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Nari Sondarya Capsule


Quantity: 50 Capsules

🌙 Helpful in managing PCOS

🌙 Regulates delayed, irregular periods

🌙 Improves fertility

🌙 Helps provide relief from menstrual cramps

🌙 Helps balance hormones

🌙 Improves Skin Health & Glow

🌙 Reduces androgen levels in women to decrease appearance of facial hair

🌙 No side effects | 100% Natural

Nari Sondarya Capsules is a natural remedy for women’s health with key ingredients like Ashoka, Lodhra, Shatavari, Putranjiva, Nagarmotha and many more. These are suitable for long-term use.

(16 customer reviews)
Single Jar

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3 Month Pack - 6 Jars

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How to use:

Take 1-1 capsule twice a day with water.

For best results, use Nari Sondarya Malt and Oil.

Use at least for 4-6 months for best results

Additional information

Weight 0.35 g
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 10 cm

3 Month Pack – 6 Jars, Single Jar

16 reviews for Nari Sondarya Capsule

  1. S

    This is such a great product!

  2. Team Amrutam

    Puja Viz

    i got my Amrutam order of Nari Sondarya…..i was really surprised by it .it is the best product for everyone who is facing problems with bheavy bleeding …i like this product so much .

  3. Team Amrutam


    I am consuming Nari Sondarya Capsules and hope to get best results😊

  4. Team Amrutam

    Ann Mary

    Hi I am Ann from goa. I am been consuming soma since last 2 months to treat my white discharge and it has worked.😊😊I had never imagine that my problem would also get treated but Nari Sondarya Capsules did.👍👍

  5. Rashmi

    I got positive results, Want to share a very positive review about Amrutam Nari Sondarya Malt & Capsules that I have used. I have been fighting PCOD since many years. Came across Amrutam on Insta through Farheen’s reel and I have been consuming Nari Sondarya Malt & Capsules since last 3-4 weeks. Trust me, by blindly following the instructions I was able to get out of PCOD. The constant support of team amrutam, helped a lot – they respond very fast on IG😊 I have also used Nari Sondarya Oil , which has also given excellent results. How can I forget the Kuntal Spa, my fav. product from Amrutam. My hair texture has improved drastically and overall feels smoother and shinier… so grateful to have found Amrutam in the sea of chemical based products. So women have faith and patience, these products surely work. Thanks 🙏🏻

  6. Team Amrutam


    The reason I called Nari Sondarya Capsules is best is because the herbs it includes are all natural and are very helpfu for one to control its bleeding also its my personal experience with it.

  7. Ankita C


    Best for pcod. A gem has been launched.

  8. naira

    I can’t describe in words how happy I am with this product. PCOS/PCOD sound pretty common but it is a very very irritating and a serious disorder.
    I followed the instructions and consumed two capsules in the morning and two in the evening and the results are just amazing. Thank you amrutam team for giving such a genuine product.
    The packing was perfect when delivered. Very happy and satisfied with this product.

  9. Neelam

    Hello.. I am suffering from pcos starting from menses. Without hormone pills period is impossible for me. I had tried everything for it like various type of diet, zumba, exercise., yoga etc etc.. But finally I ordered Nari Sondarya Capsules. With in only in 3 days after consuming it I got my period. Please everyone those who suffer try it . It really work it

  10. Team Amrutam


    I am suffering from sever white discharge since 2 years and it was yellow in color.😭😭 I have consumed many medicine for this and everything used to be fine when medicine were on and once stop it would start again.So i then started with Nari Sondarya Malt & Capsules and now the discharge is reduced 🤘

  11. Ankita C


    Helped in managing Pcos. Use it along with Nari soundarya malt.

  12. Sakshi

    today I’m sharing my experience with all of u about my pcod curing journey,as I’m quite satisfied with the result & further hope for the best 😊.I have just completed my first bottle of Nari Sondarya Capsules and got my periods right on time 😊, I am going to purchase the three month pack today! Thank you team amrutam for working on suchh amazingly effective natural products.

  13. Pooja

    As this is my first time . It was good fast delivery. I am consuming from 10 days now it’s been improving my mood swings,As i think it will take time to react for regular period as take time from person to person. As for now so far so good 👍

  14. Shruti

    Really wonderful product very nice I love it 😍I’m so happy to share a review on this superb product. Nari Sondarya it is wonderful🥰

  15. Vaishnavi S.

    I have ordered for my pcos since I have irregular periods. M using it from last month and m happy to share with you that it really worked for me. And m definitely going to reorder it.

  16. Team Amrutam


    I have vaginal icthing and dryness near my vagina since 8 months, I am using Nari Sondarya Malt & Capsules for this now for since then it is control

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Trilokya Chintamani Ras Swarnyukt 1 mg, Ashoka 72 mg, Lodhra 45 mg, Arjun 30 mg, Putranjiva 45 mg, Nagar motha 20 mg, Shatawari 45 mg, Ashwagandha 20 mg, Gokharu 20 mg, Amla 20 mg, Ulat kambal 45 mg, Nag keshar 10 mg, Giloy sat 30 mg,
Maju phal 5 gm,Kutaki 10 mg, Loh bhasm 45 mg, Mukta sukti pisti 45 mg, Swarnamakshik Bhasma 50 mg, Bang Bhasma 25 mg,
Trivang Bhasma 45 mg, Pushpdhanava Ras 25 mg, Bol badhh ras 10 mg, Abhrak bhasm 15 mg, Shilajit 20 mg, Shivlingon 20 mg, Dashmool 50 mg, Abhrak Bhasma Shataputi 20 mg, Shudhdha jaypal 1 mg, Trifala mandur 20 mg, Pradantak Ras 20 mg, Garbh
chintamani ras (swarn yukt) 1 mg, Excipients Q.s

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