Kuntal Care Hair Oil-For hair revitalizing and strengthening (200ML) — Kuntal Care Hair Oil-For hair revitalizing and strengthening (200ML) Orthokey Oil- Useful in all types of body pain Orthokey Oil- Useful in all types of body pain —

Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo- Healthy, Natural and Dynamic Hair (200ML)

MRP  599 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Amrutam’s Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo has been carefully curated with medicinal and herbal ingredients known to promote hair health through the centuries by nourishing, promoting lustrous growth, preventing infections and reversing scanty hair growth. These include Reetha, Shikakai, Amla, Bhring Raj and Ghrit Kumari among others.

Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo Infographic Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo Infographic Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo Infographic

Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo Infographic

(79 customer reviews)
200 ml
MRP  599 (Inclusive of all taxes)

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5 Bottle of 200 Ml each | 3 Month Pack
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5 Bottles of 200ml | 3 Months Pack
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Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo Infographic

How to Use

  • Drench hair and scalp before massaging it with a generous dollop of Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo.
  • Let it sit for 2- 3 minutes before rinsing it well.
  • For best results, use it after Kuntal Care DIY Hair Spa.


  • Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo effectively treats hair fall and reverses premature greying.
  • Its Ayurvedic formula nourished and soothes dry scalp, nurtures hair follicles and promotes thick hair growth.
  • Its antifungal and antiviral properties prevent fungal infections and dandruff.


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200 ml, 5 Bottle of 200 Ml each | 3 Month Pack

79 reviews for Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo- Healthy, Natural and Dynamic Hair (200ML)

  1. Malvika K (verified owner)

    The shampoo makes my scalp feel fresh and clean. The ingredients have been a great addition to my haircare routine! It has become a family favorite and we swear by it.

  2. Ria-Philomena-Das (verified owner)

    Once you start using this shampoo there is no going back. Don’t think twice just go for it!

  3. ria.bhattacharjee (verified owner)

    Best best for my curly hair. Thank you

  4. mp chhirang


    100% natural products

  5. Mahaveer Prasad Chhirang

    Mahaveer Prasad chhirang (verified owner)

    ❤️The great product

  6. Rakshika Aphale

    Rakshika Aphale (verified owner)

    When I first used the Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo, I was instantly drawn to how amazing it smelled. But in the initial washes, it left my hair a bit drier than usual. Later, I started diluting it with some water and used only 3/4 of what I usually used and my hair volume has significantly grown. It’s gotten thicker and more dense and I love the shine it adds to my hair!

  7. susmita jati (verified owner)

    Now this is my favorite shampoo..
    Smells amazing.. Reduces hair fall. Makes hair soft n smooth. Totally natural..No sulphates.
    Try it

  8. Food Scoop


    Hair spa + shampoo + oil = boon for best hair.

  9. Pooja Baliga


    I recently ordered it for my hair loss concern. I could see the effect of the shampoo in one wash! The hair fall has reduced and my hair has started showing some volume! I have also recommended it to my family and friends. Thanks for the amazing product Team Amrutam!!!

  10. Divya Ravi (verified owner)

    Amrutam kuntal care shampoo is my personal favorite . I always prefer herbal products for my personal care and looking at the ingredients I tried amrutam shampoo.It has really a divine smell and doesnt make hair dry. Cleans well..all the things I expected was there ,,happy hair days 🙂

  11. Tusharani Mukherjee


    I use it with the kuntal care hair spa and it works great for my hair.

  12. priyadarshini.karmakar (verified owner)

    It’s been 2 yrs already that I have adopted Amrutam lifestyle to take care of my skin and hair, though I didn’t buy the shampoo ever until just a week back.Now that I am using the kuntal care shampoo I cannot express my satisfaction in words… It’s lovely. Absolutely love the effect I get after using kuntal care spa and then the shampoo. To me, this shampoo is just perfect! It’s a gift.

  13. AN MANI

    an.mani (verified owner)

    Its fragrance is out of the world. It just does the magic to the dry hair. Post covid only Kuntal care hair spa followed by kuntal care shampoo alone did the magic. Just go for it without a second thought you wont regret and do avoid shampoo containing chemicals which ruin your hair completely.

