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Ginger & Its Amazing Health Benefits

Every morning your cup of tea must be incomplete if made without using a dash of ginger. We are used to the famed ‘Adrak-wali Chai’! Ginger is such a versatile ingredient used widely. It not only provides flavour & zest but also has amazing health benefits. Let’s know more about the healthiest food – Ginger […]

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Ayurvedic Medicine Amrutam

Ayurvedic / Home remedies for PCOS

Hormonal imbalance, irregular periods, abnormal menstrual cycles, weight gain, hair loss, facial hair, skin pigmentation – have you experienced any of these? These symptoms define a health condition that affects 10 million females in the world. You might have heard PCOS/PCOD. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) is a common female health […]

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Saffron (Kesar)

Ingredient: Saffron Scientific Name: Crocus sativus; Also known as Saffron crocus or Autumn crocus Common Name: Kesar, Kumkuma Family: Iridaceae Parts Used: Stigma, style, petals, flower pistils Description: Saffron is one of the most extravagant spices in the world. The plant is mainly cultivated and harvested by hand, which increases the labor. Did you know […]

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Ayurveda originated in India, about 5000 years ago, from the ancient Vedic texts. It originated from ‘Atharva Veda and has evolved much over the years. Ayurveda [Ayur – Life; Veda – Knowledge] means ‘the Science of Life’. ‘Charak Samhita’ is the bible of Ayurveda. It describes all the facts of diseases, diagnosis, treatments and the […]

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Do you feel happy? Do you love yourself? Happiness is nothing more than good health. A happy you is a healthy you. Your body is your prized possession. And so you must take good care of it. It is important to have a clean mind and a healthy body to lead a happy life. With […]

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How to apply hair oil according to Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic ways of applying Hair Oil

Did you read our article about how to wash your hair?

In this article, we will guide you through the process of applying hair oil and its ancient Ayurvedic benefits.

A simple task like applying hair oil can involve a lot of intricacies. According to Ayurvedic texts, applying oil to your scalp and hair helps in strengthening your hair and improving their quality.

In Sanskrit, the process of applying oil to one’s hair and scalp is known as Murdha Taila. Murdha Taila (applying oil to your hair) helps them grow thicker, shinier and softer. It also helps in stimulating the sense organs and reducing facial wrinkles. Read more

Rediscovering Ayurveda with Shivangi Pathak – Amrutam

Rediscovering Ayurveda with Shivangi Pathak


Rediscovering Ayurveda is Amrutam’s series of blogs which will include various men and women and their ideas about Ayurveda. Even though, India is the birthplace of Ayurveda, with passing time it has lost its original importance as a school of life amongst Indians and many a time have been limited to be referred as a school of medicine. Ayurveda is surely much more than that.

So, we at Amrutam decided to go out and find what Ayurveda means to people in the present day.
This is the ninth article in Amrutam’s series of articles called Rediscovering Ayurveda, which aims to understand the idea or perception that modern-day men and women carry about Ayurveda.


Shivangi is an ayurveda enthusiast from Gwalior and is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery.

Let’s now read what Shivangi has to say about Ayurveda Read more

Amrutam Gold Malt | शरीर को दे अपार ऊर्जा | अमृतम गोल्ड माल्ट

शरीर को दे अपार ऊर्जा
अमृतम गोल्ड माल्ट

शरीर को शीघ्र शक्ति प्रदान
करता है ।एथेलीट, खिलाड़ी,
पर्वतारोही, गोताखोर,
फैक्टरियों के श्रमिकों, Read more

प्राचीन प्राकृतिक औषधि मूली | Radish: An Ancient Natural Medicine

Amrutam Radish।।मूली के संस्कृत नाम ।।

चाणक्य मूलक, भूमिकक्षार, दीर्घ्कंध, क्षरमुलाक, कुञ्जर, नीलकंठ, राजूक, रुचिर । मूली के ये सब नाम वनोषधि चंद्रोदय, आयुर्वेदिक निघंथु, वन बुटी , भावप्रकाश निघण्टु, आदि अमृतम आयुर्वेदिक ग्रंथो में बताये हैं । Read more

Learn few Amrutam Amazing facts about Amla- The Indian Gooseberry

Learn few Amrutam Amazing facts about Amla- The Indian GooseberryAmla is also known as Emblica, Amalki and Emblica. Indian Gooseberry`s scientific name is Phyllanthus Emblica. Amla`s fruit preserve is used as a base for our Brainkey Gold Malt. Murabbas or sweet fruit preserve of Indian Gooseberry has been used since centuries in ancient traditional and folk Indian medicine.

Buy Brainkey Gold Malt- A Natural Formula for your Mental Immunity

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