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Amrutam Kuntal Care- Do-it-yourself Hair Spa


Quantity: 200ml

Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation : This hair spa contains Triphla, Bhringraj, Eucalyptus oil, Balchhad and Kapoor kachhari

Revitalizes your scalp and helps in strengthening of hair roots. Useful in preventing hair loss, helps in hair re-growth and keeps your hair healthy and black.

Bhringraj stimulates hair growth and prevents hair greying. Kapoor kachhari makes your hair look beautiful, and also, is useful for scalp and hair care. Balchhad improves blood circulation in the scalp, thereby, reducing hair whitening.

Kuntal Care Hair Spa is  a do-it-yourself hair mask for revitalizing and strengthening of your hair.

(139 customer reviews)
With Coconut Bowl

In stock (can be backordered)

200 ml

In stock (can be backordered)

5 Bottle of 200 Ml each | 3 Month Pack

In stock (can be backordered)


How to use:

Take it in your hands or a bowl and massage into dry hair for one to two minutes. Leave it until your hair dries up.  Rinse well till water runs clear.

Additional information

Weight 0.250 g
Dimensions 17 × 6 × 6 cm

With Coconut Bowl, 200 ml, 5 Bottle of 200 Ml each | 3 Month Pack

139 reviews for Amrutam Kuntal Care- Do-it-yourself Hair Spa

  1. Divya Pasumarthy (verified owner)

    This is one product that has lived up to the great reviews I read up. After using this my hair has looked so silky, which generally is not the case because I’ve mostly had frizzy hair since childhood. Totally worth the money too when compared to spending thousands of rupees at salons for a spa. Totally indebted to amrutam for such a perfect formulation.

  2. S (verified owner)

    Great product, however if you have dry and brittle hair, I would suggest adding any cold pressed oil to the spa before applying it.

  3. varnikaa raizada (verified owner)

    The Kuntal Care Hair Spa from @amrutamofficial is a great weekend buddy for a nice relaxing spa day.

    You can use this from your roots to tips for nourished hair.


    🌻 One product treatment which can work on your roots and lengths both.

    🌻 Free from any artificial ingredients

    🌻 Can be used overnight or just an hour before washing your hair.

    🌻 The refreshing feeling is great for sunmers.

    🌻 Helps in hair growth

    🌻 Decently Priced

    🌻 Doesn’t feel heavy on the hair and scalp


    🌻 Does not come in an environment friendly packing.

  4. konica kamboj (verified owner)

    Very nice for hair spa treatment at home I mixed this gel with curd as I have long and thick hairs it does wonders to my hair I’m very happy

  5. Bandana (verified owner)

    I using this product last 4 months. It really helped to reduce hair fall.

  6. Saumya (verified owner)

    This product is magic. I am not exaggerating by saying that it works wonders in the first wash itself. It drastically reduced the frizz in my hair. If you have any special occasion coming up, definitely use this the day before. My husband who never sees any difference in my hair, commented whether I visited a salon after seeing my hair. The smell is divine. Would also like to mention that I am slightly disappointed that price has been increased. For some people like me, it’s not practical to spend this amount every time. Kindly look into it.
    Nevertheless, 5 stars for sure.

  7. Roshini Gupta

    roshini.gupta (verified owner)

    I’m writing this review after purchasing this product for the second time. To begin with the cooling that this hair spa gives is just amazing. I leave it on the hair for an hour and so and wash it off with the Amrutam herbal shampoo followed by a conditioner. The hair feels so smooth and fresh after wash. I just can’t keep my hands off my hair. Added to this my hair fall has considerably reduced. The important thing is to use it regularly at least once a week. Absolutely wonderful hair spa. Thanks to Amrutam for this.