  14. himani.bali (verified owner)

    This shampoo has changed my hair game completely. Post covid, I had been suffering from extreme hairfall and nothing was working. I tried this shampoo and it worked like magic. This is a forever staple now😍

  15. raj.nandini (verified owner)

    I was first introduce to Amrutam by one of my favorite youtuber and so i grab this shampoo during one of the sale and i am glad that i did it..the shampoo has very mild fragrance and mild consistency..only thing is it mkes hair bit dry but you can conditioned your hair…i did not find much in my hairfall though…overall a good try!!!!

  16. Puja Bid (verified owner)

    Iam glad that i have chosen amrutam Kuntal hair care shampoo as a part of my hair care regime. I have been facing hair fall since a long time bt after using this shampoo.. I cn visibly see some difference..it will nt do a miracle overnight u have to keep patience..

  17. Ankita C


    Makes the hair silky, shiny and bouncy. This will make you chuck all other shampoos.

  18. SM (verified owner)

    A very little quantity is required. Not harsh for the hair and pocket friendly.

  19. Rajni Singh

    rajni.singh (verified owner)

    Good shampoo. The fragrance is mild and long last at least 2 days after wash your hair. I have one 1 concern, after oiling your hair, it fails to remove the oil from hair completely. overall good shampoo.

  20. Prerana (verified owner)

    The shampoo is amazing!! If your hair are thin and limp it would add that extra volume, maintain hydration and keep that extra oil away. However if you have frizzy hair ..then it might make your hair a bit dry!! Otherwise, its a good product, natural and produces lather sufficient enough to remove heavily oiled hair.

  21. Ankita C

    ankita.hom (verified owner)

    Made my hair soft and smooth. But i prefer the bhringraj shampoo more. didn’t see any reduction in hairfall as of now.

  22. Shreya Kanodia

    shreya.kanodia (verified owner)

    This amazing shampoo works wonders for hair. Anyone who is facing hair loss, limp hair. Must try this. In a single wash one can see the difference. Of all the organic brands I have come across this one is the best. Truly organic and divine quality. I gifted this shampoo to my mom. And she just loved it. Thank you so much Amrutam. I’m waiting for the current coming sale so that I can buy more products like: the hair spa, face clean up, hair oil.

  23. Abhinay Ankur

    abhinay.ankur (verified owner)

    The product is genuine and effective for scalp cleaning .Thanks AMRUTAM❤️

  24. Ankita Chaki

    ankita.chaki (verified owner)

    Reviewing after a month of usage : Kuntal care hair shampoo worked tremendously well for fighting dandruff which wasn’t responding to medicated shampoos. Leathers very well, even for oily hair. Purchasing again definitely.

  25. Poorani Rajendran

    It is a very good shampoo. Does not cause any hair fall. Does not make hair dry. But I am curious about the Base Q.S mentioned in ingredients list. I would like to know what I am really putting on my hair. Apart from this one point the shampoo is really good when compared to other herbal shampoos.

  26. S (verified owner)

    feels good, lathers well, and doesn’t damage the hair. Safe to use everyday.

  27. Bandana (verified owner)

    I have finished a total of 5 bottles. It’s an effective product for scalp cleaning and hair fall.

  28. konica kamboj (verified owner)

    I just love this shampoo as it suits me very well now I’m stick to it 😍

  29. Harshita (verified owner)

    Loved the hair shampoo as well as the neem oil. I suffer from serious dandruff issues used these products twice I can I definitely say my dandruff has subsided a little and my damaged hair looks a little better in just 2 washes.

  30. Urvi Barot


    Without any single doubt just go for this shampoo 💯 Result in just one wash. Girls don’t waste your money in saloons ,spa and serums this is actually natural , ayurved smooth and silk shampoo for dry ,brittle , damaged , chemically treated hair .
    I have tried many products this one is miracle
    Dear amrutam team please don’t change your kuntal hair shampoo in future as many companies after few years for new launch comes with little changes and everytime you lost actuall products

  31. Isha (verified owner)

    Inreally appreciate this product as it really helps from hairfall issue but i feel its a bit make my hair dry. May b i used much quantity or not. But it really helps in hairfall control.

