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Music has been an integral part of all of our lives. The sounds of nature creating beautiful symphonies have existed since the beginning of time.
The chirping of bird, rustling of leaves and tap-tap music of your footsteps on the stairs, everything is music and has an impact on how we feel. The kind of music we listen to can have a significant effect on our mood.
According to a study conducted by Durham University in the United Kingdom, different kinds of music can bring pleasure and feeling of comfort for a lot of listeners.


Do you have a favorite song or a favorite genre of music? Tell us about it- we would love to know, mail us at [email protected] to tell us about your favorite music, song or genre and why is it your favorite.

At times, you would have found yourself listening to a particular kind of music when you are angry and a different kind of music when you are happy.

Recently, at Amrutam`s office, a new member of Amrutam family asked us if we play music even while formulating our ancient traditional ayurvedic recipes in form of malts. Click here to check out Amrutam`s Malts.

To answer her question, yes we do and we have our favorite soundtracks as well.


Amrutam family believes that there is a therapeutic effect which music has on our lives and our health. It can help us heal, it can help find us peace in the most chaotic moments and help us meditate through our work.

Here is Amrutam`s list of Therapeutic tracks:

  1. 4 AM Hanuman Chalisa- Krishna Das
  2. Dreamcatcher-Bahramji & Maneesh de Moor
  3. Bhole Baba- Laman
  4. Kaali Ghagri- Laman

For Amrutam family, the above four tracks work in a therapeutic manner, to keep us going through our work and help us meditate.

Tell us about your favorite therapeutic tracks- we would love to know, mail us at [email protected] to tell us about your favorite music, song or genre.


Therapy through music is a growing field, the right kind of music can evoke emotional responses which can help you heal and relax. Sometimes music does also pump us up a great deal, to stimulate us, energize us for a work day. Different kind of music can have different impact on us.

An Ivy League institute research suggests that music can improve quality of life and medical outcomes through a variety of ways.

  • Reduces need for Sedatives

Music can significantly help us reduce the need for sedatives (Sedatives are drugs which produce a peaceful state of calm and sleep) during various invasive surgeries like a knee surgery. It also helps in reducing the feeling of worry to a great deal, during operating procedures and recovery phase of a patient.

  • Can help in Recovering Lost Speech

Music Therapy can help those people who are recovering from a stroke or a brain injury. Those who have recently suffered from a stroke or a brain injury have impaired speech as the left part of the brain which gets damaged. The left part of our brain is responsible for our speech functionality and music therapy can help in recovering the lost speech.

  • Reduces side-effects related to chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy are procedures undertaken generally in the treatment of Cancer. These therapies, Chemo and Radio therapy have a lot of side-effects. Music Therapy can help in dealing with these side-effects. Music Therapy helps in reduces anxiety related side effects of chemo and radiotherapy.

  • Pain-Reliever

Music Therapy helps those dealing with acute pain from arthritis or other ailments. It helps in decreasing pain perception, reducing pain medication required, it also helps in relieving depression.
Orthokey Gold is an ancient traditional ayurvedic recipe which helps in treatment of arthritis

And, Brainkey Gold is an ancient traditional ayurvedic recipe which helps you build your mental immunity


Ayurveda & Music

Music has been considered an age old part of Ayurveda, even in the Vedas- the Hindu holy scriptures, music founds its space. Samveda, one of the four Vedas, is full of music. Our Doshas (mind-body type)- Vata, Pitta & Kappha can be effectively balanced using Music Therapy. According one of the ancient Indian legends, Thyagraja- a musical genius, even brought a dead man back to life. Such is the healing power of music.


The base of our brain has the pituitary gland, which gets stimulated by music and its secretions affect our nervous system and flow of blood. To heal with music, it is necessary that the cells in our body vibrate along with music. It is through these vibrations that a diseased`s person`s consciousness can be changed effectively to promote health. Listening to music can also helps in controlling the negative aspects of our personalities like worry and anger. It can help in curing abdominal pain, headache and tension. Music Therapy, in fact, is considered as of the most efficient ways to balance emotions, blood pressure and restoring the functioning of liver.

Oh, along with Music- Brainkey Gold will help you a lot in balancing your emotions and mind.
Brainkey Gold is an ancient traditional recipe for your Mental Immunity.


And, Amrutam has also formulated an ancient traditional recipe for your liver- Keyliv Malt.

The Raaga Research Centre recently has conducted a comprehensive study of Indian Ragas and their therapeutic importance. Through the study, the centre found out that classical Indian ragas can help a wide ranging conditions illnesses ranging from insomnia, extreme (low/high) blood pressure, schizophrenia and epilepsy. The Classical Ragas can also help fighting aging and pain, as well.

Music can surely help you heal.


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