  8. vipapatel2710 (verified owner)

    Really good product. It is my lifetime product

  9. Shreya Agrawal (verified owner)

    One of the best ayurvedic recipes for hair. I can’t believe the magic it has done to my hairs within the first use. Gives all the potion to the hairs that it requires. Absolutely in love with this😍

  10. nishita.juneja (verified owner)

    I was very excited to use the hair spa…and after using it i can say that it does what it claims ..makes hair smooth and shiny and My hairfall has reduced too.Best haircare product that i’ve used so far…love it…

  11. Tejaswini (verified owner)

    In love with this product!! The smell is soo relaxing, it leaves my hair so soft shiny and bouncy ❤️ one of the best products of Amrutam I’ve tried till date ❤️❤️❤️

  12. kodanda pani


    One of the best product I used till now
    It just made my hair soft and shine in single use

  13. Sovna Das

    sovna.das (verified owner)

    Hello team,
    I want to congratulate you for coming up with such stellar products. I came to know about these products by ShwetaVijaya’s channel. Purchased the travel size and after that I hoarded the kuntal hair spa and shampoo. I not just worked but did wonders to my hair. Have bought it for my mummy and sister. It’s a lovely product for making your hair soft and shiney.
    Keep up the good work, team!

  14. Joy D


    This is the perfect product to reverse the effects of damaged hair. It also has a calming and relaxing effect!

  15. Nishtha Kohli

    mtsingh46 (verified owner)

    This product is amazing and has made me fall in love with my hair. So in love with it.

  16. Anusha anu

    Very nice hair spa by amrutam and very nice smell it also makes my hair bouncy

  17. anu.geetha


    Perfect Just perfect…….
    One of the best product i used till now
    Results are seen from first wash only

  18. swathi


    Amazing results i got from this product

    I had seen a change from first use and a big thums up for this product

  19. Ria-Philomena-Das (verified owner)

    This is one of the best hair care products I have ever used! It shows results after the very first wash. Thank you Amrutam for this amazing product!

  20. Smruthi Gadag

    smruthigadag0 (verified owner)

    The best product ever 😍 the herbal aroma in my hair makes me feel so fresh.☺️♥️

  21. Nisha Gowda

    nisha.gowda (verified owner)

    I liked how it’s soothing Nd relaxing as soon as we apply dint see much drastic change in one wash although it was due to my personal stress hair fall was too much but it did make my hair soft Nd good and thank you ! I look forward for more from this brand to explore

  22. Jaita-Guha (verified owner)

    This is the best pre wash mask I have come across.Makes my wavy hair frizz free and very healthy. I just ordered 5 more bottles ! Making this permanent in my haircare

  23. Chindu Mathew


    Kuntal hair spa- loved the texture and didn’t feel heavy on hair, easy to wash and felt smooth after wash.

  24. Ankita Deshmukh

    ankita.deshmukh (verified owner)

    I have never used a product that gave result in just one use. I don’t know what magic they have used In ingredients but it works fab and this review I am writing just after one use. It brought back my frizz free and smooth hair.. no more dryness.. I ma so happy that I found it

  25. Mahanya (verified owner)

    This product is so amazing and has tamed my dry, frizzy and curly hair so well. I am in love with the product and would advise it to be used atleast once a week.

  26. Yukta Srivastava


    I ordered hair kuntal spa last week after watching Shweta Vijaynair’s video and used it today. My hair is so so soft and shiny now. I used the hair spa and devathali shampoo. No conditioner. And i couldn’t believe that my hair felt this healthy and soft without even using a conditioner. Will be buying the bigger bottle very soon. Thank you so much for such an amazing product! ❤️🤗

  27. Shruti Patrick (verified owner)

    I am in love with this hair spa! It has balanced the sebum production in my scalp and now I don’t have to wash my hair every second day. I’m glad I found the kuntal care hair spa. I’m a customer for life!

  28. rakainthola (verified owner)

    The best product for dry hair, hairfall issues and texture. Enhances my curly hair, has controlled my hairfall and even dandruff during monsoon and summers. I personally like the smell even though it is quite strong; it lulls me into a sweet nap.

  29. Ritu_Crystal-Child (verified owner)

    This product is Bomb, i donno how to express my feelings for this. I am in love with this and it is going to be in my shopping list every month! My hair was damaged due to so much chemicals, colouring, straightening since years, this product is a blessing and came to me like a saviour. I will never switch to any other product!

  30. Madhu B

    madhu.b (verified owner)

    I have used this 3 times now and while the result is good, I would prefer to give it more time. It could be certainly be helping with improving my hair texture in general, which is what I want.