  32. Amruta Naikude

    amruta.naikude (verified owner)

    A big Thank-you to the team. I personally took the product because of its natural ingredients and thought that this too would disappoint me as i have always been with other natural products. The other reason i went for it was only because it has an appearance of my name :P. j
    jokes apart, i have felt the difference from my fist wash. Due to medications i had lost the warmth and shine in my hair. i feel great seeing the dullness disappearing. I am having it for my entire life now .
    Thank-you Amrutam team.

  33. Sakshi Dobhal

    Sakshi Dobhal (verified owner)

    I have been using the Kuntal care hair shampoo since two months now and absolutely love it, it helps keep my oily scalp clean and smells great! The hair feels soft and manageable right from the first use!! A little quantity is required per wash so one bottle goes a long way!!

  34. Nisha Viswan

    nisha.viswan (verified owner)

    I have bought the Kuntal hair spa, oil and the shampoo, however, the shampoo works like magic on its own to control dandruff and itchy scalp. I have felt that it leaves your scalp and hair pretty clean after every wash. This is not something I have experienced with other shampoos. I am very happy with this product and it surely has found a place in my bathroom cabinet.

  35. Urvi (verified owner)

    A good product with a budget price.
    I hope the quality never drops.

  36. kodanda pani


    Best shampoo till now used
    It reduces the frizz and makes hair soft and shiny

  37. Joy D

    joy.das (verified owner)

    This Shampoo is simply amazing!! It smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling soft and healthy….

  38. anu.geetha


    I never liked ayurvedic shampoos because it made my hair rough and hard but this one is different i loved the results after using this shampoo
    5 stars is not enough for this product, it is just a perfect ayurvedic shampoo for me

  39. Anusha anu


    I purchased it with a doubt whether it will suits or not because i used many ayurvedic shampoos which dissapointed a lot then i decided not to prefer ayurvedic shampoos

    But after seeing many reviews i purchased here nd now i am happy with the results

  40. Ria-Philomena-Das (verified owner)

    Reduces hair fall in just one wash…. smells heavenly

  41. Smruthi Gadag

    smruthigadag0 (verified owner)

    This is the best herbal shampoo I have ever used.♥️ It gave me best results in my second wash with kundal hair spa. Thank you so much 🤗

  42. Mridusmita Chanda

    mridusmita.chanda (verified owner)

    The shampoo is truly brilliant. Has helped with my dandruff after using it for a couple of weeks..also.makes hair super smooth n soft..the smell is amazing and refreshing and haur smells so good post wash.

  43. Chindu Mathew

    getchindu (verified owner)

    Kuntal care shampoo- Loved the shampoo and the way it lather, except the fact it makes the hair rough /dry but can retify with a conditioner. Hoping amrutham soon will launch herbal conditioner 🙂

  44. Kanak-Jha (verified owner)

    It’s magical. When I ordered the product I was in doubt if spending money would be worthy or not !! But now i can say it’s worthy for the sake of my rough damage hair. Fragrance is just wow…after applying the shampoo you can see the effect clearly. My hair is now shining also. You can feel the thickness of your hair. When I touch my hair I feel the softness.

  45. Saheli Bhattacharya

    saheli.bhattacharya (verified owner)

    This is magic in a bottle. It doesn’t work just as a cleanser but also reduces hairfall drastically. I have been using it for a month now and my hair feels strong,smooth, shiny and full of life. Works great with both kuntal hair oil and hair spa. Despite being an ayurvedic formulation it lathers well enough to clean the scalp thoroughly. Also helps in controlling sebum production on the scalp. A great product. I am hooked!!

  46. rakainthola (verified owner)

    Lathers well despite having ayurvedic ingredients, even in a small quantity diluted with water. I leave the shampoo in for 3 minutes and the roots turn out to be super soft.
    Curly hair will require conditioner though.

  47. Meredith-Correyo (verified owner)

    Postpartum Hair Issues

    So I found out about Amrutham on an insta ad and also noticed Shweta Vijay review it and then I knew I had to get it.

    About my hair, bum length and beyond, chemically treated on the tips and super drying . Heavily drying, knots up real quick and I always tie a bun. My hair looked and felt almost like dishwasher scrubber and I also planned to chop it before Christmas. But everything changes when you find the right product.

    First wash ,my hair is now shining ,black and looking so healthy and wait SOFT

    This herbal shampoo doesn’t even require a conditioner.

