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B Feral Capsules – Sexual and overall body strength

MRP  1,399 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Quantity: 30 Capsules

Are you looking to boost your sexual and overall health naturally? Amrutam’s B feral capsules that act as a natural treatment for male reproductive and sexual health. These capsules contain a blend of herbs that are known to be natural testosterone boosters. Additionally, these capsules also help fight fatigue and maintain vigor and vitality.


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Single Jar
MRP  1,399 (Inclusive of all taxes)

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3 Month Pack - 6 Bottles
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How To Use

  • Mix one or two capsules of Ayurvedic B. Feral Gold Capsules with warm milk and then consume it before bed.

General Instructions

  • Store these herbal capsules for sexual health in a cool dry place.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight. 


  • Amrutam’s B. Feral Capsules are a 100% Ayurvedic treatment to promote male reproductive health. 
  • They are formulated with herbs known to maintain vigor and vitality. 
  • Shukra Matrica Vati is known to treat and prevent male sexual debility, improve strength and sperm quality. 
  • In Ayurveda, Pushpadhanwa is known to stimulate the libido and treat male infertility. It aids the proper development and function of reproductive organs and improves overall sexual health. 
  • Safed Musali is known to help relieve stress and anxiety along with enhancing testosterone levels. It can improve sperm count, and increase vigor and vitality in men. 
  • Talmakhana has aphrodisiac and demulcent properties that are beneficial to treat sexual debility in men.
  • Buy this herbal remedy for men’s reproductive health online today.

Additional information

Weight 0.159 g
Dimensions 17 × 6 × 6 cm

3 Month Pack – 6 Bottles, Single Jar

11 reviews for B Feral Capsules – Sexual and overall body strength

  1. Ankita C


    Helps a long in increasing stamina and reduces stress.

  2. Himanshu Malik

    Good product for testosterone booster..
    There is no side effects with this product.. 💯% working…

  3. Judas Palil

    Work stress was tiring my husband. He looked completely fragile after long hectic days at office. Our family was suffering, both me and my child. It was not like he was not willing to enjoy family time but he could not. I was feeling very bad and did not know how to solve the situation. One my friends suggested adding energy drinks to his diet. Then I came across B Feral. It contains herbs. So, I thought why not we give it a try. My husband agreed and tried it for over two months. I must say it is helpful for male performance.

  4. Niharika Chawla

    We are a middle-aged couple and planning to have kids. But lockdown, work from home stress and uncertainty about the future took a huge toll on our sexual life. My partner was becoming anxious and his family life was on a toss. I asked a doctor friend who suggested B. Feral Gold Capsules.
    We have been immensely benefited with these capsules; his performance is better now and we are hoping for a good news soon.

    Thank you team amrutam for creating such wonderful and natural products.

  5. Nikhil Joshi

    I checked similar products earlier but I think I am just in love with this malt. To date, did not experience any harmful side effects; using this product for a couple of months now regularly. The ingredients used are natural which I loved the most. I was worried about my performance before but now no more.
    Price is very affordable compared to the quality and category of the product. I think it’s a must-buy for anyone like me.

  6. Sahil Sharma

    Very good product . Natural product. This product so effective and qulity so much good value for money very enrgetic product they provide so much energy

  7. Raman

    It claims to balance the hormones, and vitamins and minerals in the product enhance the strength. I don’t know how it works inside my body, but I feel better after using it for over a month. I am active and live a hectic life. This product is now a part of my regular diet. Enjoying other benefits also as mentioned. Helpful for a mid-aged man like me. Advised a few of my friends and they also tried this product and confirmed the positive effects. Good buy!

  8. Ankush

    Really impressive result….. I was start just before 3 days i saw the changes in me..

  9. Sadashiv Mehra

    I bought it to improve my performance while working out in gym I’m taking it from 3 days now my stamina and weight lifting capacity is drastically improved I would recommend it all people looking to increase performance in gym.

  10. Prashant

    First of all is good for all budget buyer
    Amazing results
    1. Energy
    2. Boost testetone

  11. Harsh Sipani

    I can blindly recommend this product to men who are struggling with sexuall wellness related concerns. Best, best, best product for staamina. I have become a dedicated fan of this product. It is effective, herbal and harmless. A highly recommended product at a pocket-friendly affordable price.

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Key Ingredients (Each capsule contains)

Swarn vang (100 mg), Shukra Matrika Vati (150 mg), Prameh gaj keshari (100 mg), Pushp dhanwa (100 mg), Trivang Bhasm (100mg), Safed Musali (50 mg), Talmakhana (50 mg), Imli Beej (20 mg), Shiddha Makardhwaj (5 mg), Excipient q.s.

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