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The first day I applied the Hair spa for 30 minutes - that day it felt like my hair got some life back. . . I do this now I TRY and wash my hair twice a week. Mid week I use the Kuntal care hair spa and Saturday night I oil and leave it overnight. My hair feels so soft, so strong, it looks healthy and everything they use is NATURAL and the smell of henna. Uff, I LOVE! So grateful to have found this magic - that has made my hair SOO HEALTHY!

Natasha Noel, @natashanoel001.

Recently, I found @amrutamofficial - Even though I love my creams & oils, one of the biggest issues I’ve had has always been finding a mild face wash... Until I discovered UBTAN! Maaaaan, did my life change. To those of you who already know about UBTAN, shame on you for never sharing your secret! I didn’t know, that I could clean my face WITHOUT using any face wash liquids or soaps - woah. what.

Saloni Chopra, @redheadwayfarer.

@amrutamofficial recently launched a newer version of their best-selling product, the Kuntal Care DIY HAIR SPA. This one contains HEMP 🌿 Along with battling hairfall, dryness, dandruff & frizz (like the OG one does) it also improves the scalp's blood circulation, making it easy for one to unwind and relax. . As evident from my IG stories, I used the product today afternoon and believe me when I say this - I had to fight multiple urges to take a nap, in order to upload this post on time

Nupur Singh, @thelazyinsomniac.

I’ve been using @amrutamofficial products for over four months now and using it in my kitchen experiments. Yesterday, we made a big patch of whole wheat pancakes in the studio and added 2 tablespoons of Brainkey Gold Malt to it. This malt contains Shankh pushpin, Brahmi, Jatamansi and Ashwagandha. This Ayurvedic recipe by Amrutam has been particularly designed to ease your daily life mental stress. This is a great recipe especially if you want to feed this Magic Malt for your growing children - because it is yummy and healthy, too!

Shivesh Bhatia, @shivesh17.

The jury’s out, people. If you think ‘Sleeping like a baby’ is a phrase best kept for a parallel world in adult life, try it with @amrutamofficial ’s Kuntal Care hair spa with Hemp. Hahaha, no kidding. Well, I spent the Sunday in self care with Amrutam’s DIY hair spa with Hemp and though I’ve used their regular hair spa several times before, this was my second experience with the Hemp one. It’s a special edition to the original one so the good thing is that this bottle has all the usual ingredients of the hair spa plus a magic potion of hemp oil in it, which facilitates good sleep and relaxation.

Shramona Poddar, @mishti.and.meat.

Instead of three, I started to feel better in just a week. The name of the Malt is, Brainkey Gold Malt. With the help of Brainkey and breathing exercises - I started to feel better and get better. It again started feeling like how it was to be like a complete healthy human being. Nature calls you to come back home whenever you’re not in right state. And for me, my way to home was @amrutamofficial’s Brainkey. It’ll be a year now since I am consuming it and will continue to as long as I need to. Cause I have my faith in it :) #AmrutamFamily

Gopi Vadsak, @aawaari.
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