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Hello! I am Stuti, a 23 year old woman entrepreneur, also known as @bijniswoman (where bij+nis means business, the way we say it here in MP). My brother, Agnim and I aim to give our father’s years of research a right direction and a wide audience. We have rebranded the company – giving it a better packaging and a better feel. Now, it is your chance to join us and help us in its growth. The idea is simple. We wish to work with as many as 25,000 people in the next 5 years and make them a part of our Amrutam family.

Sane work hours: we let you choose your own time schedule to work.

We will treat you like adults. We will provide you with great work, enough resources that you require to complete it and we will then leave it to you. We do not need any resumes, but you are welcome to send it. Please note that all positions require you to be able to speak (and tell jokes in) fluent English.

We do not believe in labeling the work. Please write to us on [email protected] with a Subject: Amrutam – Work – [insert a job you think you will be good at] and do not forget to state in at least 400 words how you can contribute to the company (you can also attach some great work you have done in the past, for us to know you better) and we will surprise you with the job position.

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