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Detox Key Herbs


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The term “ama” or toxins in Sanskrit means undigested or incomplete. When ama gets accumulated, it blocks various channels in your body. Ama (toxins developed
due to improper digestion) are responsible for low immunity and illness.

This process is also known as Mala Sanchaya in Ayurveda – where the agni (Jatharagni) that leads to the transformation of food products into energy is reduced due to high ama. If this is ignored for very long period results in conditions like Diabetics, High blood pressure, fatigue, Asadhya roga, and obesity or loss of appetite.

In Ayurveda, most essential treatment of Ama is fasting or Vrat. In Sanskrit, it is known as langhana. Keeping a fast once a week and drinking Detoxkey Herbs every day empty stomach can help you get rid of ama (toxins) or vish (poison) collected in body from years.

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How to Use

Take a clay pot or a steel utensil, soak 1 tsp in 200 ml warm water and then boil it for 10-15 minutes
and filter/strain the decoction or kadha, drink empty stomach.

Eat Keyliv Malt every day.

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Detox Key Herbs contain

Pudhina, Dhaniya, Saunf, Harad, Jeera, Ajwain, Daruhaldi, Dalchhini, Elaichi, Laung, Kayphal, Nag kesar, S. Guggul, Indrajau, Methi dana, Lemongrass, Green Tea, Sukha Adrak, Alua, Mulethi, Triphala, Gulab, Trikatu, Macoy, Bakuchi, Sariva, Motha

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