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Raahukey Oil for Puja – Auspicious Blend for Raahukalam

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Rahu is the northern node and Ketu is the southern node. Rahukaalam lasts for around 90 minutes, every day, varying on different weekdays: Monday (7.30-9.00), Tuesday (15.00-16.30), Wednesday (12.00-13.30), Thursday (13.30-15.00), Friday (10.30-12.00), Saturday (9.00-10.30), Sunday(16.30-18.00).

As prescribed in Vedic Astrology, lighting a lamp during this 90 minutes is auspicious for you and your family.

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How to Use

Preferable that a Lamp with one or five faces are used and all the five wicks are lit, where as One signifies the ultimate Reality and Five, the Panchabutas and five Tanmatras. If a single wick is lit, it should face either the East or North.

The Lamp should be adorned with Kumkum and Chandan. Whilst lighting the lamp we thus pray:

Om Naag Kulaye Vidhmahe Vishdantaye
Dheemahi, Tanno Sarp Prachodayat

Note: This recipe is completely natural and the colour of the recipe may change over a period, however, the efficacy of the product remains the same.

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3 reviews for Raahukey Oil for Puja – Auspicious Blend for Raahukalam

  1. Ankita C


    Great for puja and eradicating negativity from the surroundings.

  2. S (verified owner)

    Very good for puja and meditation. Extremely Zen scent, really improves ones vibrations.

  3. Sakshi Dobhal

    Sakshi Dobhal

    A good blend of oils for pooja!

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Gulab Rosa sp. 500 mg, Badam Prunus amygdolus 0.5 ml, Rai Brassica juncea 500 mg, Til Sesamum indicum 3 ml, Erand tail Ricinus communis 1 ml, Ratan jot Geranium wallichianum 1 ml, Tarpin tail Pinus longifolia 0.1 ml, Sugandhit tail Q.S.

Textbook Name: Bhav Prakash Nighantu

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