Simple Amrutam Home Remedy to deal with a Dry Scalp

Have you also been facing a dry scalp and those dandruff flakes have made a design of their own on your warm winter jackets and sweaters?

We have a Simple Amrutam Home Remedy to deal with a Dry Scalp.There are numerous causes which have been linked to dandruff and a dry scalp, from the presence of bacteria like eczema to lack of Vitamin D in winters.
However, there are remedies for a dry scalp and dandruff which are not as complicated as its causes are.

Here is a Simple Amrutam Home Remedy which can help you deal with a Dry Scalp and Dandruff:

Egg & Yoghurt                  

A mixture of Egg and Yoghurt can be great for your dead skin, as it will help you heal the dead cells and also, increase the secretion of oil on the scalp.
The moisture obtained from the egg will help with the itching and dryness.

Amrutam DIY- Egg & Yoghurt Hair Treatment-

Ingredients Required:

1 Egg
1-2 two spoons of yogurt

Please, note that you can adjust the quantity of yogurt depending on your hair length.

Amrutam Method to prepare the Egg & Yoghurt Mix:

1.) Crack open an egg in a bowl.
2.) Beat it using a whisk till it’s smoothened and mixed with the yolk.
3.) After the egg has been smoothened, add yogurt.
4.) Mix the egg and yogurt, using a whisk until its smooth and creamy.

Amrutam way of applying the Egg & Yoghurt mask:

1.) We recommend that before applying the egg & yogurt mixture, you wet your hair for better results.
2.) Part your hair in two sections and apply the egg & yogurt mixture on your hair.
You can go ahead and use a brush if you prefer. Apply the mixture thoroughly until the time it reaches the roots of your hair.

3.) Preferably wear a shower cap to avoid spilling the egg and yogurt mixture all around.
4.) Keep the egg-yogurt hair mask at least for 15 minutes.
5.) Wash your hair with not so warm water.

Apply the hair mask at least twice a week for effective results.

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