bandana

    Its smells are quite different and it gives a colling effect on my hair. Its gives shine to hair.

  5. konica kamboj (verified owner)

    Very light oil with fragrance of clove helpful in dandruff and hair related problems

  6. Archie Sharma

    archiesharma2 (verified owner)

    The Kuntal hair oil perfectly hydrates your scalp ..My hairfall reduced just after two applications of this magical oil . A must try for everyone !!

  7. Nisha Viswan

    nisha.viswan (verified owner)

    I love the smell of the oil. It has helped to control the dandruff and itchy scalp. I also loved the consistency of the oil. This is my second purchase of the same.

  8. Prachi kashte (verified owner)

    This kuntal hair oil is superb in every way.Its get absorbed in your scalp.My hair loss has been reduced significantly and after wash leaves my hair soft , silky and shiny.Amrutam truly made my life easier with amazing products.

  9. Samyuktha Subramanian (verified owner)

    The best oil you can find. Non Sticky and smells heavenly. i loved the feel of it on my hair. Cant wait to try out all your products. Thanks.

  10. Harsh Maurya (verified owner)

    This hair oil is magic. Trust me !!! .Just after first use my hairfall reduced upto 95 %.I had used several products of amrutam and all of them amazed me.
    I want to say to everyone that if you want to buy this oil then must go for it .

  11. Namita Prabhu

    I have curly hair with tremendous hairfall. I have tried multiple hair oil and hair products but none helped. This hair oil is magic. I am not kidding, my hairfall reduced 50% after the first use. I applied this hair oil overnight and washed it with Bringraj Hair Therapy. It came off easily and made my hair soft too. The fragrance was too strong for me at first, but got used to it 🙂

  12. Saheli Bhattacharya

    saheli.bhattacharya (verified owner)

    This is the lightest ayurvedic oil I have ever used. I have just used it thrice and am more surprised than happy!!! It has not only drastically reduced my hairfall but has also improved the texture of my hair. Also my scalp feels less oily and itchy. And the fragrance!!! It calms you down instantly. It has worked for me from the first use itself. I will continue using it forever! Also gonna start consuming the hair care malt along with it. This brand has changed my life! Thank you Amrutam!

  13. Rahul kandhol

    Rahul (verified owner)

    Extremely authentic oil for hair growth

  14. Elaine Baptista

    I love Amrutam oil as it contains so many different herbs that are known to stimulate the hair follicle and add lustre to the hair. I have been using it for two months and my hair texture is more shiny and smooth. It also has stopped my Hairfall .

  15. avantika (verified owner)

    The oil is light and non greasy. Leave hair nourished and hydrated.

  16. priyadarshini.karmakar

    This is more like an elixir that isn’t oily at all and can be used post hair wash as a serum/conditioner. The fragrance might bother a few but to me, it felt pure Ayurveda. This review is based on its first impression. Makes your hair look healthy and bouncy.

  17. Devika (verified owner)

    This s really amazing product. This product helped in clearing out lice and dandruff issues in my head..i was suffering ages because of hair s really smooth now and hair fall has decreased significantly..i dunno howw this oil does tht..but its worth a try..ican even say this oil is more good than kama ayurveda bringadi intensive hair treatment oil..because i was using tht oil since last 2 years…defenitly give it a sis also loved it..and now am ordering for her..

  18. Simran vyas

    I use this oil from past 2_3 month and also use hair spa,shampoo and malt this is verry effetive products

  19. Ash (verified owner)

    Being honest, It does nothing on hair fall…Bt it gives a gd nourishment on dry and frizzy hair

  20. The Hungry

    Can oils be non sticky and not “oily”? Well, id that is what you are looking for, your search ends here. This oil blend is magical, relaxing and not at all oily. Easily washable and smells heavenly specially if you like the spa feeling. It has actually helped in controlling my frizz and my husband’s dandruff. I am in love with it. Will be buying my next bottle soon.

  21. Kalyani (verified owner)

    Its a good oil and after applying this the hair becomes shinier and smooth to touch.

  22. Shakthi Maheshwari

    Hey amrutham users and new members. I bought the kuntal hair Spa in the third flash sale (kuntal hair free) and I’ve been using this oil past 2 weeks. I find the smell of the oil so plesant and doesn’t give any headache issues. The oil is very light and non sticky, in two weeks I can find the small difference of my hair improving. It has made my hair less frizzy and I notice less hair fall than before. It’s truly amazing that I can see results which many other brands fail to keep the promise. I’m now a amrutham family member and I will try to use all the benefits from amrutham.

  23. Humera Khatri (verified owner)

    I am in love with this magical oil. Hair fall, dandruff, volume, shine, strength, softness, hair growth, premature aging, you name it n this oil will come to your rescue. Can see effect in 3-4 use. Will definately order again

  24. suhasinipandey21 Pandey

    suhasinipandey21 (verified owner)

    I have used the hair oil twice. I love the consistency and the smell.
    its too soon to say anything about the product, but surely my hair do feel happy.
    My head feels really light when the oil is applied.
    Thank you for the oil. 🙂

  25. debanjali roy chowdhury (verified owner)

    I bought this oil post the usage of Hair Spa and this oil is just amazing just like the hair spa. I love the herbal smell on my hair.

    I also experimented adding the spa n oil overnight on my hair and post shampoo my hair was extremely soft and I couldn’t keep it tied up for a longer while.

  26. Madhu

    want to order again, really nice packing

  27. Janaki

    my dandruff has gone, five days of massage
    two times a day…very nice oil fragrance

  28. Prabhaker

    Good oil
    my hair is nottt falling now, hair fall reduced sir
    Thank you for timely delivery

  29. Javed

    used amrutam hair oil
    nice for head massage
    & good packaging

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Each 10 ml. contains

Neem 100 mg, Kapoor kachhari 100 mg, Triphla 15 mg, Long 5 mg, Olive oil 5 mg, Ghrit kumari 10 mg, Coconut 5 mg, Eucalyptus oil 5 mg, Gudahal 5 mg, Borage 0.5 ml, Baheda 5 mg, Balchhad 5 mg, Mehandi 5 mg, Seeta fal 5 mg, Bhringraj 5 mg, Shikakai 50 mg, Exceipient Q.S

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