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Amrutam Chandan

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Amrutam Chandan is a 100% natural way to treat the three doshas. It treats the Vata, pacifies the Pitta, and balances the Kapha. The Ayurvedic blend of Chandan, Kumkum, and Kesar calms the nervous system and activates the minor chakras of the body.

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How To Use

  • Apply Amrutam Chandan on your forehead to soothe the nervous system and activate minor chakras of the body.
  • It can also be used for prayer and worship.


  • Sandalwood is known to be sacred in traditional Indian worship. 
  • Amrutam Chandan can be used in religious rituals to purify the divine abode. 
  • It is also rich in anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that can deep clean and hydrate all skin types.
  • Chandan is a 100% natural remedy to balance the Kapha, pacify the Pitta, and treat the Vata doshas.
  • It has a cooling effect that can soothe and heal sunburns, acne, rashes, sores, and ulcers.
  • The health of the reproductive, circulatory, muscular, and nervous systems of the body.

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14 reviews for Amrutam Chandan

  1. Ria-Philomena-Das (verified owner)

    Has a calming and soothing effect on the mind. Smells divine!

  2. Ria-Philomena-Das (verified owner)

    Has a calming and soothing effect on the mind. Smells divine!

  3. Tusharani Mukherjee


    Great for pooja purpose, as well as face pack. Great for drying out acne.

  4. Ankita C


    Authentic chandam powder. I Mix it with water and apply on forehead everyday after returning from works. Helps me to calm down.

  5. Rupakshi Garg

    Rupakshi (verified owner)

    3 stars because it does provide coolness and a good effect, bt considering the price quantity is very very less also strong smell of ittar and nothing of sandalwood.

  6. Ankita C


    True and authentic chandan powder

  7. SM (verified owner)

    Nice calming effect!

  8. Aneesh P

    Thanks for bringing back our true South culture ❤️

  9. S (verified owner)

    This fixes everything. Along with being great for tilak, it fixes burns, cuts even acne

  10. Aishwarya (verified owner)

    Very good product

  11. Meenal Dhonsekar

    meenal.dhonsekar (verified owner)

    Excellent product with Divine fragrance that calms your mind. Will recommend. Will definitely try their other products. Keep up the good work Team Amrutam,😊

  12. priyadarshini.karmakar

    I wonder if anything can be more divine than the positivity this product dispenses. I always wanted to try this product for its claims but stepped back just because I couldn’t justify as I don’t believe in idol worshipping. This came as a gift with stuffs I ordered and I am sanguine to buy this product once the sample gets over. Needless to say, this does what it claims.

  13. Sneha Chavan

    Excellent product, this came as a small gift with what I had ordered but when I had applied this on head a small dot in the middle of forehead. It felt so good and calm. It gives “thandak” and relaxing feeling like you’re in spa! A must buy and try it out. It leaves your skin so soft. It might leave color yellowish tone. But it’s all worth it!

  14. Vidyalakshmi (verified owner)

    The fragrance is truly devine !

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Key Ingredients (Each 1 Gram contains)

Malayagiri Pure Sandalwood powder, PureKesar, Camphor, Red sandalwood, Cedar, Agar, Haridra, Brahmi, Shanshpushpin, Rose Itra, Chandan Itra, Jatamansi, Bahusugandhi

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