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Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo-Healthy, Natural & Dynamic Hair


Quantity: 200ml

Ayurvedic Formulation: This Shampoo contains Reetha, Shikakai, Amla, Bhrangraj and Ghrit Kumari.

-Daily scalp cleanser that nourishes the scalp and hair.

-Useful in Hair fall, Dandruff and other hair related problems.

Herbal extracts in this shampoo have been used for centuries for care and cure.

(30 customer reviews)
200 ml

In stock (can be backordered)

5 Bottle of 200 Ml each | 3 Month Pack
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In stock (can be backordered)

5 Bottles of 200ml | 3 Months Pack
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How to use:

Make your scalp and hair wet.

Apply sufficient shampoo with your palm, followed by a gentle massage with your fingers.

Keep the foam for 2/3 minutes.

Then wash with water.

Best when used after Kuntal Care DIY Hair Spa


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200 ml, 5 Bottle of 200 Ml each | 3 Month Pack

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30 reviews for Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo-Healthy, Natural & Dynamic Hair

  1. Ankita Kapse (verified owner)

    This product is just wow.. works amazing with DIY spa.. initially I went for small bottles for trial and boom it works fantastic..I was looking for an amazing shampoo conditioner for my frizzy hairs..I’m totally satisfied

  2. avantika (verified owner)

    I have used both kuntal shampoo and kuntal 2in1. What I noticed is that there was a drastic difference in hair fall. Most importantly this shampoo is fantastic for removing oil from here. Will recommend this to everyone.

  3. Manvit Kohli

    Natural products have a nice life of their own. I feel a major difference in my hair with this product

  4. Moulina (verified owner)

    This is a great shampoo! My main concern was hairfall and this shampoo has helped a lot and the fragrance it amazing as well!
    However it does make my hair a little frizzy.

  5. Kalyani (verified owner)

    Very nice shampoo with soothing aroma! Value for money… cleanses scalp and hair well!…

  6. Simoni (verified owner)

    Beautiful shampoo!! Loved it. Its gentle yet cleanses hair properly. Best if used after kuntal care hair spa. They both work great together. Looking forward to buy the other shampoo as well.

  7. Simran vyas

    This shampoo is good for my damage hair and control my hair i also recieved bhringraj shampoo yesterday

  8. ankitabist (verified owner)

    I have just started using this product bt already njyin it.. despite being a natural, it smells gd.. washes off well.. n makes my hair fresh.. i feared dryness coz dis s a herbal shampoo, bt to my surprise, it pleasantly disappointed me der 😊… i ll stick to this shampoo now… n try the face care range as well. M super impressed! Plz keep the quality intact.

  9. rishikeshkns016 (verified owner)

    The shampoo smells so good and a little goes a long way..you may need conditioner after this depending on your personal preference.it cleans hairs properly too

  10. suhasinipandey21 (verified owner)

    The smell of the shampoo is really amazing and it feels light on the scalp.
    I love the texture of the hair after using this shampoo and my curls just love it.
    There is no signifacnt difference in the hairfall, but there is a trust on this shampoo that it will work its way slowly but surely.

  11. Ruhi Gupta (verified owner)

    I came across this shampoo when I had given up hope on all medical and other drugstore shampoos to treat my falling hair. The Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo came like a knight in armour and ta-da, in just 2 washes my hairfall reduced from a handful to just 2-5 strands. It is pure magic. I wish I knew about it earlier!

  12. Shweta (verified owner)

    A very good alternative to those chemical laden shampoos..so relieved to find a non toxic alternative

  13. Anupama Udawant (verified owner)

    Great Shampoo, love how it smells. The best thing is, I had to wash my long hair once and the quantity I used was less. I usually combine it with the Kuntal Hair Spa. I did not need a Conditioner after the Shampoo. My mother loved it too. Her hair is curly & dry but after using this Shampoo, she felt so much difference in the texture.
    Thank you!

  14. Supriya soni (verified owner)

    Hi. I have been using this product since 2months and the result is awesome.. I tried to switch to another shampoo for a try. But I cannot replace this beauty. The best ever. Looking forward to use it always! Silkier softer good hair days. With amrutam hair shampoo – @colorful.headed.munia

  15. Pallabi Kalita (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Just a little required to clean even oiled hair. The smell is just wow. My hair fall has stopped and hair become smooth and silky. Just love it..

