Skin Care Myths & Misconceptions

Skin is our largest organ that is visible, that makes it very important to take utmost care of it. In this skincare world, there are lots of myths and misconceptions. For many young ladies, it is essential to look fairer and good than anything else. In the pursuit of having a fair, glowing complexion; many blindly use fairness products and also follow a skin care regimen. The strong marketing tactics are also to be blamed which lure women struggling to get a good solution for skin related problems. Some of the myths come from the internet and others are driven by old wives’ tales.

Now, with so many skin care advice floating around, let us check how many of them are true and how many of them are false!

Myth1: Higher the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of Sunscreen, the better.

Fact: The Sun Protection Factor aka SPF measures sunscreen protection from UVB rays only and does not measure UVA rays. Even the dermatologists recommend using an SPF 15 or SPF 30 sunscreen. Higher SPF doesn’t provide much protection, so it’s unnecessary to purchase a sunscreen with higher SPF. The main reason is SPF works by either absorbing, reflecting or scattering the sun’s rays on your skin. UVB rays cause sunburn & major cause of skin cancer, while UVA causes skin damage that leads to tanning, wrinkles, skin-ageing.

Myth 2: Oily Skin doesn’t need moisturizer.

Fact: Did you come across this statement? And you believe that you need not moisturize if you have oily skin? Well, just because your skin is oilier, that doesn’t mean you should not moisturize it. The cleansers that you use strip out the natural oils, the protective layer; that needs replacement. A moisturizer is vital for hydrating & nourishing the skin. Moisturizers do not add oils to your skin, it hydrates leaving your skin smooth & soft. You must consider a light moisturizer for oily skin so that it’s never dry and doesn’t get signal to produce excess oil. It is all about balancing and regulation, and not about skipping the moisturizer completely.

Myth 3: If it burns, it means it is working well.

Fact: Well, this one sounds believable especially when it’s stressed upon you by the facial experts in the salon. To the contrary, if you get a burning sensation on any topical application, then you must remove it immediately with a damp cloth. A little tingling is normal with some skin care products but a burning or stinging sensation that stays is not really okay. It might be due to an allergy to an ingredient in the product or you might have sensitive skin.

Myth 4: You got acne because you don’t wash your face regularly.

Fact: All the so-called aunties in your neighbourhood will tell you this common myth. It’s a popular thing that you hear in your teens when you get acne/pimples. However clogged pores, sebum, bacteria & inflammation lead to the development of acne. Hence, not washing your face certainly isn’t the only cause for acne problems.


Did you read some of the widely called truths are actually myths? So, next time someone gives you skincare advice, do check if it’s a myth or a fact!



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