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Brainkey Tablet


An Ancient Traditional Recipe for your Mental Immunity.
Mental Immunity is your capability to fight against damage and stress.

Brainkey Tablets will help you:
-Build your Mental Immunity
-Improve your mental concentration
-Enhance your Memory

Brainkey Tablets have been proven to be very beneficial in the treatment of anxiety neurosis and mental fatigue. Brahmi has been found to improve IQ levels significantly, general ability, behavioural patterns and mental concentration in children. A key factor in Vertigo, Anxiety, Headache and Psycholepsy.

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how to use:

Take 1 tablet, twice a day with milk/water.

Or as directed by the physician.

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Shankh pushpi 40 mg, Jatamansi 40 mg, Brahmi 20 mg, Jyotis mati 20 mg, Bach 25 mg, , Godanti bhasm 20 mg, Smrtisagar ras 10 mg, Mukta pisti 10 mg, Chandi bhasm 5 mg, Mulethi 20 mg, Tarkeshwar ras 10 mg, Swarnmakshik Bhasm 20 mg, Ecxipients Q.s.

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