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Orthokey Gold Malt- Key Remedy for Orthopedic Management

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Orthokey Gold Malt is a herbal jam containing Harshringar, Shudh Guggul, Swarn Bhasm, Yogendra Ras and Brahtvat Chintamani Ras. This is the best herbal malt in India for boosting bone health. If you suffer from joint pain, osteoporosis, muscle weakness/pain, chronic backaches and gout inflammation, It is also valuable for treating thyroid-related issues because of its ability to balance the Vatta.


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MRP  749 (Inclusive of all taxes)

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3 Months Pack- 6 Jars 400gms
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3 Month Subscription 6 Jars of 400gms
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How To Use

  • Mix one or two tablespoons of Ayurvedic Orthokey Gold Malt with milk or in 100-200mls of water and then consume twice a day.
  • Orthokey Gold Malt is not advisable for diabetic patients.
  • Should be taken as directed by your physician.


  • Amrutam’s Orthokey Gold Malt is useful in healing joint pain and swelling.
  • Helps in treating tingling and pain in the muscles.
  • Ayurvedic Orthokey Gold Malt reduces muscle weakness in the joints. 
  • Very useful in curing severe joint pain in osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, as well as in treating gout and chronic backaches.
  • Used for treating Thyroid because of its Vatta-balancing properties.

Additional information

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Dimensions 18 × 13 × 10 cm

200gms, 400gms, 3 Months Pack- 6 Jars 400gms

16 reviews for Orthokey Gold Malt- Key Remedy for Orthopedic Management

  1. Tusharani Mukherjee


    Superb product . Helped with arthritis and calf muscle pain.

  2. Yoghanand Gabriel

    Amrita (verified owner)

    Great product.. its a great relief from chronic back pain

  3. Ankita C


    Intaking this religiously, and it is surely helping with my backpain. Using it with the orthokey oil

  4. Ankita C


    Took time, but helped a lot with grandmom’s knee pain.

  5. S (verified owner)

    This was so effective for my knee pain.

  6. Abhinay Ankur

    abhinay.ankur (verified owner)

    I orderd it for my mom .very effective ,will review shortly after month .

  7. Vikas mishra (verified owner)

    मेरे पिता जी को और माता जी को पीठ दर्द और घुटनों में दर्द से बहुतआराम मिला।3महीने का पैक लिए है।।।।।।।।अभी 5 जार और आना है।।।।
    ।।।।मुझे पूरा विश्वास है कि अमृतम फैमिली से जुड़ने का सौभाग्य मुझे अपने माता पिता के orthopedic problem को दूर करने के लिए मिला है।।।।।।thanks अमृतम।।।।।।

  8. Vibhor Maheshwari

    Been suffering with back pain since 2016 Aug and it was diagnosed to be slip disc. It’s now been year and a half that i’ve been taking orthokey gold malt, it has not only helped with the pain but has helped me strengthen my back. It’s a rehab for bone health.

  9. Mukesh

    both works ..have tested the effect …
    I had chronic knee started eating 2 of each twice a day .. after a month the knee pain almost got cured ..

  10. Gautam

    it really effective .. had lil pain in my wrist coz of gym(bench press) n after few weeks it was gone n then i realized it is coz of the Orthokey Gold Malt

  11. Nitin

    Good quality!! with original authentic herbs.!!

  12. Biswas

    Effective, good product

  13. Kishore

    Meets expectations

  14. Surrendra

    my lower back was gone completely because of regularly sitting on a chair for 10 hrs and orthokey gold malt has provided a lot of relief.

  15. Ravindra

    Orthokey gold malt and orthokey capsules are really good.
    It is very effective and has helped me remove the pain
    in my joints
    very good ayurvedic solution

  16. Ram Kumar Sharma

    Best amrutam product

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Key Ingredients (Each 10g contains)

Kali Tulsi 50 Mg, Nirgundi Patra 200 Mg, Mulethi 250 Mg, Pippla Mool 50 Mg, Amla Murbba 1 Gm, Sunthi 100 Mg, Sev Murbba 1 Gm, Kali Mirch 50 Mg, Munakka 500 Mg, Jaifal 5 Mg, Nag Keshar 40 Mg, Aswagandha 100 Mg, Bala 50 Mg, Tagar 25 Mg, Harsingar 100 Mg, Sudh Kuchla 25 Mg, Sudh Guggle 10 Mg, Sudh Batsnabh 25 Mg, Syah Zeera 25 Mg, Dasmul Kwath 500 Mg, Rasna 300 Mg, Silajit 25 Mg, Mahavat Vidhansan Ras 50 Mg, Ekangvir Ras 20 Mg, Amaltas 100 Mg, Gulkand 1 G, Suranjan 50 Mg, Chop Chini 50 Mg, Tez Patra 25 Mg, Swarn Bhasm 0.1 Mg, Yogendra Ras 0.2 Mg, Brahtvat Chintamani Ras 0.2 Mg, Sugar Q.S.

Textbook Name: Bhav Prakash Nighantu

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