Soothe your Anxiety to Soothe your Skin

Life can be challenging at times. An irrational thought, crowded areas, and sticky situations are some examples of unexpected moments that happen to each one of us. Getting out of them can cause anxiety. After all, anxiety is a coping mechanism. But if you use the same mechanism repeatedly, without channeling your unprocessed emotions, the emotional problem can cause several skin problems. And even if you spend on expensive facials or skin treatments, your skin won’t get healed unless you don’t heal your anxiety.


So, let’s understand why anxiety can cause skin issues and how should you combat them.


Mind-skin Connection

The skin is the largest organ in the body. It has a vital role in some biological processes. It safeguards the body against various environmental influences, such as heat and dust. It contains sweat glands and blood vessels to regulate body temperature, nerves endings that are directly connected to the brain, cells that use sunrays to manufacture Vitamin D, and a range of immune system cells to fight different bacteria and virus.

Research shows that under certain psychological stress or anxiety, the body takes time to recover from the physiological, psychological, and emotional changes the response brings about. Anxiety weakens the immunity system, and, as a result, the skin takes a longer time to heal. Scientists also suggest that chronic stress or anxiety can damage the function of the skin’s permeability barrier. This damage is said to a major reason for many skin issues.

Anxiety and Skin Symptoms

Here are some common descriptions of anxiety related skin symptoms:

  • You experience a sudden burning sensation or hot sparks on your skin
  • You feel something is crawling on your skin
  • Your skin feels itchy, prickly, or stingy
  • You experience cold or hot flashes for no apparent reason
  • Your skin experiences shivers or goosebumps
  • Your skin feels over-sensitive to air, touch, hot, or cold
  • You feel no sensation on certain parts of your skin
  • Your skin may a sudden electric shock even when you weren’t near any electric item
  • You may experience unexplainable nerve pain under your skin suddenly


All of the above symptoms can change from moment to moment. Very often, skin symptoms related to anxiety magnify when putting your entire focus on them.


How to heal?

It is recommended to take prescribed medication to overcome anxiety. But many mind-body techniques have shown results in improving skin and mental health. Some of the effects include reduced stress and anxiety, a better sense of control, and enhanced immune system.


Here are some ways to calm your nerves and skin:


  • Clinical or Self Hypnosis
    The focused concentration or awareness caused by hypnosis can improve blood flow and immunity and reduce pain sensation and symptoms on your skin.
  • Yoga and Meditation
    Pranayam, mindfulness, and progressive muscle relaxation are effective antidotes to skin issues triggered by anxiety.
  • Psychotherapy
    Supportive counseling sessions with a therapist is a good way to release all pent up emotions.
  • Ayurvedic Supplements
    Ayurveda has solutions for your emotional and skin issues. Our Brainkey Basket is formulated to boost your mental immunity. You could also apply Amrutam Herbal Ubtan to nourish your skin.


Our skin clearly reflects our inner thoughts and emotions. By addressing anxiety and its causes, you will be able to develop better coping mechanisms and not let your mind and skin suffer.





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