  16. Pooja singh (verified owner)

    Another wonder product from Amrutam!!! Best when used with Kuntal DIY hair spa. I am always scared to try new hairstyles because hair gets effected with hair styles but with these two in my pockets I can jump into any hair style . I have buyed my 3rd bottle of this shampoo and 4th of DIY hair spa. Í

  17. saumya22naswa

    Love the shampoo. Is a bit expensive but it’s natural! All the hair basket products are worth using

  18. Smruti Shiek (verified owner)

    Loved the shampoo. After two washes hair looks fuller and softer . Would like it in a glass bottle though.

  19. ANKITA DAS (verified owner)

    Excellent product.Firstly it smells divine and secondly only a coin sized amount is required even for long hair.It does not lather much signifying that the product is conpletely chemical free.Post usage the hair becomes soft and glossy.Also hairfall has reduced after first usage only.Very very good and effective product that I have already added in my hair care regime and will continue it whatsoever.

  20. Pooja singh (verified owner)

    Amazing product!! It wok like magic and best when used with Kuntal DIY hair spa. A great product or travellers.

  21. Nandish Sehgal (verified owner)

    This Shampoo is mind blowing.Good for Hair-fall.Only thing this shampoo makes your hair little bit dry,make sure apply oil to your hair before washing your hair from this shampoo.Else no issue great choice to have.Thank You Amrutam.

  22. Veena Kamble (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this product for unruly, stubborn, oily yet dry hair. I have used it for more than a year now. It not only reduced hairfall but has nourished them. Thanks for the amazing results.

  23. Sushma T (verified owner)

    Since last 3 years I stopped using shampoos as they caused severe damage to my hair, I was very doubtful about Amrutam herbal shampoo, I bought DIY spa initially recently bought shampoo, both together are truly amazing, my hair is really soft. I would always think if I go outstation it has been became a problem to go with traditional reetha, but now my problem got solved.
    Thank you Amrutam
    No words to appreciate your product as I was absolutely awestuck with the result with first wash itself.
    Thanks alot

  24. Shankhamala Datta

    Salon like lustrous hair in just one use! Best results noticed when used in combination with the DIY hair spa. Excellent for stubborn dandruff and hairfall issues.

  25. Shreya B (verified owner)

    Love the soft fragrance the shampoo has, very natural and mild on hair.
    Have made my hair manageable.Love the natural formula it contains.

  26. Ashriya (verified owner)

    This shampoo is truly magical. My hair has now become silky smooth and lustrous. I have an extremely oily scalp, after using kuntal care shampoo,the oiliness is reduced by a great deal, and the fragrance is an added bonus. Must try.

  27. Ashisme7 (verified owner)

    This shampoo is truly magical,ever since I started using it, my hair is silky smooth and lustrous. I have always faced this issue where my scalp becomes oily within a day of washing it, but after using kuntal care, the oiliness has greatly reduced. The fragrance is just an added bonus.

  28. shatanik (verified owner)

    Reduced hair fall and silky smooth hair!! Thank you Amrutam 🙂

  29. Altaf

    Reduced my dandruff a lot. Very good.

  30. Shankar Gurjar

    I love the fragrance of this shampoo, I started using this at the beginning of this year and now it has really helped me with hairfall issues and made my hair silkier. Very nice Amrutam Herbal Shampoo.

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Each 10 ml Contains

Reetha 300 mg, Shikakai 300 mg, Amla 100 mg, Bhringraj 150 mg, Nagar motha 200 mg, Gudahal pushp 100 mg, Balchhad 50 mg, Menhdi 100 mg, Sitaphal beej 50 mg, Ghrit kumari/Aloe Vera 200 mg, Long 10 mg, Lemon 10 mg, Dhatura 20 mg, Water Q.S., Base Q.S.

Textbook Name: Bhavprakash Nighantu

this bottle is made up of plastic or glass?Back to product
asked by Anonymous on 2018-07-24 16:51:52
1 answers shown
  1. It is a plastic bottle which can be reused.
    Amrutam answered on 2018-07-30 14:40:07
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