Find your Skin Type

Say hello to healthy skin with Amrutam’s skincare recipes. Take this quiz to find your skin type.

Skin Test Quiz

1.How old are you?
2.What is your gender?
3.What is the prominent thing you have noticed about your skin?
4.If you blot your nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead with a clean tissue first thing in the morning, what will you see?
5.Where do you have fine lines, wrinkles, or dark spots?
6.Do you have sensitive skin?
7.How do you get most of your exercise?
8.My body frame is:
9.How is your appetite?
10.My sleep patterns are:
11.How often do you drink water?
12.What is your temperament like?
13.When I get stressed out I:
14.The pace of my life is:
15.Overall personality:

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6 thoughts on “Find your Skin Type

  1. I always thought I have oily skin as my skin is prone to acne but by taking this test, I learnt that my skin is dry type. I am taken by surprise

    1. :

      I agree. Even I thought that my skin type is Oily. It says dry

  2. :

    i can’t see the video

  3. Sure i will

  4. Sure I will try this product

  5. Great 😍

  6. :

    I have noting to say

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