    I used these in two combinations, one with kuntal hair oil and hair spa on two separate days. Could be why I never felt the need of conditioning.

    I am so in love with this brand. The response times on insta is also quick. This brand has seriously got it all right.

  48. divyaniverma25 (verified owner)

    I was looking for a good herbal shampoo for my dry hair..n this one turned out to be very good…it requires a very small portion of the product…thank you Amrutam…

  49. anusha (verified owner)

    After using shampoos from ayurvedic based recipes, organic ingredients etc etc which claim to give healthy hair, none stood out for me with their claim. Goat milk does this and that they say. I used almost two lts of that shampoo and nothing happened. And then came kuntal care shampoo. Believe it or not, just one use, I kid you not, just one simple tiny wee bit of this shampoo as they mentioned on the bottle has made a huge difference in my hair care. I shall never look back at any other brand anymore. I’ve found my hair holy grail here at Amrutam. Be it with mask or Shampoo. This one brand has all the solution to my hair issues. A big thank you. All you need is a wee bit. So a 200 ml bottle will last me atleast 2 months of regular usage for a bum length healthy hair. Touch wood. Thanks guys. I love you Amrutam

  50. Ankita Kapse (verified owner)

    This product is just wow.. works amazing with DIY spa.. initially I went for small bottles for trial and boom it works fantastic..I was looking for an amazing shampoo conditioner for my frizzy hairs..I’m totally satisfied

  51. avantika (verified owner)

    I have used both kuntal shampoo and kuntal 2in1. What I noticed is that there was a drastic difference in hair fall. Most importantly this shampoo is fantastic for removing oil from here. Will recommend this to everyone.

  52. Manvit Kohli

    Natural products have a nice life of their own. I feel a major difference in my hair with this product

  53. Arnashree C

    Moulina (verified owner)

    This is a great shampoo! My main concern was hairfall and this shampoo has helped a lot and the fragrance it amazing as well!
    However it does make my hair a little frizzy.

  54. Kalyani (verified owner)

    Very nice shampoo with soothing aroma! Value for money… cleanses scalp and hair well!…

  55. Simoni (verified owner)

    Beautiful shampoo!! Loved it. Its gentle yet cleanses hair properly. Best if used after kuntal care hair spa. They both work great together. Looking forward to buy the other shampoo as well.

  56. Simran vyas

    This shampoo is good for my damage hair and control my hair i also recieved bhringraj shampoo yesterday

  57. Ankita Bist

    ankitabist (verified owner)

    I have just started using this product bt already njyin it.. despite being a natural, it smells gd.. washes off well.. n makes my hair fresh.. i feared dryness coz dis s a herbal shampoo, bt to my surprise, it pleasantly disappointed me der 😊… i ll stick to this shampoo now… n try the face care range as well. M super impressed! Plz keep the quality intact.

  58. rishikeshkns016 (verified owner)

    The shampoo smells so good and a little goes a long way..you may need conditioner after this depending on your personal preference.it cleans hairs properly too

  59. suhasinipandey21 Pandey

    suhasinipandey21 (verified owner)

    The smell of the shampoo is really amazing and it feels light on the scalp.
    I love the texture of the hair after using this shampoo and my curls just love it.
    There is no signifacnt difference in the hairfall, but there is a trust on this shampoo that it will work its way slowly but surely.

  60. Ruhi Gupta (verified owner)

    I came across this shampoo when I had given up hope on all medical and other drugstore shampoos to treat my falling hair. The Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo came like a knight in armour and ta-da, in just 2 washes my hairfall reduced from a handful to just 2-5 strands. It is pure magic. I wish I knew about it earlier!

  61. Shweta (verified owner)

    A very good alternative to those chemical laden shampoos..so relieved to find a non toxic alternative

  62. Anupama Udawant (verified owner)

    Great Shampoo, love how it smells. The best thing is, I had to wash my long hair once and the quantity I used was less. I usually combine it with the Kuntal Hair Spa. I did not need a Conditioner after the Shampoo. My mother loved it too. Her hair is curly & dry but after using this Shampoo, she felt so much difference in the texture.
    Thank you!

