What is your Color?

Chromatherapy- AyurvedaChromotherapy or Color therapy has been considered a process which uses light in form of colour to balance out the energies, this can also help in the balancing the doshas.

Different colours have different characteristicsand people with different doshas respond differently to different colours. Research related to Chromotherapy has shown that colours can help balance our energies and heal our body-mind-spirit.

Let us learn about different colours and their characteristics:

#1. Red

The colour red, which ironically is the colour of love and also of anger- it is a colour of passion and fire as well. It is known have a positive impact on energy and warmth, also increases our blood temperature and enables smooth blood circulation.
The colour red can increase Vata and Pita, and reduce Kapha.

Red Color can increase Vata and Pita.
If you want work on the objective side of your mind or as Kanheman`s says- the system 2 of your mind, then red is the colour for you as it promotes objectivity and neutrality.
And, it also helps you in relaxing your emotions. Red strengthens the cardiovascular system as well.

#2. Blue

Thinking of blue instinctively reminds us of the endless sea and it`s miraculous calmness, despite its roaring tides on a full moon night. Blue is soothing and it represents calmness.
Blue is good for relieving anxiety, insomnia, migraines and high blood pressure. The soothing colour Blue also nurtures independent thinking and spirituality.
It can help regulating sleep, fighting fever and works as a great antibiotic.
The blue colour can decrease Vatta.


Yellow has characteristics which are great for the stomach, it can aid in digestion and works as a decongestant. The colour yellow has quite a few positive impacts on our personality as well- it works a great motivator, improves our communication skills, improves our energy levels and helps us gain clarity in our vision.


Yellow can increase the Pitta levels and reduce Vatta and Kappha.


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