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Amrutam Face Wash | Vedic Recipe for healthy skin


Quantity: 100ml

Amrutam Face Wash helps in improving blood circulation and helps in cleansing of pores by removing dirt. Cinnamon prevents the acne-causing bacteria, heals the skin, helps to clear away scar marks and spots.

Haldi and Kesar provide glow and lustre to the skin.

Ancient Secrets for an #AmrutamFace

(27 customer reviews)
100 ml

In stock (can be backordered)

5 Bottle of 100ml each | 3 Month Pack

In stock (can be backordered)

5 Bottles of 100ml | 3 Months Pack

How to use:
Place Amrutam Face Wash in your hands.

Massage into skin in a circular motion with fingers to get all areas. Leave on for 1-2 minutes for deep pore cleansing. Wash with cold water and pat dry.

Enjoy soft, balanced skin!

For best results, use Kayakey Body Oil or Nari Sondarya Oil for women, after this.

USAGE: Twice a day, daily

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Weight 0.144 g
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 10 cm

100 ml, 5 Bottle of 100ml each | 3 Month Pack

27 reviews for Amrutam Face Wash | Vedic Recipe for healthy skin

  1. Soumya Vishwanathan

    soumya.vishwanathan (verified owner)

    I have been using this face wash for nearly a year now. Started during lockdown. And I can’t thank this brand enough cause my sensitive acne prone skin has come under control and most importantly my acne spots have completely faded out and I can’t thank amrutam enough.

  2. Rajni

    Ayurveda at its best. Keeps a control on acne and other marks on your face. With long term usage, improves the skin and keeps pimples away majorly.

  3. Reshma John

    It’s very gentle on the skin. Helps to remove dirt, makeup, very easily leaving the skin feeling fresh and soft. Like the fragrance of this one. I have been using it since almost a year and I am content with the results.

  4. Nina

    It’s a very good face wash I ever used, my skin type is sensitive but this facewash is completely suitable for my skin type. I am writing this review after using this facewash for couple of weeks so that I write an honest review and it make your skin soft I will highly recommend this product to buy and packaging of this product was also good.

  5. Garima

    I m already using this product it’s really good for oily skin..

  6. Shyamali

    Extremely awesome prodct. If you have any pimples prblm DNT think much……. it works very very well.

  7. Sai

    I just love the product reasn it’s original ❤️it’s suggested by my dietatian for skin .. pimples scars .. awesome fresh ness feel after wash 💯

    Must by product in reasoning price …go for it ..other products can harm ur skin but it’s natural’ ❤️ Quantity also good 💯💯🛍️🛍️

  8. Chaitali

    It actually works, when I come from clg I use at evening time, and it feels good and it doesn’t r give brightness upon your face but u can feel after long use you start reducing pimples and you get clear face with your own natural color.. Which is what I exactly wanted in a face wash

  9. Jyotsna


    Very small quantity is required….nd it cleans very well..
    It gives insta clean nd fresh look… a must buy product.
    I m using it for past 5 years…nd it works great on oily skin…also it curb the skin problems like pimples.

  10. Roshdyna Ahmad

    Good for sensitive skin! Noticed a difference!

  11. Shivalika

    I have no words to express my satisfaction and love for the products of Amrutam. I am a big big fan of each of your product soon after my first purchase at Amrutham.

  12. Neha

    My skin type usually ranges from normal to combination in the summer and dry in the winters.

    A few months ago I started using the Amrutam Face Wash on Aashna’s recommendation and I fell in love with it. It definitely is the best gentle cleanser for all seasons and for acne prone skin. It has a lovely fragrance and I have been using the product for the last four months and it’s still not over! I absolutely adore each and every product I purchase from Amrutam since they are so gentle and pure in nature.

  13. kodanda pani


    Amazing but suitable only for oily and sensitive skin

  14. Anusha anu


    Suitable to sensitive skin nd makes skin soft

  15. Ria-Philomena-Das (verified owner)

    It’s an amazing face wash! Helps in reducing acne to a great extent

  16. Rahul kandhol

    Rahul (verified owner)

    I brought this with face cleanup , honest review , if i need to use one face wash for life , this is the one . No other option not even close . Love Amrutam

  17. Ankita Bist

    ankitabist (verified owner)

    This is the only product from Amrutam that i havent liked. One, it smells too strong; two, didnt do nyth for skin; three, i even saw my skin breaking out post its usage.. nt heavily bt it did gv me pimples.. besides, its on d costlier side. Dis bottle wnt even last a mnth if used regularly. M only trying to finish it up for now. Ll not buy again.

  18. Parita

    I am so grateful about its properties! And all thanks to ayurveda!

  19. Sakshi Dobhal

    Sakshi Dobhal

    The fash wash has worked very well for my oily skin, it cleans the pores gently and keeps the skin healthy with regular use. It has helped keep the acne in control as well!

  20. meenakshi

    amazing face wash..makes skin clean and fresh.. best part is it is natural and chemical free even my boyfriend uses it and very happy with its result.

  21. Neha

    I have been hunting for natural face washes for a long time and amrutam’s face wash is just what my skin needed. it is so natural and works excellently.

  22. Simran

    Very satisfying,i love its fragrance.

  23. Gargi Arora

    Good for oily skin!

  24. Shree

    Works like wonder, all my acne are gone in just one week’s time.

  25. Sanajana Veer

    Amrutam Facewash maskes my face feel super fresh. i use it once in morning and once before going to sleep and while using it, i can literally feel my skin poers unclogging. Also, really like how it comes in a travel friendly pack.

  26. Swati srivastava

    swatisrivastava866 (verified owner)

    i have used lots of amrutam product and this face wash is amazing…gives a natural glow to my face

  27. Sakshi

    It has been 2 weeks since I started using Amrutam face wash and I must say it is amazing! It works wonders on my sensitive acne prone oily skin. My acne has reduced to a great extent in the last few days and it has helped clean the pores hence reducing the blackheads. It brings a natural glow on the face too 🙂 I will definitely buy it again!!

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Kadi Patta 100 mg, Amrud Patra 100 mg, Dalchini 0.05 mg, Neembu Chhilka 1 ml, Anaar Chhilka 5 ml, Badam 200 mg, Kumarya [Aloe barbadensis – leaf] 500 mg, Chironji [Buchanania Lanzan – Fruit] 500 mg, Kesar [Crocus sativus] 50 mg, Haldi Powder [Curcuma long – Root] 1 gm, Chandan Powder [Santalum album – Stem] 1 gm, Water Q.S.

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