  63. Supriya soni (verified owner)

    Hi. I have been using this product since 2months and the result is awesome.. I tried to switch to another shampoo for a try. But I cannot replace this beauty. The best ever. Looking forward to use it always! Silkier softer good hair days. With amrutam hair shampoo – @colorful.headed.munia

  64. Pallabi Kalita (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Just a little required to clean even oiled hair. The smell is just wow. My hair fall has stopped and hair become smooth and silky. Just love it..

  65. Pooja singh (verified owner)

    Another wonder product from Amrutam!!! Best when used with Kuntal DIY hair spa. I am always scared to try new hairstyles because hair gets effected with hair styles but with these two in my pockets I can jump into any hair style . I have buyed my 3rd bottle of this shampoo and 4th of DIY hair spa. Í

  66. saumya22naswa

    Love the shampoo. Is a bit expensive but it’s natural! All the hair basket products are worth using

  67. Smruti Shiek (verified owner)

    Loved the shampoo. After two washes hair looks fuller and softer . Would like it in a glass bottle though.

  68. ANKITA DAS (verified owner)

    Excellent product.Firstly it smells divine and secondly only a coin sized amount is required even for long hair.It does not lather much signifying that the product is conpletely chemical free.Post usage the hair becomes soft and glossy.Also hairfall has reduced after first usage only.Very very good and effective product that I have already added in my hair care regime and will continue it whatsoever.

  69. Pooja singh (verified owner)

    Amazing product!! It wok like magic and best when used with Kuntal DIY hair spa. A great product or travellers.

  70. Nandish Sehgal (verified owner)

    This Shampoo is mind blowing.Good for Hair-fall.Only thing this shampoo makes your hair little bit dry,make sure apply oil to your hair before washing your hair from this shampoo.Else no issue great choice to have.Thank You Amrutam.

  71. Veena Kamble (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this product for unruly, stubborn, oily yet dry hair. I have used it for more than a year now. It not only reduced hairfall but has nourished them. Thanks for the amazing results.

  72. Sushma T (verified owner)

    Since last 3 years I stopped using shampoos as they caused severe damage to my hair, I was very doubtful about Amrutam herbal shampoo, I bought DIY spa initially recently bought shampoo, both together are truly amazing, my hair is really soft. I would always think if I go outstation it has been became a problem to go with traditional reetha, but now my problem got solved.
    Thank you Amrutam
    No words to appreciate your product as I was absolutely awestuck with the result with first wash itself.
    Thanks alot

  73. Shankhamala Datta

    Salon like lustrous hair in just one use! Best results noticed when used in combination with the DIY hair spa. Excellent for stubborn dandruff and hairfall issues.

  74. Shreya B (verified owner)

    Love the soft fragrance the shampoo has, very natural and mild on hair.
    Have made my hair manageable.Love the natural formula it contains.

  75. Ashriya (verified owner)

    This shampoo is truly magical. My hair has now become silky smooth and lustrous. I have an extremely oily scalp, after using kuntal care shampoo,the oiliness is reduced by a great deal, and the fragrance is an added bonus. Must try.

  76. Ashriya jayapal

    Ashisme7 (verified owner)

    This shampoo is truly magical,ever since I started using it, my hair is silky smooth and lustrous. I have always faced this issue where my scalp becomes oily within a day of washing it, but after using kuntal care, the oiliness has greatly reduced. The fragrance is just an added bonus.

  77. shatanik (verified owner)

    Reduced hair fall and silky smooth hair!! Thank you Amrutam 🙂

  78. Altaf

    Reduced my dandruff a lot. Very good.

  79. Shankar Gurjar

    I love the fragrance of this shampoo, I started using this at the beginning of this year and now it has really helped me with hairfall issues and made my hair silkier. Very nice Amrutam Herbal Shampoo.

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Each 10 ml Contains

Reetha 300 mg, Shikakai 300 mg, Amla 100 mg, Bhringraj 150 mg, Nagar motha 200 mg, Gudahal pushp 100 mg, Balchhad 50 mg, Menhdi 100 mg, Sitaphal beej 50 mg, Ghrit kumari/Aloe Vera 200 mg, Long 10 mg, Lemon 10 mg, Dhatura 20 mg, Water Q.S., Base Q.S.

Textbook Name: Bhavprakash Nighantu

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