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Skinkey Combo


Skinkey Body Oil: 

Quantity: 100ml

Amrutam Skinkey Body Oil helps in treating skin ailments.

Chalmogra & babchi are great herbs for excessive skin dryness as well as white spot; khadira works on dermatitis and Heat rash, chakramard helps in ringworm, neem cures scabies, and this oil overall works on leprosy, boils, ankle sowing, eczema, & psoriasis

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Skinkey Malt: 

Quantity: 400gms

Skinkey Malt acts as a blood purifier. Rakta dhatu (blood tissue), combines with Rasa dhatu (plasma) that nourishes the skin. Rakta dhatu becomes imbalanced due to various lifestyle issues such as sleeping, eating, etc.

This Ayurvedic recipe is designed to detoxify your channels and bring life to your skin.

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How to use:

Skinkey Body Oil: 100ml

It’s recommended that you apply this oil in the sun, before bathing.

Massage with gentle hands all over the body in circular strokes. Use every day for at least 3 months for healthy skin!

For best results, consume Keyliv Malt for inner nourishment, regularly.

Enjoy healthy skin – inside out!


The tingling or itching sensation is normal, it is herbs in this oil releasing excess heat and toxins. This recipe is
completely natural and the colour of the recipe may change over a period, however, the efficacy of the product
remains the same.

Keep it in shade and shake well before use.

Skinkey Malt: 400GM

Two tablespoons to be taken directly, or with milk or water, twice/thrice a day on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before meals

Store in a cool and dry place

Doses 10-20 gms

Not for Diabetic patients.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 g
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 10 cm

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  1. Ankita C


    Great combo for healthy radiant skin from within.

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Skinkey Body Oil: 100ml

Each 10ml contains

Manjishtha 250 mg, Annatmool 150 mg, Babchi 150 mg, Chameli 125 mg, Daruhaldi 125 mg, Khadira 125 mg, Chakramard 125 mg, Harad 100 mg, Baheda 70 mg, Amla 70 mg, Kali mirch 70 mg, Kapoor 70 mg, Suddha gandhak 50 mg. Neem 1 ml, Karanj 1 ml, Chalmogra oil 1 ml, Arand oil 5 ml, Narial oil 2ml, Sugandhit drav q.s.

Skinkey Malt: 400GM

Each 10 gm contains

Neem 350 mg, Daruhaldi 100 mg, Manjistha 800 mg, Usira 500 mg, Bakuchi 200 mg, Anantmool 40 mg, Gandhak Rasayan 155 mg, Ras Manikya 85 mg, Karanj 300 mg, Rakta Chandan 100 mg, Chitrakmool 100 mg, Shuddh Hartaal 20 mg, Tamra Bhasma 40 mg, Rock salt 10 mg, Amla 1 gm, Karonda 2 gm, Bel 100 mg, Ghee Kuwar, Khadira 350 mg, Triphala Guggal 300 mg, Kanchanar Guggal 100 mg, Daakh 100 mg, Nagakeshar 20 mg, Pepper 50 mg, Nutmeg 10 mg, Sweet Neem 100 mg, Coriander ext 20 mg Amlatash 40 mg, Sanay 10 mg, Giloy ext 40mg, Chironji 200 mg, Plum 200 mg, Forest basil seed 100 mg, Saron 2 mg, Javitri 10 mg, Swarnamakshi Bhasma 100 mg, Madhuyashti 45 mg, Ila 2 mg, Ajwain 5 mg, Cinnamon 9 mg, Apamarg 45 mg, Vaibidang 45 mg, Kapoor 5 mg

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