  31. priyadarshini.karmakar (verified owner)

    Writing this after using 2+1(sample size) bottles at a stretch. This spa has a magical property of giving an instant relief to your headaches. It also soothe the nape area. Coming to how it benefits the hair, upon massaging my scalp with medium pressure, this didn’t uproot any alarming number of hair strands. I didn’t use a shampoo after rinsing it which left my hair look fuller and healthy. I feel it has arrested the proliferation of dandruff too!

  32. anusha (verified owner)

    Kuntal hair spa was my first purchase from Amrutam. The first use of this mask made my hair so happy. And that happiness has led me to purchase many more products from Amrutam. Hair mask relaxes you. Keep it overnight or 45min before a warm hair wash session. and that’s all it takes. Reduced hair fall, silky tresses, zero split ends if used regularly and many more positive things could happen to you. So just go ahead and make your purchase and enjoy beautiful hair. We all deserve it.

  33. Astha Singh

    astha.singh (verified owner)

    Oh my god guys.. what an amazing product hair spa is .. I used it for the first time.. and loved it to the core.
    I m glad I found you🥺🥺😃
    My hair feel so soft..
    I m always going to but this spa ❤️❣️

  34. Samyuktha Subramanian (verified owner)

    Hi Guys, The hair spa is very good and its keeps the hair nourished. My hair is mostly on the dry side so it stayed smooth and shiny for a day or 2. I would request amrutam to come up with a conditioner so that we can balance the hair nourishment quite well till the next wash. Cant wait for it.

    The smell could be over powering for some people but its not intolerable. @Amrutam Team , Do consider a conditioner as it would be very useful for a lot of people. Moreover, all of us would like to stick to ayurvedic after a while and it would be a good to continue with amrutum itself. Thanks.

  35. Harsha Tiwari

    I have mixed feelings about this. Tried a whole bottle. It gave me immense hairfall during wash. Does leave hair smooth and shiny. But I am scared of using it again cause of the hairfall

    • Team Amrutam

      Amrutam (verified owner)

      Namaste Harsha,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      We understand you have faced a concern related hair fall recently, to assist you better – we request you to please drop an email at [email protected]

      Our team will help 🙂

  36. Sadhana (verified owner)

    This hair spa is everything you want! It makes my hair super smooth!! It’s fragrance is so good it makes me feel calm. It reduced my hairfall and dandruff also. This is complete hair therapy!!

  37. Namita Prabhu

    namita.prabhu (verified owner)

    I had earlier used Kuntal Care Hair Spa- Hemp (Travel size) and loved it so much that I decided to give this one a try too. NGL Amrutam Hair Spa is an elixir.
    This watery oil like substance defines relaxation in true sense. It soothes your head and gives a light feeling on application. I have curly hair with rough texture. Hair Spa has really made my hair so soft to touch and has also contributed towards lesser hair fall.

  38. Manvit Kohli (verified owner)

    This is my new holy grail bottle of smoootthhhh tresses 😍😍😍😍

  39. Saheli Bhattacharya

    saheli.bhattacharya (verified owner)

    I was a bit dubious before buying this as almost everyone had reviewed it has a strong fragrance and I am sensitive to such smells. But because my hair was suffering that’s why I wanted to give it a try. From the first application itself my hair felt softer, healthier and calmer. Although hair fall reduced only after 4th application I have no complaints about it. One more thing that I noticed is that though it does have a strong smell it didn’t trigger migraine for me which was my main concern before buying this product as most ayurvedic products did in the past. Instead it cooled my scalp and calmed me down. Nowadays I usually mix this with the kuntal care hair oil and the combo is bomb! Amrutam has done a wonderful job with these. Can’t thank enough!

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Each 10 ml Contains

Bhringraj 500 mg, Amla 100 mg, Neel 100 mg, Brahmi 50 mg, Gudahal 50 mg, Balchhad 50 mg, Mehandi 50 mg, Nagar motha 50 mg, Nimbu chhilka 10 mg, Seeta fal 10 mg, Long oil 0.1 ml, Olive oil 0.1 ml, Eucalyptus oil 0.1 ml, Ghrit kumara and Excipient Q.S.

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