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Don’t Ever Worry About Your Skin Again – Part II

Hope you read the detailed article about skin types and oily skin in Part I. Now, let us continue with some tips and excellent home remedies for Dry Skin. Ayurvedic Tips for Dry Skin Dry skin is due to Vata dosha primarily. It makes our hair thinner, drier; fingernails brittle. Cleansing & Moisturizing are essential […]

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Don’t Ever Worry About Your Skin Again – Part I

Genetics define your skin and everyone has a different skin type. The appearance of one’s skin reflects the overall health of the body. Do you know the types of skin? There are four types of skin – Normal, Dry, Oily & Combination. Which one is yours? Knowing our skin is important. Let us understand the […]

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Skin Care Myths & Misconceptions

Skin is our largest organ that is visible, that makes it very important to take utmost care of it. In this skincare world, there are lots of myths and misconceptions. For many young ladies, it is essential to look fairer and good than anything else. In the pursuit of having a fair, glowing complexion; many […]

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Why You Must Eat Gulkand Daily?

Roses – the ‘King of Flowers’ is loved by all and has great commercial value.’ The sweet humble Gulkand has a whole lot of goodness in it. We all relish it after our meals along with betel leaf ‘Meetha Paan’ as a mouth refresher. Nonetheless, you can simply have it as it is. Gulkand is […]

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How well do you know your skin? Are you aware of your skin type and know how to keep it healthy? Skin is your body’s canvas and one of the most valuable assets that reflects your health. There is no perfect recipe to get perfect skin. Skin can either be oily or dry. Ayurveda says […]

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