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Eyekey Malt | Vedic Recipe for Eyes

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Quantity: (400GM)

Your eyes are governed by Alochaka Pitta, a sub dosha of Pitta, which becomes less balanced as you age. Amrutam’s Eyekey Malt is an authentic Ayurvedic solution that  maintains your eye health and relieves stress. It contains the perfect blend of herbs, spices and bhasmas that provide nutrition for your eyes and help balance the doshas that affect vision.

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(15 customer reviews)
MRP  1,449 (Inclusive of all taxes)

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3 Months Pack- 6 Jars 400gms
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How To Use

  • Consume two tablespoons of Amrutam’s Eyekey Malt either directly or with milk or water twice or thrice a day on an empty stomach or 30 minutes before your meals.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • This herbal malt for eyes is not suitable for diabetic patients.


  • Amrutam’s Eyekey Ma;t helps maintain the appropriate dosha balance to keep your eyes healthy. The malt contains Triphala, Malkangani and Shilajit, all of which have dosha pacifying and rasayanic (rejuvenating) properties. 
  • Triphala in Eyekey Malt is made of three ingredients of which, Amla is considered as the best Rasayana for eye care. It helps in enhancing the presence of Alochaka Pitta, which is primarily responsible for vision. Triphala is also a rich source of antioxidants. This helps in preventing eye-related issues caused by free radicals and oxidative stress. 
  • Malkangani, also known as the ‘Tree of Life’, is another important ingredient that has Vata and Kapha balancing properties.
  • Shilajit, found primarily in the Himalayas is a potent energy booster. It is considered as an antioxidant and helps in improving functions of the brain. Shilajit is good for treating eye disorders because of its photoprotective property.

Additional information

Weight 1.785 g
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 10 cm

400gms, 3 Months Pack- 6 Jars 400gms

15 reviews for Eyekey Malt | Vedic Recipe for Eyes

  1. Tusharani Mukherjee


    This helps in maintaining the power of eyes and not letting it increase , keeping it constant.

  2. योगेश कुलकर्णी.

    क्या ये मोतिबिन्दु ठीक कर सकता है आँख का?

  3. Yoghanand Gabriel

    Amrita (verified owner)

    It helps in relieving all my eye problems.

  4. Ankita C


    This cured my regular eye itching.

  5. Joshua

    To get rid from redness of eyes this works well.

  6. Lakshmi

    I am Website Developer, Mostly working at Night and always using PC, Mobile, T.V I got eye pain and Right eye become reddish, Finally, I found a solution that is Eyekey Malt. I bought 3 month pack after 1 jars purchase. Now no Eye pain and I am feeling much better.

  7. Chintan

    Due to my job I have to stare screens whole day and that’s why my eye tired and dried all time. I am very conscious about my eye and frequently using eye lubricant drops but not getting enough results and then I tried Eyekey malt. Really happy with this product. It is really effective for me and highly recommend to people who are doing WFH

  8. Naman

    This Product is amazing. I have had red eye issues for a very long time. I must say my eyes were more clear and improves eye sight also. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone.

  9. S (verified owner)

    cured my astigmatism

  10. Shravana

    Like every person nowadays my day starts by looking at my phone and ends by looking at my phone this has caused great damage to my eyes and I was always looking for a solution to solve this problem so when a friend of mine recommended Eyekey Malt and I gave it a try. I am really impressed with the product the irritation and the tiredness in my eyes has drastically reduced since I started using the product and my overall vision has improved. I recommend the product to anyone who is facing the same problems.

  11. Monisha Shree (verified owner)

    Hi..I had brought this for my father since he had a problem of his one eye closing automatically during long car drives..we had consulted many eye doctors and all said nothing could be done as it was due to old
    After finish one jar his eyes are perfectly fine. I bought this again for my dad. Good product.. please continue to make such ayurvedic products.

  12. d k kushwah

    very good product for eyes


    hariom.rastogi (verified owner)

    यह एक शास्त्रीय पद्धति से बना उत्पाद है। मैंने इसका सेवन किया यह सिर्फ नेत्र रोगों के लिए ही नहीं बल्कि उदर सम्बधी रोगों में भी लाभकारी है।


    Amazing effect on eyes all the ingredients are classically balanced.

  15. Rahul kandhol


    Purest ingredients and amazing taste , must try of good health for eyes . Thanks

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Key Ingredients (Each 10g contains)

Triphala Murabba 900 mg, Triphala Ghrit 20 mg, Gajar Murabba 400 mg, Gajar Murabba 400 mg, Bel Murabba 100 mg, Triphala Kadha 1 ml, Brahmi 50 mg, Jatamansi 10 mg, Shankhpushpi 50 mg, Malkangini 20 mg, Shuddha Guggale 50 mg, Shuddha Shilajit 20 mg, Chaturjaat 50 mg, Shubhra Bhasma 20 mg, Kushmand 200 mg, Javitri 5 mg, Nariyal 50 mg, Ateesh 10 mg, Soyabeen 15 mg, Badam 200 mg, Swarn Bhasma 0.01 mg, Chandi Bhasma 2 mg, Tamra Bhasma 20 mg, Lauha Bhasma 40 mg, Yashad Bhasma 50 mg, Shankh Bhasma 50 mg, Mukta Sukti Pishti 40 mg, Sapta Mrit Lauha 100 mg, Gulkand 1 gm, Amaltas 200 gm, Excipients Q.S.

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